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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

My 2004 GH Fan Weekend Recap
Click on the images to view a larger version. Please ask before taking my pictures, thanks!

Thursday- Sex and Bingo:
Thanks to my buddy Lisa (Yorkfan), we were able to get tickets to Wally's bingo event despite waiting till the last minute. Have to say it was one of the best events I've ever been too. Certainly the most interactive! Only in LA would I find myself playing sexually-suggestive bingo lead by a transvestite named Belaire. Each game began with Belaire shouting, "What are we playing?", the audience shouting back, "Bingo," Belaire adding, "And how do we play it?", and the audience finishing up with "Loudly."  GHers in attendance included Wally, Leslie Kay, Adrienne Leon, Rick Hearst, Lindze, M'Fundo and Dylan Cash. All the actors took turns calling the numbers with Belaire. M'Fundo looked so young in person that Stacey thought he played Justus' son. 

I don't think Wally was fully prepared for this type of bingo as his eyes got rather big a few times, but he certainly got into the swing of things. Throughout the night, he walked around the room greeting fans and chatting. My, he has the cutest dimples!  Belaire carried around a bingo paddle which was used whenever a false bingo was called. Wally got into the act and spanked a fan at one point.  Later, he and Leslie each spanked each other. NuLois was already growing on me and Leslie's humor definitely made me a fan.

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Dylan was having a great time picking the bingo balls and calling them but frankly he was a little young for this event. For example, "B 11, legs to heaven," is what's said when that ball if picked. I won't even type what O 69's catch phrase was. This was the first time I got to see Rick in person and he's hilarious! He allowed a fan to take off his bingo shirt in exchange for a donation to the charity. M'Fundo also did this but refused to take off his own shirt, which was under the bingo shirt. Some girl in a tube top bid high to take Wally's shirt off, then shocked [and amused] everyone by crawling underneath his shirt to take it off. She came up through the neck part and he came down underneath, but not before her tube top slipped down and Wally got a private viewing. It was hilarious but the poor man certainly was surprised.

The event was definitely a success [it was a sell-out] and Wally said he plans to do it again next year. The only problem was a few of us were dealing with jet lag and a little sleepy by the end of it, but none of us left. It was too much fun.

Friday- A Day at the Beach:
John J. York [Mac] was taking his fan club prez, Lisa, to the Venice Beach Friday morning and agreed to let her bring along a few of her friends. We all promised Lisa to act like sane people and behave ourselves. Which we mostly did. It was a beautiful day, not too hot or cool. Did a little shopping and then had lunch at a nice sidewalk place. John played photographer for us and took our pictures with the beach behind us. On the way back to the car, he and Lisa took pics underneath a restaurant named the "Outback Shack." I'm going to send Lisa the picture, so maybe she'll post it on her website. It was such a nice way to spend the day and if John wasn't already my favorite, he would have been after this. He was so sweet and funny and down to earth. We did laugh though when John didn't realize that Lynn had accepted Georgie's offer to live temporarily in the Scorpio house. 

My roomie Stacey [Curlyqgrl] had to tape Nancy Lee's event that night, so I just hung around the pool with Lisa and chatted with people. A very friendly man and girl joined us at our table and it turned out to be Lindze's dad and Poonam. They were both soooooo easy going and nice. Lindze's mom joined us later and was exactly the same. Definitely not stage parents at all. Lindze was also there and playing cards nearby with some fans. She has to be one of the most energetic and happiest persons I've ever run across. At our table, we just chatted about the show, how wonderful Lindze's character was and miscellaneous webperson stuff. We all agreed that we'd love more Scorpio scenes.

Saturday- Star Struck:
Gotta say, this was the most relaxing and laid-back of all the GH weekends I've attended so far. Everyone was pretty considerate and friendly throughout the weekend. Didn't have too many people trying to cut lines and hold them up. Cynthia [Faith] and Greg [Lucky] introduced the actors, which was most of the cast. John J. then took over and emceed the awards presentations. Leslie Charleson accepted a certificate from the fan club in memory of Anna Lee, whose portrait stood on a podium by the stage. 

The lines moved pretty quickly as far as I could tell. Naturally, I got into John J.'s line first, and he got me and Lisa to sit on his lap so we could get a group pic. Then I moved over to Adrienne's line. She was seated next to Wally and Leslie, so I got a few group shots [see below]. Leslie was so nice. She squealed when she saw the photo I had for her to sign [it was an old one of her from ATWT] and her friend filmed it. I am definitely now a NuLois fan. Tried to get into Greg's line but I swear it never got short, so I skipped over to Rick's line. Rick's so friendly and chats with everyone that the line took forever. This was the longest line I stood in the whole weekend. And just when I got to the front of the line, Leslie's friend came over and chatted with him for over 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the crowd behind me is getting restless and the security person is softly shoving me forward and trying to get his attention. Tyler's cousin, Derek, was leaning against the table next to me, talking to a fan, when Michael Saucedo [ex-Juan] came over and made a motion to smack his butt. I was like, "Don't do that, he'll think I did it!" He just grinned and walked back to his seat. Finally, Rick turns to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek for being so patient. [Hah! Guess patience really is a virtue. Certainly paid off this time.] He laughed when I told him I had loved him as Alan-Michael on GL and gave me a great hug as we took our picture together.

