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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of
the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

The Fan Weekend Finally Arrives! (7/21/00)

Thursday morning we went on the NBC Studio tour. It's about 70 minutes long, costs less than $10, and frankly isn't that great. I got to briefly say hi to the anchor from Access Hollywood and listen a bit to Motley Crue rehearse for the Tonight Show. Afterwards, we just bummed around Hollywood shopping.

Friday afternoon was spent just lingering around the pool, visiting with friends and looking/buying soap pictures. The GH Fanclub was selling very nice 8 x 10s at their first soap boutique and I found out later that one of these pics would be included in the soap packets given out at sunday's big luncheon. Since many of us were buying the pics already, there would  be a lot of picture trading going on at the luncheon. 

Everyone seemed so much more mellow this year, or maybe it was just me. Somewhere around 2:30 word was out that Michael Saucedo (Juan) would be arriving poolside to sign autographs. The event was free and was also promoting Michael's new music single. Free color postcards of Michael's CD cover were given out. Traffic delays caused him to arrive an hour later, but he generously signed and posed for photos with fans once there. As always, Michael was a very nice guy.

Since Michael was so late, I ended up skipping the Kin Shriner event at 4 pm and instead went out to dinner with some very nice S&Bers at Jerry's Deli. The menu was huge and everyone was having a hard time deciding what to get. Between bites of great food, a gripe/praise fest followed for the next two hours.  Over the next three days, the same sentiments were expressed constantly- everyone's sick of Bobbie and Roy just making out all the time! Everyone's tired of Stephen doing nothing just staying in hiding and being a cardboard villain. Lucky's a smuck for breaking Liz's heart! Chloe's vision storyline is silly! And surprisingly, many of the S&Bers are actually liking Carly and Sonny together.

My roomie, Curlyqgrl, had joked for the last three months that she was gonna hang out in the hotel bar to see Thorsten Kaye (Ian, PC), so we headed over to the bar as we didn't buy tickets for the PC party this year. Now we had been told earlier that he wouldn't be attending as he hates fan events (he's very shy). But immediately after sitting down at the bar, she grabs my arms and motions with her head for me to look over her shoulder. Guess who's sitting two seats over from us? Yup, Thorsten (the "h" in his name is silent so if you want to prounce his name correctly it's tor-sten) was sitting next to us. Jay Pickett (Frank, PC) was also there briefly with him. My roomie finally got the courage to go up to him and ask for a photo. He was very nice and held out his hand and introduced himself to my friend before posing for a photo. Whatever caused Thorsten to come, his fans were grateful. The weekend was definately starting off with a bang! The rest of the night was spent vegging in the hot tub and talking to friends.

Nancy Lee Grahn's Event (2000)

Saturday morning was a very early one since Nancy Lee Grahn's event was changed to 7:30 am. Her father is ill so she was flying out and skipping the luncheon on sunday. Pastries, juice, and coffee were served and fans got a nice autographed 8 x 10 of Nancy as they registered. 

Tava Smiley (Chloe) was suppose to be her guest I thought, but instead Constance Towers (Helena) showed up. What a classy, funny lady! She's nothing like Helena and is probably one of the nicest persons you will ever meet. She and Nancy chatted for about an hour and were hilarious. If Andreas (Helena's attendant) turns out to be a turncoat and Helena kills him, then Constance wants him to turn out to be triplets cuz he's just so cute! She also joked that Helena and Edward should get together, but then they'd kill each other after 10 minutes being as ruthless as they are. 

Nancy sarcastically joked about Alexis's slowness regarding Stephen's "death" at Helena's hands and that Alexis only put two-and-two together after hearing about Chloe's visions. She also talked lovingly about her daughter, Kate. Debbie Morris, the GHFC president, presented Nancy with the award for best couple for- "Jax and Alexis"! Everyone cheered and Nancy was soooo suprised. She agreed with everyone that the writers missed the boat by not following up on that romantic coupling. 

