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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of
the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

GH Set Tour (2000)

GH set visit #1. By Monday morning everyone was just exhausted I think. We had a set tour with Real scheduled and made it over just as the actors were getting their lunch break. About 8 of us had lunch with Real, Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah), and Jonathan Jackson in the commissary. The three were very nice and chatted with everyone. The food took so long that they had to rush back to the set and we all ended up boxing up our lunches to eat in the green room. Before leaving, Jonathan graciously posed for photos with our lunch group. He wasn't taping but ushering his own tour group that day.

Amber, Becky, and Michael were lunching behind us with an even larger group. Coltin was also escorting a tour group around. Leslie was also suppose to have her own tour group that day too. If you ever get a chance to do a tour on the GH set, NEVER EVER schedule it for the day after the GH fan weekend. It's so crowded that you won't get to spend that much time on the set and all the poor actors are exhausted from all the fan events. The green room was packed with people. But it was fun watching the actors rehearsing [on the tvs in the green room and reception areas]. At one point Coltin rushed by trying to put on his shirt and of course everyone cheered. 

After finishing one of their scenes, Real came down and found the three of us and we took photos in the hallway. He then ran down the hall and dragged Maurice out to pose with us. Real teasingly [but accurately] told us to hurry up and take pics with Maurice before Maurice got mobbed. Lisa also stopped by and said goodbye to us before leaving. 

We sat for some time up in the administration area waiting for our turn to go up on the set. Another group was there with us and complaining loudly how unhappy they were with their tour. They apparently didn't get much time up on the set. My friends and I just sat around and looked at the soap mags scattered around, looked at the GH pictures on the wall, chatted with the interns who were sorting mail and watched the live feed on the tv. 

Finally making up on the set, we were asked to leave with a few minutes. One of the actors was having problems with his lines and they decided to close the set to cut down on distractions. So we ended up in the Green Room again. Real found us in the Green Room and when he found out what happened, he VERY graciously agreed to let us return in two months to do the tour part. The taping schedule for that day was a mess and it was just a bad time to tour. We promised not to publicize getting a second tour. [Please note that three years have passed before I wrote about this and as Real's no longer on GH I think it's okay to post this.]

GH set visit #2. Real greeted us warmly and left us in the Green Room while he was off filming. I did a double when I realized the little boy sitting next to me on the couch was also being shown on the tv screen which airs what's happening upstairs on the set. His dad explained that the boys are twins and play little Michael.

Now the Green Room is the place to be and be seen. Everyone either runs by and/or through this breakroom area. Jacob and Robyn appear, running lines with one another. Maxie's crush on Lucky continues apparently.

Got to see John J. York and Stuart Damon who both said "hi." I swear John J. is the sweetest guy, like a grown up teddy bear!

As Real had to film and work on his lines, we were handed over to an intern who showed us the costume room and other sites. Another good place to see and be seen is the ABC Commissary. We had lunch there and got to see many of the PC cast. After lunch, the intern took us upstairs to the set.

Standing quietly off to the side, we got to watch Jacob and Robyn film a Lucky and Maxie scene at the boxcar. The crew and staff were sooooooo nice to us. Everyone was relaxed and in good moods, so opposite of our 1st GH set visit when everyone was exhausted.

Interesting enough, polaroid pictures are taken and labelled for each actor to show what they wore and how they were made up for a scene. Every once and while, the voice of the director could be heard overhead as he gave instructions of what he wanted done. I was expecting to be asked to leave the set fairly soon after being there [since that seems to be the norm] but we were there for hours, literally. Just made sure we stayed out of everyone's way and at one point the lady in charge insisted I sit in a chair instead of the cold floor, which happened to be right in front of the Nurse's Station set.

We then got to see Chad and Amber do some scenes together. Chad Brannon was the nicest guy! During breaks, he kept coming over to chat with us and was so down to earth. He was stunned and thrilled when Stacey gave him an email from someone he had worked with at a restaurant in Texas. The girl had somehow read online that we were visiting the set and asked Stacey to give him the letter.

Then we got to see a few scenes filmed around the Nurse's Station. Stuart and Leslie came over and talked to us during breaks. Amber too joined them for a scene.

Real finally rejoined us, surprised to find us still there. Heck, the intern had left us hours ago and I guess since we were quiet and kept out of everyone's way, no one decide to ask us to leave. Real joked that we were getting the longest GH set visit ever and made us promise not to post about this on the web when we got home. [Again, three years have passed before I wrote about this and as Real's no longer on GH I think it's okay to post this.]

While the scene was being set up, Real took us over to an airplane interior set and we took goofy pictures together. He's so funny. If you ever get a chance to do a set tour with Real Andrews, do it!

Marisa arrived and Real joked with her. She seemed nice but very quiet. I think this was the last scene we watched being taped. Tired but happy, we left the building, pausing outside to take pictures before the General Hospital sign which is also doubles as the set entrance to the GH's emergency entrance.

Read Stacey's recap of our GH set visit.