Odds and Ends

alexis.jpg (9588 bytes)

The Alexis doll.

crystaldoll.jpg (16766 bytes)

The Crystal doll.

krystinadoll.jpg (21553 bytes)

The Krystina Carrington doll.

pattern1.jpg (19924 bytes)

pattern2.jpg (16616 bytes)

pattern3.jpg (15487 bytes)

Clothing patterns released about 1984-85.




trivia.jpg (15966 bytes)

The Dynasty trio on the cover of this trivia magazine.

puzzle.jpg (9957 bytes)

A puzzle with a photo of Krystal.

evans6.jpg (12576 bytes)

Linda's ad for hair coloring.

card.jpg (14078 bytes)

A collectible card with pics of some of the cast.

blakecard.jpg (9384 bytes)

John's Hall of Fame card.

perfume.jpg (93744 bytes)

Ad for Krystal perfume.

dpromo.jpg (13194 bytes)

A nice promo ad.

blakenewspaper.jpg (29178 bytes)

Newspaper prop for Blake's trial.

reunion.jpg (19360 bytes)

Promo for the Dynasty Reunion episode.

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