Autographs and pictures were done afterwards. Since I was attending the Q Brunch, we left before Nancy's event wrapped up. We were actually very lucky that Nancy changed the time for her event because otherwise we'd have had to race from one event to the next as they all ran over.

Q Brunch (2000)

We were at a front row table next to the actor's tables so we got great views throughout the event. In attendance were John Ingle (Edward), Anna Lee (Lila), Jeffrey Bryon (Dr. Boardman, PC), Amber Tamblyn (Emily), Stephen Kay (Reginald), Tava Smiley (Chloe), Billy Warlock (AJ), Michael Saucedo (Juan), Susan Brown (Gail), and Leslie Charleson (Monica). Amber's poetry book was being sold along with numerous photos and memorabilia. Stuart Damon (Alan) didn't come as he was fighting a cold. Anna got a standing ovation as she entered and before she left, and her son, Jeffrey, loving watched over her. She joked that Lila handles Edward by telling him to "Shut up, Edward!" and "Be quiet, Edward!". It's very obvious that all the actors just adore Anna. Anna posed for photos before leaving after the Q&A. Stephen followed soon after. I've never gotten to meet him as he always leaves early.

Leslie was so nice and funny, especially when she was "upset" over a bunch of Monica's wardrobe being raffled off. Amber got into the act and tried running off with a pair of Emily's shoes which were also raffled off. She and Michael also chased each other round the room at one point and he was carrying her over his shoulders until "Monica" told them to behave. Photos and autographs followed. 

John Ingle was a sweetie as usual- when we told him we had a set tour on monday, he told us the number of his dressing room and said to stop by and say hi.

This event was so well organized that fans just sat at their table while the actors made the rounds. An attendant checked off each table as the actor visited it so that the actors got to every table before the end of the event. Leslie screamed when she saw the photo I had for her to sign- it was one from 1985 with her and John Reilly (ex-Sean Donely) in costume for the wedding train scenes. She even knew the girl who took the photo. Leslie laughed hysterically when asked about the chances of Monica getting pregnant and the maternity jokes continued throughout the event.

Stephen Nichol's Event (7/23/00)

Stephen Nichol's event was held in the garden pavillon where it was decoratd with brightly colored umbrellas and streamers. Stephen chatted with the crowd [particularly a group called the "Cassahos"], answering questions participants had written on notecards, and sang things like "New York, New York". He then went round the tables and posed for photos and autographed pictures. 

Tasty Greek salads and munchies were served buffet style. This was a nice, intimate gathering. I've already read on several of the message boards the scoop that Stephen told his fans- apparently Stefan and Laura will be no more, but he and Chloe will get together in the future. He asked that fans try to give the new pairing a chance before critizing it, as if the pairing doesn't work he may be not resign with the show next time because Stefan's just not doing anything really interesting lately. Stephen's also taken up painting and would like to have more time to do it.

Jackie Zeman's event was the same time, so I didn't go this year.

Real Andrews's Event (7/23/00)

Since Real's Gospel Hour started before Stephen's event ended, we left early and got into line. The Gospel event was free, though donations were being taken for charity. It was limited to about 100 people due to the size of the room and was just packed. Everyone either sat on the floor or lined up against the wall, and the casual air and intimate setting made this the most relaxed event of the whole weekend. 

In attendance were Real, Lisa (Hannah), Jonathan (ex-Lucky), Vanita (Dara) who had her adorable baby with her, Coltin (Nikolas), and Jonathon's brother, Richard, and father. There was no itinerary for the event, everyone just went with the flow. Jonathan and family sang a few songs and joked that this was just like being in their living room. I've never seen Jonathan so animated before, usually he's pretty shy and quiet. 

Smiling, Real said he wasn't singing, to which someone (Jonathon's dad I think) teasingly added, "Praise God!" Real, Lisa, and Jonathan and his family sometimes do bible study together so they were very comfortable with one another. A preacher friend of theirs got up and gave a very positive and uplifting prayer. I was sooooo impressed with everyone from this event. Lisa belted out a fantastic version of "Day by Day" from Godspell, and has an incredible voice. Coltin sang a Garth Brooks song in accapella and was just amazing (seriously, and I hate country music so that's saying something!). Vanita then joined in and sang two songs, including Amazing Grace. Jonathan later led everyone in singing "Jesus Loves Me".

