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Finola at Work in...
Television, 1997-2003
Television, 1980s-1996

Born in London, Finola studied ballet since the age of 3, making her first public appearance at the age of eleven at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  

She performed in various ballets and television plays, including a Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute and the Hot Shoe Show.  

In 1980, she joined the original London based company of "Cats", originating the role of the white cat, Victoria, and a year later joined the stage production of Webber's "Song and Dance". 

Hughes and her husband, Russell Young, maintain homes in LA and London.

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Finola's work in the theatre

Late 70's-  CATS (the London cast, where Finola originated the role of Victoria the white cat.)  Many of these are from Rumpleteaser's Cats site and The Ultimate Cats Homepage.

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The Hot Shoe Show (British dance varitey show that Finola was a cast member of in the early 1980s.)

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Play- Present Laughter

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Other Theatre Work:
Song and Dance, another Webber musical.
Habeus Corpus, date uncertain
Losing Venice, a play she did with Ian Buchanan, 1988?