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Born in London, Emma studied ballet until the age of 16. 

She co-founded the Starlight Children's Foundation as a tribute to her brother, Jamie, who died of aplastic anemia at age 8.

More biographical info can be found at IMDB.com.

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Biography- Emma Samms
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Arabian Adventure, 1979

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Lady and the Highway Man, 1989

Dynasty as Fallon Carrington Colby, 1985, 1987-1989

Pretend You Don't See Her, 2002

Goliath Awaits, 1981 Star Quest, 1994 Fatal Inheritance, 1993

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Murder, She Wrote" playing "Pamela Leeds" in episode: "Snow White, Blood Red", 11/13/1988

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman playing "Arianna Carlin/A. C. Luthor" in episode: "Madame Ex" (episode # 2.1) 9/18/1994 Treacherous Beauties as Anne Marie Kerr, 1994

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Night Tide, 1993?

Models Inc. as Grayson Louder (episodes 20-29), 1994 Illusions, 1992

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Other Works

The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (Emma's voice), date ?
Shrimp on the Barbie as Alex, 1990
Delirious as Rachel Hedison/Laura Claybourne, 1991
Bejewelled as Stacey, 1991
Shadow of a Stranger, 1992

More Wild Wild West as Merriwell Merriwether, 1980
General Hospital as Holly Sutton Scorpio, 1982-1985,1992-1993
Emma on Circus of the Stars
Ellis Island as Violet Weiler, 1984
Hotel in episode: "Cinderella", 1984
Agatha Christie's 'Murder in Three Acts as Egg, 1986
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" playing "Jamie Jinx" in episode: "Green Lipstick", 1987
Newhart playing "Herself" in episode: " A Midseason's Night Dream", 3/14/1988
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Queen Guenivere, 1989
George Burns - His Wit and Wisdom as Herself, 1989
My Two Dads playing "Marcy" in episode: "In Her Dreams", 1989
Dynasty: The Reunion as Fallon Carrington Colby, 1991
Shadow of a Stranger as Sarah Clinton, 1992
Get a Life! playing "Tricia" in episode: "Girlfriend 2000" (episode # 2.8), 1/12/1992
Robin Cook's 'Harmful Intent as Kelly Everson, 1993
Emma on Diagnosis Murder playing "Cleopatra Quinlin" in episode: "Murder with Mirrors", 1/21/1994
Gargoyles playing "Gruoch"(voice) in episode: "City of Stone", 1994

Humanoids from the Deep as Dr. Drake, 1996?
His Bodyguard, also called Silent Echoes, 1998 (written by Emma Samms)