The Big Luncheon

Sunday morning was another early day. Check in was between 8-9 am and there were several tables of memorabilia and things to buy. Everyone was swapping their 8x10s (from the luncheon packets) for ones they hadn't bought yet. Also included in the packet was an autographed 8 x 10 of Nancy Lee Grahn. She signed 400+ photos to be given to the luncheon attendees because she couldn't make it this year. What a classy and generous lady! After mingling and shopping, my roomie and I went off for breakfast. We returned later and at about 10:30 or so we were admitted into the ballroom. I was blessed with having a front row seat this year which had a great view of the stage. There must have been at least 430 or so people attending this year, but amazingly everything seemed to run smoothly. Lunch was served and everyone ran from table to table greeting friends and taking pictures.

John Ingle (Edward) served as emcee and introduced his fellow actors. In attendance this year were the actors that played: Lesley, Audrey, Taggert, Detective Larkin, Johnny, Juan, Liz, Lucky, Nikolas, Maxie, Andreas, Helena, Emily, Ned, Chloe, Mac, Stefan, Hannah, Kevin, Ned, Bobbie, Gia (Emily's blackmailer), and AJ. Leslie (Monica) helped escort Anna Lee (Lila) into the event and sat with her until she left. 

The suprise of the weekend was the arrival of Kristina Wagner (Felicia), who hasn't attended the fan weekend in like 8 years or so. The crowd went nuts when she was introduced! I had heard that Kristina had promised to try to attend this year if she was in town, but I really hadn't expected her to show up. Glad I was wrong. Stuart Damon (Alan) was still feeling ill and didn't attend. Sarah Brown (Carly), A Martinez (Roy), Nancy Lee (Alexis), and Brad Maule (Tony) also didn't make. And of course, Tony Geary and Genie Francis (Luke and Laura) never attend. Ingo Rademaker (Jax) made a late and grand entrance.

The fanclub gave out awards that were voted on by club members (before February). I think Constance and Landon (Andreas) presented the awards. As mentioned, Jax and Alexis won for best couple. Chloe jumped up and gave Ned a sympathetic hug and the poor guy looked very stunned. Sonny and Carly won for best actor and actress. I can't remember who won supporting actress, but the Fab Four won for best storyline. John J. asked his fanclub prez, Lisa, when he won for best online fanclub. He's such a sweetheart!

Wally did the same when his fanclub won for best offline fanclub. [Here, Wally's posing with a photo a friend of mine had from his DAYS time.]

Amazingly, I can't seem to remember most of WHAT the actors said during the Q&A section, guess cuz I'm so excited. Robin (Maxie) talked about her hobby of racing yachts. Michael (Juan) talked his music single and upcoming album. Coltin (Nikolas) is working on getting a record deal. When Constance (Helena) joked again about Andreas possibly being triplets, Wendy Riche leaned over and said he was. The crowd cheered! 

Andreas and Helena were probably the most popular duo that day, their autograph line NEVER got short! And as gracious as Constance is, no wonder. Another surprise hit was Lisa (Hannah) who did a dead-on impersonation of Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. It was hilarious and the crowd cheered Lisa on. 

After all Q&A's, the actors were escorted to tables and the crowd got into lines for autographs and pictures. As crowded as it was, the lines went pretty smoothly and quickly. The event was very well organized this year. Lucky for me, John J. and Kristina (along with Robyn) were seated at the table behind me, so I jumped into their line first. Kristina only stayed for an hour or so, so I'm soooo glad I got into that line first. Since Jon (Kevin) didn't attend the PC party, he came to the GH luncheon instead. I sure wish he'd return to GH cuz poor Mac sure needs his pal Kevin. 

