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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of
the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

The Fan Weekend Finally Arrives! (7/23/99)

fanpic5.jpg (6176 bytes)Crystal Carson (ex-Julia Barrett) usually held an informal autograph session by the poolside with other actors to promote her charity, Take a Chance with the Stars, but it was disbanded this year and will be reorganized in 2000.  However, three actors were scheduled to appear this year- Marshall Hilliard (ex-Hart on GL), Lisa Cerasoli (V), and Patrika Darbo (Days).  Marshall had come in 1997 and what a cutie!  Very sweet and friendly too.  Patrika's apparently a no show due to late taping schedule. Lisa arrived almost an hour late, but she stayed to greet everyone who wanted to see her.  She also brought her boyfriend, John Ducie, is will play the husband of Rena Sofer's character on the fall primetime show "Oh Grow Up".  Lisa appears in the premier episode of the show too.  Lisa's great very time I've gotten to meet her, and John was very nice too.

I think some of the more enjoyable times the whole weekend were just sitting around the pool and getting to meet other people. It's so nice to get to meet up with people I've traded stuff with or have heard about from other friends.

In fact, I met and chatted with all the fan club presidents except Real's, Wally's, and Vanessa's (who I had already met last year). Julian and Jackie's fan club people were so nice and laid back. Lisa Cerasoli's (ex-V) fan club person, Valerie, was one of the nicest person's I met.  She actually stood in line to greet Lisa at the poolside gathering because she thought she should have to stand in line just like everyone else.  What class!  I got to chat with her again the morning of the GH luncheon and she wants fans to send in pictures of Lisa with/without fans for the Club Cerasoli website. 

Another very nice person I met was Maxine Bennett, who the fan club president for Maurice, Jonathon, and Steve, among others.  What a very down to earth person, not star struck in the slightest.  While a group of us were chatting at the patio restaurant, someone noticed that the man sitting at the table behind was the actor who played Lois Cerullo's father, Carmine. He was there having dinner with a friend and later was came over to our table and was so sweet to pose in a group photo with us.

Kin Shriner's Event (4-6 pm on 7/23/99)

Everyone had to rush over to get a decent seat at Kin's event since the poolside greet with Lisa Cerasoli was running late.  Once everyone was seated, Kin just casually strolled on in and preceeded to hold a q&a with the audience.  This is the second time I've gone to his event (I also went in 1997) and he was much more comfortable with the audience this time.  In '97 he seemed nervous at being in front of such a large crowd and kept staring up at the ceiling or floor for the first half hour.  However, the audience was half that size this time (less than 100 people) and much more cozy.  His guests, who came in little by little, included Carly Schroder (Serena), Susan Brown (Gail), Peter Hansen (Lee), Anders Hove (Cesar Faison), and Lynn Herring (Lucy).  As each of the guests entered, the q&as would shift to include them.

Frankly, I can't remember much of the q&as but tidbits here and there because I was too excited.  Kin made fun of the new soap Passions, which seemed to be a theme all weekend as at almost every event I attended someone made fun of it.  Another theme for the weekend seemed to be that many of the actors were unhappy about the writing and the way their characters were been scripted.

Carly was his first guest and was absolutely adorable.  This little cutie amazed me at Kin's 1997 event with the way she was able to work the room, so generously posing for pictures and autographing pictures for the large audience.  Her parents always are nearby but Carly easily wanders through the crowd greeting everyone.  She and Kin quite obviously adore one another too, always kidding with one another.  Kin has a very dry sense of humor and gave out some great one liners. She talked about her recent Barbie commercial (Kin interjecting about her Shake-n-Bake commercial which was how she came to his attention).

After a bit, she darted behind the side of the room and returned sipping a chocolate yahoo.  Kin turned, saw her with the Yahoo, and asked her if she had brought enough for everyone.  She grinned and a few seconds later a man wearing a black leather coat, with his head down, pushed a dolly filled with Yahoos down the aisle.  When he looked up, everyone screamed- it was Anders Hove (Faison)! 

