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Dynasty on SoapNet
Now you can catch Dynasty from the beginning on SoapNet.

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Dynasty: The Prequel - interview with Richard Shapiro

#76  Alexis and Krystal: Wet and Wild (4/13/83) Dry cleaning for soaked fine washables: $500. Watching two rich, catty ladies deliver soggy haymakers on Dynasty: priceless.  [100 Most Memorable TV Moments, Dec. 5, 2004]

ROYAL WEDDING- Elena confesses to Amanda that nothing happened in the bedroom with Prince Michael. Sammy Jo fits her roommate Rita with a blonde wig and has her practice duplicating Krystle's voice. Fallon, suffering from amnesia, has chosen a new name and heads for Denver. Alexis fends off the advances of King Galen but Dex misreads the situation and walks out on his wife. Dex is kidnapped by Yuri and his gang the night before Amanda and Michael recite their wedding vows. Dex breaks free from his captors and heads for the chapel, where terrorists have opened fire on the entire wedding party. (Original air date 5-15-85)

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