Then cuz Scott and Maurice's table was nearby, I got into their lines next. Thanks to Maurice's comment the other day, Scott (Johnny) was a very popular guy. The new girl who plays Emily's blackmailer was seated between Jacob and Coltin. Tava and Ingo (Chloe and Jax) jumped up and ran around the room at one point, it's amazing they didn't fall or anything.

Maurice Bernard's Event (2000)

We went back to the main hotel to get in line for Maurice Bernard's event. It was announce at the last minute but had a good turnout. While in line, Jim Warren, its coordinator, passed out fans that where head shots of Maurice with the eyes cut out. He told us all to wait until Maurice was in the room and then to cover out faces with the fans to surprise him. He was definately that! We also got like eight nice 8x10s of Maurice as we registered, including one that was personally inscribed and signed by Maurice. 

He mentioned wanted more scenes with Juan and still wants to do the maniac depression storyline. His contract is also up in about 5 months and he hasn't yet decided to resign or not. He's also looking forward to working with Steve Burton again, though he has no idea what the storyline will be right now. When a fan asked about Kimberly McCullough's (Robin) brief return, he smiled and said he was glad she came back and that he loved her. 

 Beaming, he also talked about his girls and how the youngest's only word was "Da-da". He mischievously urged the fans to go up and fawn over Scott Egan (Johnny, Sonny's bodyguard) at sunday's luncheon. He claimed the poor guy was nervous and didn't know how the fans would react. Needless to say Scott was a very popular guy at the luncheon. It also didn't hurt that he was seated next to Maurice at that event. Normally, fans are rushed as they take photos with Maurice and are told no autographs since it'd take too long, but not this year. I didn't even have to wait forever to get through the line, so I got to take my picture with him for the first time in years.

Real Andrews's Event (2000)

Real Andrews fan event was held in the same room and was packed. We had heard friday that A Martinez (Roy) wasn't able to attend the event as he was out of town that weekend. Bummer! Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) also didn't make the event. Rumor was he got stuck in traffic. Coltin Scott (Nikolas), Jacob Young (Lucky), Michael Saucedo (Juan), and Real (Taggert) fielded questions after Real played a "Who wants to be a Millionaire" type game with a few lucky fans. 

Maurice stopped by for a few minutes and chatted. Real teased him about the temporary tatoo Maurice had gotten while at Venice Beach. Real also explained what the meaning of all his tatoo's were.

Autographs and photos followed. Jacob was very nice. Poor Michael, this was the third time I've seen him in two days. He probably thought I was stalking him or something. Real's fanclub was video taping to raise money for his cancer charity, so you can buy copies copies of the event. 

During the event, everyone could hear Wally Kurth's band warming up outside. I didn't go to the event this year, but since he was performing outside in the garden, pretty much the entire hotel could hear the music. The event was packed as usual. Rena was said to have been there, sitting in the back of the row. Coltin, Tava, and Jacob also stopped by to jam to the music.

Becky Herbst's Event (7/23/00)

Slowly, people started leaving the gospel event in order to attend Becky Herbst event upstairs. Becky's family was very nice in starting their event late because so many people were downstairs at the other event. In attendance were Amber, Becky, Coltin, Michael, and Jacob. Like last year, Amber was hilarious and emceed the auction part of the event.

Becky looked adoreable in her new haircut and mentioned that she preferred short hair. Michael and Amber bounce off one another so well, they're so cute together. Coltin was so funny strutting up and down the aisle showing off auction items and Jacob joined in as well. They both were good sports modeling autographed t-shirts which they let the winning bidders pull off them. 

When auction items weren't selling as hoped, the actors actually bid on some of the items themselves. 

Jacob ended up being high bidder on some framed pictures of Becky (and Amber I think). Amber mentioned that Becky drove them to work and they liked to stop by McDonald's for parfait cups. Michael and Coltin joked about "showering" together at work and invited Jacob to join them in the future. 

Jonathan stopped by briefly to say hi and pose for a quick photo. The event went on late and the poor actors all had early call times at work the next day, so I skipped the photo/autograph line.