Wanted to get a picture with Cynthia but her line had been combined with that of Ted King and the guy that plays Coleman so that the only line longer than this one was Maurice Bernard's. So skipped this line and went over to the teens line. Now I read on SoapZone that someone had a bad experience with her, but I have to say that Katie [Sage] was perfectly nice and gladly posed for several pictures. She was about to leave and I was the second to last to get pics with her. Lindze is so bubbly that next to her, Katie and Robin probably don't come across as people-friendly as Lindze. I found them all to be lovely. When I went up to get my group picture, Lindze released her arm around me and swatted at the guy who plays Lucas and ordered him to get in the picture. Gotta love a girl who gives direction and is obeyed! <GRIN> 

ghfw0424.jpg (68600 bytes)

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ghfw0425.jpg (35399 bytes)
Ron Hale [Mike] gives one of the best bear hugs, so I had to get a pic with him. Steve Burton was moving his own line along, standing away from the table. Catherine Watkins was so pretty in person and sweet. Guess it's the drab clothes Mary wears and all the crying that make Catherine look so different on the show. Jed Allen had already left, so I got into Natalia's line which amazingly moved pretty fast. Sheri, Tyler's fan club prez, was keeping the line moving so well that I managed to get through Natalia's line and go to the other side and get through Tyler's line in about 20 minutes. Like record time for the GH luncheon.

Time was running out, so left the event and meet up with the gang by the pool before heading over to Tyler's event. I swear, this was like the most amazing weekend. I got the best seat in the house, right in front of the stage. Sheri did such a wonderful job organizing this event. The food was best of all the events and it was just a nice and easy going event. Stephen Nichols, Rick, Greg, and Tyler's theater partner, Ronnie, were guests. Greg joked about how Rick razzed him the whole time he had to wear the police uniform and then overnight Lucky somehow became a detective. Overall, the event was a success and apparently raised a large amount for Tyler's theatre project.

ghfw048b.jpg (158137 bytes)

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ghfw047.jpg (50931 bytes)

When the autograph lines started, I rushed off with Lisa to attend Wally's concert as Lindze's dad [did I mention how cool Lindze's parents were?] also got us VIP tickets to attend the concert. I had heard Wally and Adrienne rehearsing earlier that day and they were even better during the concert. Sure hope they release a CD together. Other stars in attendance were Leslie Kay, Lindze, and Jane Elliot. People began rushing over to take pictures of Jane once they realized the lady in the denim jacket and seated at the side table was Tracy Quartermaine. She looks so much younger in person. During the Q&A, Jane asked who all had come in from out-of-state to attend the weekend and nearly everyone raised their hands. She was amazed and thanked us for coming. 

Can't remember too much as so much was going on. Lisa had become smitten with Wally and some cute guy in a white shirt. Adrienne mentioned her website would go online in the next month and she was going to release a CD of her music. 

Sunday- The Games People Play:
Since I wasn't attending Cynthia's morning pajama party, I finally caught up on my sleep then had a nice breakfast by the pool. Stacey and her daughter went over to Rick's event in the hopes of meeting Greg Vaughn. The lucky girl got to go on stage with him and get a nice hug. I wanted to get good seats for Scott's event so got there early to get in line. Jim Warren was great this weekend. He smiled and laughed the times I spoke to him and gave those of us who showed up early ticket stubs marking our places in line and told us to come back in a half hour rather than stand in the sun. Which was fine by me. We got seats on the far side, second row. Two ladies came to sit in front of us and I realized they were soap mag writers when one of them recorded the whole thing on cassette. 

ghfw0410.jpg (74451 bytes)

ghfw0417.jpg (123650 bytes)

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ghfw0412.jpg (68841 bytes)

ghfw0414.jpg (108026 bytes)

ghfw0413.jpg (80575 bytes)

ghfw0416.jpg (92242 bytes)

ghfw049.jpg (63542 bytes)

Due to a schedule conflict this was the only event Scott made and it was a blast. He's hilarious! He did a Q&A, spoke in different accents and voices [my favorite was the Mrs. Doubtfire one] and even quoted Shakespeare. He played a couple of songs on his guitar and then played the now infamous kissing game with Lindze. She was a bubbly as ever, playing Vanna White as she picked and handed out the door prizes [one of which is the split image of Dillon in drag, see above]. For the photo op, everyone got to take their picture with Lindze, Cynthia and Scott.  

Overall, this was by far the best GH fan weekend I've attended. Can't wait until next year!