Notes to Anna


annabdress.jpg (25303 bytes)Robert's Note:  After returning to PC with Mac in handcuffs, Robert asks Anna to pick up where they left off a few nights ago.  When she teasingly won't answer him, Robert has a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to her house.  An excited and nosy Robin insists Anna tell her what the note says. Anna finally concedes and reads the note, which says "Dear Anna, I'm ready for another 48 hours with some minor adjustments.  Yours, Robert."  When Robin asks for an explanation, Anna replies "It's for me to know, and you to stay out of."  The 48 hours Robert's referring to is the valentine's tie-me-up, tie-me-down event.  Robin gets the hint though, asking "Are we talking about sex, mom?" An embarrassed Anna then realizes, after talking to Olin, that Robin's been reading Anna's old trashy romance novels.

Cesar's Notes:  #1 arrived to the St. Tropez hotel where the Scorpios were honeymooning, taped to a box which held a single garnet orchid. Robert was trying to ditch the annoying Larry Ashton, who was secretly working for The Cartel to disrupt the Scorpios honeymoon, so Anna was alone when she got the note and flower. The note read "Hope the honeymoon is bliss."  Anna threw both the flower and note in the trash just seconds before Robert finds her, and remarks about her pale coloring.  Unfortunately for them, Larry finds them again.

Cesar's Note:  #2, along with another red orchid, was placed on the balcony of the Scorpio's honeymoon room on the last night of their stay. Waking up due to a draft, Anna finds their bedroom door open and the note and flower on the balcony.  The note read, "I'm waiting for you, Faison."  Anna crumbles the flower and note, and tosses them off the balcony.  Closing the door, she crawls back in bed and pulls the covers to her chin, looking frightened.

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