He joined them at the front, sitting next to Carly as Kin teased Anders to the crowd (note the picture where Anders is sticking his tongue at Kin).  The two are very good friends and have roomed together over the years.  Since Anders's wife is still in Denmark, he is staying with Kin for the summer.  Anders thought he'd be filming on GH until October.  

Anders was also asked the question of the day- "Where's Faison hiding Robert, Anna, and Lucky?!"  See, even the cast believes the Scorpios are still alive. <VBG>  Slyly grinning, Anders relied he didn't know.  His answers to questions were short, mainly I think because of the language (He's Danish), but he seemed to have the same dry wit that Kin did.

Then Susan and Peter joined the trio and kisses were exchanged by all.  Susan had decorated Kin's place back in 1991, and I'm wondering if maybe Anders was crashing with Kin during that time too because I have a picture of them in Kin's house (you can see the picture under my afterhours section).  Kin kept joked that he wanted the character of Lee Baldwin to die so that he could win an emmy next year playing the bereaved son.  Both Susan and Peter laughed about it.  Peter was complimented on his realistic portrayal of a heart attack victim.

The final guest was Lynn Herring, who got a screaming welcome from the excited audience.  Kin had said that Scotty hated the duck (Sigmund) and why not, after all why did everyone have to love that duck?  Lynn laughingly concurred that Scotty (Kin) did indeed dislike the duck.  Lynn also said that she didn't think that Lucy and Scotty would be allowed to keep baby Christina. 

After the q&as, the actors went to the back of the room and sat down while the audience went by, took photos and got autographs.  Jim Warren, who organized the event, is a professional photographer and gave the audience a nice 8x10 b/w picture of Kin and Carly and one of Lynn by herself.  He also had for sale other pictures, including a nice one of Anders I bought to get signed.  The audience also got free issues of the latest SID magazine with Finola on the cover. Johnny, Becky Herbst's boyfriend, was helping out at the event and kept trying to give everyone more chocolate yahoos.  

Lynn was so sweet, she kept trying to carry on conversations with everyone, and Jim had to keep asking people to move along as the PC Party was starting soon and the actors needed to go over there.  Knowing how much I loved Faison, my roomies for the weekend dragged me back to Anders and told him that I was his biggest fan and could I pose with him.  I was sooo embarrassed, but must say that I will have a wonderful memory of that.  Have I got the best roomies or what?!  My other favorite memory is meeting Lynn, she's such a sweet lady.  It's taken me three years of going to the GH fanweekend events to finally get to meet her, and it was definately worth it!

More Event Pictures (from the soap magazines)

fangroup1.jpg (14894 bytes)Kin, by the way, was responsible fore Anders Hove's (Faison) appearance at the PC event.  "My roommate asked me to come, " Anders said, noting that he wouldn't be able to make the GH gathering because he was off to Cincinnati to meet his visiting sons and put them on a plane back to Denmark.  "This is the fourth time in 10 years that Kin and I have lived together.  We even shared an apartment when we were both doing Family Passions in Canada." cyahoo.jpg (7037 bytes)

According to Anders, he and Kin aren't two of a kind when it comes to their living habits.   "I'm neat.  He's messy," Anders said. "So I'm always cleaning, doing the dishes. But I don't mind. Cleaning gives you a chance to ponder life.   Reflect." Grocery shopping, however, is a shared experience. "I usually do it, but Kin likes to come with me," Anders said, adding that the pair always end up bickering in the aisles. "'What do you mean one roll of toilet paper? We should buy 10.' People stand around watching us and laughing.'"

Pushing a cart of yahoo drinks down the aisle, Anders Hove was a surprise guest at Kin Shriner's event, and everyone was given the drinks to enjoy.

Kin, by the way, was responsible fore Anders Hove's (Faison) appearance at the PC event.  "My roommate asked me to come, " Anders said, noting that he wouldn't be able to make the GH gathering because he was off to Cincinnati to meet his visiting sons and put them on a plane back to Denmark.  "This is the fourth time in 10 years that Kin and I have lived together.  We even shared an apartment when we were both doing Family Passions in Canada." 

