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GH/PC Fan Weekend Event Recaps and Pictures:

I've been fortunate enough to attend several GH fan events. The following pages detail some of
the adventures my friends and I have had at these events. 

2007 Recaps- page 1, page 2 [Scrubs] and page 3 [Finola!]

Please don't take my pics, as I made them specifically for my site.  If you'd like to borrow any of them, please ask first.  Click on the image to view a larger version.

The GH Luncheon, July 14, 2007

The GH Luncheon turned out a better experience than last year. With so many actors on both shows [GH & NS] there were more choices for which lines the fans could get into and more people to meet. The lines last year were so long. This year many of lines moved fairly quickly. Lots of recaps of the luncheon have been posted, so I'm just going to mention a few tidbits rather than recap the whole event.

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*John J. York - Just adore him! What a sweetheart and hot to boot! No GH Luncheon would be complete with a hug from him.  *John Ingle - Edward Quartermaine might be a ornery cuss but John's more like a cuddly bear. So glad he's recovered from getting sick at the Emmys.  *Natalia was her usual sweet self. Glad she re-signed with the show.  *Jason Gerhardt is so cute! Very down-to-earth and wonderful with fans. I got a hug and kiss on the cheek from him, made my day!  *Bradford Anderson - what a sweetie. I figured he'd be popular and now I know why. Made me like his character even more... though I could totally do without every hearing Spinelli utter the words "Stone Cold" or the "Innocent One" ever again.

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*The brothers Cheetwood love clowning around and meeting their fans. They seem to just be having fun, which is probably why people enjoy meeting them.  *Greg is a doll and really seems to appreciate his fans. Too bad the writers don't seem to appreciate his character. Greg's line was always busy, so I finally gave up and just took pics from the side. He even stopped to pose for those of us on the side so we could get a nice shot of him.  *Minae was smart enough to bring photos to give fans and was bubbly and easy to chat with. Hope her character gets more air time.

luncheon0709.jpg (8364 bytes) luncheon0708.jpg (9050 bytes) luncheon0711.jpg (10031 bytes) luncheon0729.jpg (7702 bytes) luncheon0724.jpg (11275 bytes) luncheon0728.jpg (10815 bytes)

*Kent was next to Minae and is so beautiful in person. GH does not do her justice with its crappy lighting.  *Annie was very chipper and fun to meet. She looks a lot younger in person. GH's crappy lighting probably makes her look older.  *Josh is a bit reserved, not sure he's into the whole fan thing. But he was nice, so no complaints. However, Julie seems to get him to come out of his shell. The last pic is of them goofing off with diva glasses.

luncheon0718.jpg (8855 bytes) luncheon0720.jpg (8796 bytes) luncheon0719.jpg (14563 bytes) luncheon0721.jpg (9867 bytes) luncheon0727.jpg (12793 bytes) luncheon0726.jpg (13859 bytes)

*Jason Thompson is just *thud*. Even better looking in person and seems to have a playful sense of humor. Luv, luv, luv him!  *Kimberly looked beautiful [though I still hate the bangs because they overwhelm her face] and she had on a great dress. She and Jason were laughing a lot together. Only complaint was that their autograph line was combined together into one line, and thus moved so slowly. Two lines would have worked better for everyone.

luncheon0730.jpg (12064 bytes) luncheon0723.jpg (16802 bytes) luncheon0725.jpg (14831 bytes) luncheon0741.jpg (7810 bytes) luncheon0742.jpg (5971 bytes) luncheon0739.jpg (11486 bytes)

*Rick Hearst is a total charmer. His line was always busy. Probably doesn't hurt that he gives really nice hugs either.  *Becky looked pretty as ever.

luncheon0714.jpg (14235 bytes) luncheon0717.jpg (11049 bytes) luncheon0715.jpg (11740 bytes) luncheon0716.jpg (9556 bytes) luncheon0722.jpg (7381 bytes)

*How could you not like Sonya Eddy? She's so funny and enjoys meeting with the fans. Incidently, the first picture is of her being interviewed about Billy Dee Williams, who she's absolutely thrilled to be working with. Don't blame her. I brought my Lando Calrissian Star Wars card in the hopes he'd come during the weekend, but alas, no such luck. Bummer.  *Kiko Ellsworth has always been one of my favorite Port Charles actors. Everytime I've met him he's been nothing but sweet and laughs a lot. Very good with the fans.  *Tyler looked good as usual.

luncheon0731.jpg (8304 bytes) luncheon0733.jpg (11604 bytes) luncheon0732.jpg (10880 bytes) 

*The Night Shift cast in attendance were all very friendly and probably found the whole fan thing a bit overwhelming. Someone should have advised them to bring photos to sign for the fans, particularly in light of the fact that many people hadn't yet had a chance to watch the show. Several people I ran into didn't know who they were or what characters they played. Amanda was sweet and her character Jolene seems to be the more with it of the three new nurses. Nazanin is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad I'll dislike her character because Leyla's messing with my Scrubs couple. Dominic looks so much better with his hair tied back and his character is the best of all the new NS characters. The actor who plays Cody was trying to give me a scary stare which wasn't working since he was trying not to laugh while doing it. It'll be interesting to see how his character is connected to Coop and Logan.

luncheon0734.jpg (9053 bytes) luncheon0735.jpg (9363 bytes) luncheon0736.jpg (8307 bytes) luncheon0737.jpg (7168 bytes)

*Laura and Sebastian's lines were some of the longest at the lunch. I heard the wait for Laura's was at least an hour long. Both enjoy chatting with their fans and paid personal attention to each fan. Which is one reason why they were so popular. Sebastian was hands down the fan favorite at the GH weekend events. He's hilarious and entertained everyone at all the events he attended.