Alexis Carrington Colby (Joan Collins)

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Alexis makes her appearance in Blake's court trial at the end of the first season.

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Alexis, Dominique, and Krystal.

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 Another scene from the first catfight in Alexis's studio.

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The vengeful senator Neil McVane wanted to kill Alexis, but Krystal's ex-hubby, Mark, saved her.

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Alexis and Krystal in a mud fight.

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Alexis and Krystal fighting in the lily pond.

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Sean, Alexis, and Dex.

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Alexis and Dominique fighting.

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Alexis, Blake's nasty ex-wife, appeared in the season finale of the first season, stunning everyone by showing up at Blake's court hearing.

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The current Mrs. Carrington & the former one, Alexis, often got into one cat fight after another, mostly over Blake. Krystal and Alexis's catfights became a staple of the show, usually towards the season finales.

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