According to Anders, he and Kin aren't two of a kind when it comes to their living habits. "I'm neat.  He's messy," Anders said. "So I'm always cleaning, doing the dishes. But I don't mind. Cleaning gives you a chance to ponder life. Reflect." 

Grocery shopping, however, is a shared experience. "I usually do it, but Kin likes to come with me," Anders said, adding that the pair always end up bickering in the aisles. "'What do you mean one roll of toilet paper? We should buy 10.' People stand around watching us and laughing.'"

Pushing a cart of yahoo drinks down the aisle, Anders Hove was a surprise guest at Kin Shriner's event, and everyone was given the drinks to enjoy.

Port Charles Party (6:30-11:00pm on 7/23/99)

The line to enter the PC Party was soooo long, as there was some kind of glitch in the registration and it took much longer to get in.  Since Lynn had to leave early, she sat underneath the staircase and as the line went by, fans were able to pose with her for pictures and get autographs.  Jim Warren was moving the line along, taking people's cameras from them and taking their picture as posed with Lynn.  The ballroom itself was very crowded and Lynn left before the event even began. 

The food- the mayonnaisey salad dressing and sour bread roll was unappetizing, but the main meal and dessert was good.  Before the meal was over, Nolan North (Chris Ramsey) came out to emcee, making the audience roar with laughter over his jokes as he introduced the actors one by one.  Most of the cast showed up except Mitch Longley (Matt Harmon), Ron Hale (Mike), Pat Crowley (Mary), and the person that plays Ellen.

George Alvarez (Garcia) remarked that he'd like to solve at least ONE crime in Port Charles.  Now, I had watched a video of John Reilly's (ex-Sean Donely) roast party in 1994 or 1995 the night before going down to L.A., and Tristan made a humorously smug remark that the PCPD hadn't been able to solve one crime since Robert Scorpio left town.  No kidding!  Ever since Robert left the show in 1992, the police dept. somehow become the bad guys and the crime lords/thugs somehow are model citizens.  Go figure.

When Peter Hansen came out, Nolan joked that Chris Ramsey couldn't be held responsible for Lee Baldwin's heart attack, saying that Lee's word was no good against Chris's because Lee was a drunk (referring to the storyline of Lee as a alcholic back in the early 80s which won Peter an emmy). 

Anders Hove was asked again where was Faison hiding Robert, Anna, and Lucky, and the poor man laughed and said "I have NO idea."  For a villain, he was actually very popular at both Kin's event and the PC event, and both times he was introduced the audience roared with clapping and cheers. fanpic12.jpg (3494 bytes)

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) cracked everyone up with his comment that "This is Scotty's world, we just live in it!"   He, Julie, and other members of the cast then began bowing to Kin, it was hilarious.  Kin also won the gh club award for Best Actor on PC.  However, Kevin and Lucy won the award for Best Couple.  Later after everyone had answered their questions, Kin called Lynn up on his cell phone and got her to answer the question the fan club had picked for her to answer.

While I was in Julie Pinson's line (which is always long), I couldn't help but overhear people talking to Wendy Riche, who was seated next to Julie.  I actually felt bad for Riche, who was having some fan fuss at her about some recent cast departures.  Wendy was very nice and polite, but had to keep repeating that it wasn't her decision for the actors to leave, but that it was the actors themselves who asked to leave the show to pursue other projects.

fanpic10.jpg (4663 bytes)The sweetest pair was Nicholas Pryor (Victor) and Greenville Van Dorn (I think that's his name, he plays DV).  They took their time chatting with fans and stayed late until everyone got their photos and autographs with them.  Jay Pickett (Frank) is a big fan favorite, his long is always long too.  Very sweet guy.  The new Joe (David Giles) was hugely popular so I skipped his line which was long all evening.  Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie) is a favorite of mine as she's very sweet and I want her wardrobe!  She always wears these great dresses to fan events.

