Miscellaneous Characters- Men

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Matthew Blaisedale (Bo Hopkins) was Blake's rival in the oil business. After realizing Matthew couldn't leave his unstable wife, Claudia, because of his daughter, Krystal ended their affair and married Blake.

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Matthew was madly in love with Krystal.

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Claudia, Lindsay, and Matthew Blaisdale.

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Ben Carrington (Christopher Casonove) was the n'er-do-well younger brother of Blake. He allied with Alexis to overthrow his brother.

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(Billy Dee Williams)

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Buck Fallmont, his Clay, & Leslie.

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Dr. Nick Toscano blamed Blake for his father's death and used Krystal & Fallon to get to Blake.

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Mark Jennings, a tennis teacher, was Krystal's first husband.

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Daniel Reese (Rock Hudson), Sammy Jo's father, was madly in love with Krystal.

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Daniel Reese.

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Alexis discovered lover Sean was a nasty fellow out to destroy both the Carringtons and Colbys.

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