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Finola at Work in...
Television, 1997-2003
Television, 1980s-1996

Born in London, Finola studied ballet since the age of 3, making her first public appearance at the age of eleven at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  

She performed in various ballets and television plays, including a Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute and the Hot Shoe Show.  

In 1980, she joined the original London based company of "Cats", originating the role of the white cat, Victoria, and a year later joined the stage production of Webber's "Song and Dance". 

Hughes and her husband, Russell Young, maintain homes in LA and London.

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Finola's work in the Television, 1980s-1996

Generation X as Emma Frost, the White Queen, 1996

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The Crying Child as Jo Parker (with former GH co-star Kin Shriner), 1996

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Blossom as Carol Russo (10 episodes), 1994-1995

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Jack's Place as Chelsea Duffy (13 episodes), 1992-1993

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Dream On (as the prostitute) in "T'is a Pity She's Your Neighbor", 1990


L.A. Law, 11/87

Philby, early 1980s?

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Other Television Shows:
General Hospital as Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio, 1985-1991, 1995
Hour Magazine (interview), 1986
The Bride Wore Black (or The Bride In Black) as Cybil Cobb, 1990
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (inteview), 1995
Burke's Law (1 episode) as Rhonda in "Who Killed Romeo?", 1995
Superman as the voice Lara-El in the 2 hour movie premiere, 1996
Corporate Ladder as the voice of Dr. Woodward, 1996
Lifetime television, Finola narrates "Intimate Portrait: Royal Weddings", Sept. 1997