Oddly enough, the PC Party autograph lines turned out to be longer and more disorganized than those of the GH Luncheon.  Kin, Anders, and Carly were stuck in tables that were either out of the way or fans didn't notice easily because of the choas.  After a while, both Kin and Anders got up and just moved around the room to sign autographs and sign pictures.   New castmate Kimberlin Brown also posed for pictures.  She was very reserved but nice, perhaps she wasn't expecting such a big crowd.  But then with cut-ups like Nolan North and Julie Pinson running around, most people would appear shy in comparison.

Jackie and Julian's Event (12:30-3:00 on 7/24/99)

A early meet and greet was arranged for members of Jackie and Julian's fan clubs (separate meets) so that members could have a more one-on-one time with the actors.  Julian was very down to earth and comfy in a nice knit top and casual pants.  I was at Julian's group, and he answered whatever questions we threw at him.  At my question about how did he like the Jacks family, Julian said he loved doing Jacks family scenes and that he found the family dynamics interesting.  Jax is definately the golden child of the family, but Jerry's relationship with his parents seemed more formal, complicated.  He also talked about the different types of accents he's done while acting.  fanpic13.jpg (8343 bytes)

When asked about how his wife feels about watching him do love scenes with other ladies, he told the story about a play (Les Liasons Dangereuse) he did where people in the audience realized his wife was in the audience.  Their turning around to stare at her during the love scene actually made her more uncomfortable than his doing the seduction scene.

After the private greets, Julian left and Jackie's group joined us.  Then Jackie and Julian were re-introduced.   It's amazing how thin and muscular all the GH/PC actors and actresses are in person! Jackie and Julian are so thin, I guess the television really does add at least ten pounds to the body, not to mention those huge suits the men have to wear on the show. 

They did a q&a with the audience and auctioned off the parts of Katherine and Lucy for a skit to be done later.   All the proceeds from this event went to charity, so naturally they tried to raise the bids up on everything.  The skit itself was the scene where Kathy and Lucy fought with Jerry over who would host the nurses' ball and Bobbie rescued him.  I think a picture of the group should appear in SID magazine too.

Jackie was asked who was Bobbie's favorite husband or lover, but she refused to pick one, saying that she loved them all and that she always like the storylines she was currently involved in, which makes Jerry her favorite for the time being.  She also mentioned that her first screen test with Julian Stone involved kissing.  Afterwards, she and Ingo, with whom Julian also screen tested that day for another scene, both agreed that Julian was their choice for the role of Jerry Jacks. 

Jackie was also asked about the possibilty of A Martinez joining the cast, but she said she wasn't sure if he was or wasn't.  She's apparently known A for quite a while now, which isn't hard to do as many soap stars travel in the same circles and attend the same events.  I can't remember the rest of the q&as, but I imagine a transcript of it will appear either on Julian's webpage and/or in his next fanclub newsletter.

There were two separate lines for the autographs, which helped move things along.  Jackie was very sweet and took her time chatting with everyone.  Just as I got up to the front for Julian's line, one of his fanclub people pulled him away to announce the winners of the trivia games and the winners of the treasure hunt that was held earlier at his private meet.  My roomie and I won the treasure hunt, which involved finding the most jacks (as in the children's game of jacks and ball) that was hidden throughout the garden. Julian started digging through his pockets for the prize, but he and the fanclub people soon realized they couldn't find the prizes.  We got our prizes later that evening- a pair of silver jax pendants on a silver chain.  They were adorable.  I also learned the reason Julian was trying to find the pendants was because the winners (us) were suppose to pose for pictures with him, as the three of us would be wearing the same pendants.  The nice ladies who run Julian's fanclub also have the same pendants.

Real's Event (7:30-9:00 on 7/24/99)

Real's event was small but fun.  For some reason I had expected him to be cocky like his character Taggert, but Real was anything but that.  He sat in front of the room where the microphones were set up and thanked everyone for coming.  The audience got teary eyed as Real told everyone how thankful he was for their coming because the proceeds were going to charity which he had chosen due to his brother's fight with cancer.  At one point, he had to stop because he was about to cry.  Recovering, he talked about his physical training for triathalons, including biking and running. 

