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Finola at Work in...
Television, 1997-2003
Television, 1980s-1996

Born in London, Finola studied ballet since the age of 3, making her first public appearance at the age of eleven at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  

She performed in various ballets and television plays, including a Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute and the Hot Shoe Show.  

In 1980, she joined the original London based company of "Cats", originating the role of the white cat, Victoria, and a year later joined the stage production of Webber's "Song and Dance". 

Hughes and her husband, Russell Young, maintain homes in LA and London.

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Finola's work in the movies

Tycus as Amy Lowe, 1998

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Above Suspicion (also known as the Rhinehart Theory) as Iris, 1994

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Aspen Extreme as Bryce Kellogg, 1993

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Soap Dish (Steven Nichols & Finola had a brief appearance at the beginning), 1991

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Haunted by Her Past (aka Secret Passions) as Megan McGuire, 1987

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Nutcracker Sweet as Nadia, 1984

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Master of Ballantrae, 1984

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Stayin' Alive as Laura, 1983

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The Dark Side of Genius, 1994

Intrepid, date unknown

Jekyll Island, 1998

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Other Movies:
A Stranger in Paradise, date unknown
Club Paradise, date uncertain
Men Who Hate Women & Women Who Love Them, date uncertain
12 Bucks, 1998
Pocahontas II as the voice of Queen Anne, 1998

A Dog's Life, 1999
Rockin' Good Time, 1999