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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of
the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

2007 Recaps- page 1, page 2 [Scrubs] and page 3 [Finola!]

An Afternoon with Finola, July 15, 2007
*click on the images to view a larger version*

Okay, so I learned during this event that I am totally inept with a digital camera. While trying to figure out how to turn the red eye button on, I kept either shutting off the camera or causing it to beep [at one point, Finola looked up and said, "Someone need to get that?" thinking it was a cell phone. Eh, stupid camera!]  That said, I may have gotten a little carried away with all the pics I took of Finola but hey, how often does one get to meet their favorite actress? Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she's also really, really funny too! She has a very dry wit and a contagious laugh.

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Hands down, the event was the classiest one I've attended at the GH Weekend. Everything was so well organized [thanks to the Findom group who put this together] and the room looked great. Each table was named after a different designer and the gift boxes were amazing. The boxes were packed with candy, a baseball hat, note pads, a CD of Finola interviews and more, and other goodies. Even the reporter from SID thought the gift box rocked. No other actor event I've ever been to gave away goodies this nice. And the video that showed Finola highlights from her tv appearances and movies was great too. In fact, I had a hard time not watching it over and over, it was so well done.

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I also loved the way the raffle table was set up. People put their raffle tickets into the jars for the prize they were interested in, so if they won something it would be an item they actually wanted. At the Scrubs event right before, a girl at our table confessed to her grandmother that she'd won a picture of Elizabeth at the GH luncheon but since she hated that character, she refused to claim it. No one at Finola's event would have this problem... although, there was a raffle item that Finola certainly wasn't crazy about [her singing number].

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The audience Q&A was a blast. Some of the things Finola talked about was working with Anders Hove [ex-Faison and my favorite GH villain], the tie-me-up/tie-me-down scene with Tristan Rogers on GH, whether she would ever work with Ian again, and why the Darfur project is so important. Money raised from this event goes to help the Damazo Majak Foundation, which has been awarded land to build and establish the Aweil Women's Resource Center.

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Incidently, the video of the event will be available for purchase with all proceeds to go to the Damazo Majak Foundation. To purchase the video, go to Curlyqgrl's website. Also, on July 22nd, the Findom will be hosting an eBay auction to raise more funds for the Damazo Majak Foundation. Autographed collectibles, photos and more will be available for bid, with proceeds going to a great cause!

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Back to the event. One fan got an opportunity of a lifetime. Hazel, who does a Anna & Duke website, was sitting at our table and asked Finola a question. Afterwards, she was jokingly asked how much she'd pay to talk to Ian. The crowd got excited when Finola rushed over to dig out her cell phone and called Ian. It turns out he was staying with her that weekend and was suppose to take her boys to the zoo. She left messages on both his phone numbers and then continued with her event. Later, Finola checked her phone and discovered that Ian had returned her call. A shocked Hazel got to chat to Ian while the crowd cheered her on. [the fifth pic above is Hazel giving Finola a thank you hug as Fin says goodbye to Ian]. And the last pic is "Flatty," a life-size standing photo of Finola that travels to special Finola events with the Findom group. Flatty was pretty popular :]  Many fans were either taking photos of Flatty or posing with it. 

finevent0732.jpg (12123 bytes) finevent0734.jpg (13188 bytes) finevent0736.jpg (11668 bytes) finevent0735.jpg (8932 bytes) finevent0737.jpg (13366 bytes)

Finola went around each table and signed autographs and got her picture taken with each fan. She paid attention to every person and was so nice! Loved her reaction when I and another lady at our table told her that Kimberly announced at her event that Jason Thompson thought Finola was hot. Finola burst out laughing and was so suprised. I told her she should tease him about it the next time she sees Jason, but she probably won't remember to do it. A small group of us stayed til the end and were treated to Finola doing a little impromptu personal Q&A. We got to know her a little better due to the insightful questions and my respect for the classy lady grew even more after this event. Now that's what should happen after one gets to meet their favorite celebrity!

My last comment on the Finola event would be that I absolutely loved getting to know the Findom group better. What a great bunch of gals! Everyone was so friendly, upbeat and down to earth. [Thanks Jeanette, Robin, Aurora, Elena and Tina for putting on this event. It was my favorite of all the events this year!]