His first guest, Vanita Harbor, was brought in.  I had met her twice last year (at the PC and GH parties) and she was so nice.  She is still on maternity leave for the next two weeks or so, and is madly in love with her new baby.  At one point they joked about her baby having more hair than Taggert did.  Vanita was also very surprised at the audience's response to her singing.  At least two people asked if she would be release a music cd, which she said she would love to do in the future. 

They also talked about how they had met.  Real and Vanita's now husband had both screen tested with her at AMC, where she was a cast member, to play her character's love interest.  Real lost the part to the other guy, and later Vanita ended up really falling in love with that guy and married him.  Real teased her that he had lost that role because she thought the other guy was more attractive to her.

Then one of his fan people (I think Linda who runs the Mining Comany's GH site) announced that we would be playing the dating game.  A screen panel is brought forward to hide Real and Vanita from the audience, and then three audience members are chosen randomly.  When one of the numbers called out wasn't claimed, Real (hidden behind the screen) offhandely called number "69" causing the audience to burst out laughing.  His girlfriend, seated a few rows behind us, was blushing, but laughing hysterically.  Real then claimed Vanita told him to say that.  Once the three contestants were chosen, Real, with Vanita's help, asked questions of each of the contestants.  His girlfriend was actually helping one of the girl's with her response.  The questions and answers were adult-oriented and hilarious.fanpic7.jpg (8658 bytes)

Somewhere in all this, Maurice Bernard had slipped in and joined Vanita and Real.  The audience went nuts.  He wasn't staying long but had not stopped by for a while to support Real.  The two seem quite close.  Mauice helped with the rest of the Dating Game.  After one of the contestants replied "I'd lick it" to his question "What would you do with Taggert's bald head?", Real announced he liked her answer and picked her as the winner.   She came up to meet him and when she stuck her tongue out, Real pulled back real fast.   Probably afraid she really was gonna lick his head.  Incidently, she had also been candidate number 69.

During this whole game, the Kurth and Taylor band had been warming up upstairs, and it was rather distracting to say the least.  Real just ignored it and carried on with the show.  He expressed his hope that Taggert would get a real storyline other than always nipping at Sonny and Jason's heels.  Jokes were made about how predictable Taggert and Sonny/Jason's lines were in their scenes together.  Taggert says "I'm taking you down, man!" and Sonny/Jason taunts in reply "Do it!"  When he vented his frustration to Maurice about having to say the same threats to Sonny, Maurice would tell him to search "DEEPER!"  to find his motivation.  It was absolutely hilarious, and at one point Maurice told Real to look "DEEPER," causing the audience to roar with laughter.  Seems to be a running gag between the two.

One of the actors, I can't remember who, remarked that Maurice was the closest thing GH had to a method actor, and the comments made over the past three years at various GH fan events make it sound like he's extremely in character when delivering his lines.  That's probably why it feels like Maurice and Sonny are one person.  Aside from Tony & Genie, Maurice also seems to be the one actor everyone wants to work with and learn from.  Maurice left shortly afterwards, and the audience got in line for autographs.  We were given nice 8x10s for Real and Vanita to sign.  Everyone was in a bit of a rush because the K&T Concert would be starting soon.

Kurth and Taylor Concert (9:00 pm - 12:00 am? on 7/24/99)

fanpic14.jpg (4461 bytes)I swear just about EVERYONE that weekend was attending the concert.  It was sooo packed.  After getting seated, I heard people gasping behind me, and turned to find that Rena Sofer was getting seated behind me.  Joining her were Lisa Cerasoli, her boyfriend John Ducie, Patricia Healy, Real Andrews and his girlfriend, and some friends of Rena's.  People immediately started taking pictures of them and asking for autographs.  More that three times that evening I heard Rena refusing to allow people to take pictures with her, saying that if she did then everyone would want a turn.  Instead she politely asked that people just take a picture of her.  This is the third time I've seen Rena and I've definately got the impression that she doesn't like to do the fan-thing (autographs and posing for pictures).  Can't really blame her though, it must be odd to have a bunch of strangers asking for autographs and pictures.  She has always been nice and friendly to the fan every time I've seen her though.

The concert began and everyone rocked to the great music.  They performed both new and old songs, including one of my favorites, "The Only One I Love".  After the concert, the actors joined Wally on stage, all except Real who had left.  The biggest surprise at this event was Patricia Healy (Tammy)- the woman's a riot!  She's sooo funny and she kept teasingly pushing Rena out of the way to get to Wally.  Apparently Wally was the first person she kissed on soaps, back when he was Justin on DAYS.   When Rena was asked about how it was to have worked with Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco), Wally piped up "Oh, you mean Frisky?"  Rena joked that Jack was "friendly", after which Lisa, who had worked with Jack also, piped up Jack would grope you when he first meet you.  No doubt this'll appear somewhere in print since there were soap reports present.  But it was really funny. 

fanpic9.jpg (5390 bytes)Other bits- John's character on the upcoming primetime show "Oh Grow Up" will be playing Rena's husband on the show.  They will be going through a divorce after he announces that he's gay.   Lisa will play a love interest in the first episode.  She has also written a script and is trying to have it filmed.  Patricia is still playing a recurring character on The Profiler.  Wally has long been unhappy with the way Ned doesn't seem mention or seem to have any contact with his daughter Brooklyn.  Apparently he gets a lot of flack because fans seem to think Ned's a deadbeat dad.  He then surprised the audience by announcing that Brooklyn would finally be visiting the Quartermaines for a short time this summer. 

The autograph sesssion, held downstairs by the pool, ended the concert.  The line was sooo long it stretch the entirety of the pool.  Rena left to go home to the baby, but Lisa and Patricia joined Wally and the band to sign autographs.  Fans had been given a 8x10 of Wally and his band to get signed.

GH Luncheon (10:30-4:00 on 7/25/99)

For some reason, fans were told they were suppose to register early this year, so everyone ended up milling around for two hours before getting into the ballroom.  Awaiting to get in, a group of us got to chatting with a lady who had a press badge on.  Turns out she was with Soaps in Depth magazine and she told us that there were three of them covering the weekend's events.  The magazine will be giving individual coverage for all twelve events, so the abc issue due out in about two-three weeks could have fantastic coverage of all the weekend events.

Things repeatedly asked/said over the weekend's events: 
1) Is A Martinez really joining GH?  No one gave a definate answer.
2) Is Ricky Martin really getting paid $500,000 for an appearance on GH?  Answer is NO.  There was no denial that GH was trying to persue Martin, just that Martin was not coming back anytime soon.
3) Is Jonathon Jackson planning to come back to the show?  Jonathon didn't rule it out, but he wasn't very convincing in his response either.  I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.

Q&A highlights (or at least what bits I can remember):

Becky Herbst was asked "Who is Liberty?" which she replied was her middle name and what her parents call her.  She also mentioned that she had rescued to baby squirrels who she was suppose to later release, but she ended keeping as pets.  Later, Leslie Charleson, when getting presented with a check for her favorite animal rescue charity from the proceeds of the Quartermaine Brunch, was talking about how people shouldn't be keeping wild animals as pets and that the virtues rescue center.  Somehow Becky's squirrels came up (the look on Becky's face was priceless) and Leslie quickly replied that she wasn't referring to the squirrels.  What a funny moment.

Sarah Brown's insightful response to the question "Who did Carly love the most?" was that Carly loved herself the most.  Lisa Cerasoli was hugely popular all weekend and she talked about the script she had written and how she was now looking for financial backing to produce it.  Steve and Billy always played up for the crowd, joking about Carly loving them the most.

Stephen Kay (Reginald) was asked what projects he was currently working on, and he sheepishly smiled and said he was directing Sly Stallone's next film, which I think is called "Get Carter".

Poor Wally Kurth was again asked why didn't Ned ever visit or mention his daughter Brooklyn.  Wally turned halfway towards Wendy Riche and again reaffirmed that it wasn't his fault, that he would like Ned to mention his daughter.  Wendy quickly got up and went over the mike and said that she was aware that people thought Ned was a dead-beat dad, but as far as she and writers were concerned, Ned did indeed call and visit his daughter, and that Brooklyn would be visiting the Quartermaines later this summer for a short while.

In response to the question "What did Emily learn from her parents?", Amber Tamblyn replied that her character Emily had learned to lie, steal, and commit adultry.  She had been asked the same question at the Quartermaine Brunch.  Constance Towers said that Helena wasn't really the bad person everyone made her out to be.

After the q&as, the actors were set up in pairs at tables around the room so that the fans to get autographs and photographs. Since John J. York was out of town for a public appearance, I chose Stephen Nichols as the first line to get in.  Stuart Damon left during the q&as, and Ingo was the other no show for the day.  Since Jon Lindstrom had to leave before the autograph session at the PC Party, he came to the GH luncheon and stayed until the end so the fans could meet him.

fanpic17.jpg (4654 bytes)Luckily, the audience was very nice to Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah) and didn't boo her when she came out, like I was expecting.  I was told Hannah's online nickname was Brilly (short for Brenda+Lily), so of course that's what I think of everytime Hannah appears onscreen. Her line was pretty steady, though the fanclub did move Maurice away from her because the corner they were set up in was packed.  They didn't allow fans to get Maurice's autograph, just to pose for pictures with him because they said it would take too long.  Shell Kelper's (Amy) line was short, but then she isn't on the show very often.  Constance Towers (Helena) is just as elegant in person as she is on the show.

Coltin Scott (new-Nikolas) said that he was a manager at a restaurant and also in a band.  He was very cute in person.  Later, when I got to meet him, he and Sheri (Tyler's ex-fan club president) were having some quick exchange and he told me that people had called him other names that day like "Mateo" (from AMC).  Poor guy!  Did I mention he was really cute? 

Coltin was sitting with Amber Tamblyn (Emily) and Becky Herbst (Liz).  Micheal Susidio (Juan) had been sitting with them, but he was moved to the table with Ron Hale (Mike) and Steve Burton (Jason) to break up the congestion at the teens' table.  Michael mentioned that he is also in a band.

Ron's always a doll, calling all the ladies "Darlin'" and Steve was so energetic this year.  He got up and walked around the room signing autographs and posing for pictures.  At one point, while I was in Patricia's line, I heard loud voices behind and turned to find Steve standing behind me with a crowd of people trailing him.  He saw a picture I had of him in my stack and quickly signed it.  Smiled at everyone and moved on, with a crowd still following him.

The longest line for autographs was for Wally Kurth and Nancy Lee Grahn.  It NEVER got short that day, so I skipped it since I'd met them both before.  Nexis was quite obviously the most popular couple that weekend. 

fanpic8.jpg (6208 bytes)I loved meeting Patricia Healy (Tammy) who's a scream, she's so funny.  I told her I loved her on the Profiler and she warned me that the main character of the show, Ally Walker, would be leaving after two shows this upcoming season, to be replaced by Jamie Luner.  Argh, there goes one of my favorite shows! 

I think the second longest line had to be for Sarah Brown, who wasn't there last year because she had her baby that weekend.  She's very nice in person and kept posing with her table mate, Billy Warlock, for the crowd to take group photos of them.  Billy was one of the nicest person I had meet back in 1997 and was just as nice this time. 

Steve Burton's Event (4:30-6:30 on 7/25/99)

Steve's event was the second of three events put together by Jim Warren.  The best thing about Warren's events are that they are the most organized of all the events, he gives out great packets (which include great 8x10 pictures and free copies of the current issue of Soaps In Depth magazine).  And this year, Jim was laid back and seemed to have fun, unlike last year's events where he kept freaking out because the events ran longer than scheduled. Steve had pre-autographed photos so there would be no autograph session at the end of the q&as, and all were inscribed to each individual person.

fanpic11.jpg (4978 bytes)Steve also seemed more relax this year too and was so much funnier than last year.  He is well aware that baby Michael is called Opie, and both he and Billy refer to the baby as Opie.  

He also mentioned that Maurice had nicknamed Juan "Monkey boy" because of the scene where Juan jumps Jason during his fight with mobster Sorel. 

Jason Quartermaine is a character he doesn't want to go back to, as he prefers Jason Morgan.  When asked if he wants to have a baby now with his wife, Steve quickly replied "NO!"  The twins that play Michael are quite active and it's sometimes difficult for Steve to tape his scenes with them squirming and crying, so a doll is sometimes substituted for the twins. 

Jonathon Jackson, the first guest, was greeted with screams and clapping.  He's finished taping "Purple Haze" and denied speculation that he would be the next Anakin Skywalker. This rumor was started after Jonathon won a poll on E!'s Online for the actor who would be the public's choice for the next Anakin Skywalker since the little boy who plays in The Phantom Menance wouldn't be old enough for the next film.  He was also asked about his religion and what he sought in a woman.  Jonathon was definately the star at this event as he probably got the most attention.  Steve kept joiking that Jonathon was a star now, with limos and such, and that soon Jonathon would be tall enough that he could pay Steve to be his stand-in.

fanpic6.jpg (7510 bytes)The last guest, Billy Warlock, joined them a bit later.  I've seen all three several times before, but they were never this funny or lively before!  Billy was a scream, he kept cracking the audience up and was the most candid of the bunch.  He was correct in saying that as long as AJ wasn't made a more likeable person and allowed more scenes with Michael, the audience would never buy a real triangle between Carly/AJ/Jason because the playing field wouldn't be level.  He's also happy about his upcoming wedding to Julie Pinson (Eve, PC).  

Steve joked about what a "woman" Billy was because he kept cleaning up after Steve during the time he stayed with Billy while Steve was buying a new house.  Billy shot back that Steve had taken over half the house and didn't pay squat.  They teased each other like brothers, it was hilarious. 

Jonathon had to leave before the end of the event.  Steve posed for photos (no autographs since he had presigned the pictures.  Since Maurice's event was to be held next in the same room, people were quickly ushered out after getting their pictures with Steve.

Becky Herbst's Event (8:30-midnight? on 7/25/99)

There was a bit of disorganization at the beginning of the event and it started a bit late.  However, the fans were given nice packets with a color postcard and a nice 8x10 picture of Becky, and treated to a great time.  Her fan club officially opened that day and this event was to commemorate that.  It also was a charity fundraiser.  Since the L&L Bridgaders and Becky's fan club will be doing write ups of the event, I'm not going to say much about it except a few tidbits.

Becky's aunt Ginny, who runs Becky's fan club, is very nice and patient. Johnny, Becky's boyfriend, is a nice guy too.  He helped out at several other events, including the Jim Warren ones.  Jonathon Jackson popped in for a while.  He and Becky talked about the blooper tape that was auctioned- it's shows the boxcar scene where Liz holds Lucky and tells him she won't drop him, which unfortunately Becky did.  That one-of-a-kind tape went for a huge amount in the auction.  Again he was asked if he was coming back to the show.fanpic16.jpg (5519 bytes)

The thing that stood out the most for me at this event was how absolutely funny Amber Tamblyn was.  She served as auctioneer for the auction items, doing hysterical dances and songs to drive up the bidding for items.  It's too bad she isn't given more comedy to do on the show.  

The other stand out was how nice and sincere Becky was.  Since the event started late, she insisted on staying until all the fans had the chance to meet her, and get autographs and pictures.  After most of the audience was gone, Becky posed for a   cute group photo with members of the L&L Bridgade.

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