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"THE SEARCH"- Blake and Alexis search for Steven in Indonesia. His body is not located, but his jacket is found floating in the sea. Blake refuses to believe his son is dead and hires psychic Jason Dehner to help with the search. Krystle learns Mark paid Frank Dean $1,000 to leave her alone. Kirby confesses her love to Jeff, who kisses her and accidentally calls her Fallon. Kirby dashes off in tears. Adam takes her to his apartment for consolation, but when she refuses his advances, he rapes her. Since his office has been repainted, Jeff is growing more and more disturbed. Adam secretly gloats, knowing that the paint used was poisonous. (Original air date 1-5-83)

SAMANTHA- Back in Denver, Blake continues his frantic search for Steven with the help of psychic Jason Dehner. Blake refuses to believe his son is dead, and Krystle is worried about his erratic behavior. Seeing how much she loves Blake, Fallon reconciles with Krystle. Blake refuses to attend the memorial service Alexis has arranged for their son. Alexis seduces Mark. Sammy Jo, now preferring to be called Samantha, appears at the Carrington household with a baby. The child is Steven's son. (Original air date 1-12-83)

"DANNY"- An obviously ill Jeff continues to function in a confused state. Sammy Jo announces she's headed for New York to make it big as a model and no longer wants to keep her son, Danny. Blake offers the girl $100,000 to be a mother to the child, but she declines. Alexis betters the offer and is also turned down. Krystle and Blake are overjoyed to learn Sammy Jo wants them to be Danny's adoptive parents. Alexis continues her affair with Mark. Steven, alive in a Singapore hospital with his face bandaged, regains consciousness. The doctor explains that severe burns incurred in the oil rig explosion necessitated plastic surgery. (Original air date 1-19-83)

"MADNESS"- Jeff's temper continues to grow more volatile. Adam attempts to implicate Jeff in the Cecil Colby/Logan Rhinewood scandal. After learning that Blake and Krystle intend to adopt Steven's son Danny, Alexis demands custody of her grandson. Because Krystle's divorce from Mark is not yet finalized, Blake explains they must wait two months before adopting the child. Finding Fallon alone in Mark's hotel room, Jeff attacks his wife, calling her a whore. Mark arrives and rescues her. Concerned with his erratic behavior, Alexis decides to send Jeff away on vacation. Adam confesses to his mother that he's had Jeff's office painted with a lethal compound. He warns her that if she tries to remove it he'll implicate her in his scheme. (Original air date 1-26-83)

"TWO FLIGHTS TO HAITI"- Although Blake begs her to postpone taking action until Jeff's violent behavior can be explained. Fallon flies to Haiti to obtain a divorce; Mark shows up unexpectedly at her hotel. Adam asks Kirby to work for him; Alexis tells Adam she cannot allow Jeff to be poisoned. In his confused state Jeff signs over his son's shares of Denver- Carrington to Colbyco, and his own voting control to Alexis: Alexis is now in a position to control Blake's company. Jeff angrily confronts Mark on the tennis court, where he collapses and is hospitalized. Alexis worries the doctors will I discover the poison in his system. (Original air date 2-2-83)

"THE MIRROR"- Alexis, concerned the doctors will learn the truth behind Jeff1s illness, orders his office to be remodeled and the lethal paint compound removed. Mark and Fallon make love in Haiti; Blake learns Alexis is planning to orchestrate a Denver-Carrington/Colbyco merger to control both companies. Dr. Edwards, a physician who cared for Adam in his younger days, arrives in Denver to see his former patient, a one-time drug user. In the Singapore hospital, Steven's bandages are removed and he is handed a mirror. Blake is stunned to learn the hospital has found poison in Jeff's bloodstream. (Original air date 2-16-83)

"BATTLE LINES"- Krystle suspects Alexis knows the reason for Jeff's illness and tells Blake, who is busy obtaining an injunction to prevent his ex-wife from taking over his company. Jeff is discharged from the hospital; the poison in his body still not identified. Mark and Fallon return from Haiti, and Kirby observes them kissing passionately in the mansion's entryway. Kirby fantasizes making love with Jeff. In Singapore, Steven's secretiveness continues to arouse Dr. Chen's curiosity. Blake receives a call from Singapore and learns Steven may have been found. (Original air date 2-23-83)

REUNION IN SINGAPORE- As Blake is departing for Singapore to identify his son, Alexis intercepts him at the airport to assure him she will not be stopped from merging their respective companies. Despite Alexis' efforts, however, Blake is assured of Congressman McVane's help in stalling official approval of the move. Jeff tells Alexis he was mistaken in signing over his stock and wants to retract the action; Adam lures Kirby to a hotel and attacks her. Jeff arrives to rescue Kirby and in a passionate moment, asks her to marry him. In Singapore, Steven tells his father he has broken from the family and will not return to Denver... until Blake tells him he is father to an infant son at the Carrington mansion. (Original air date 3-2-83)

FATHERS AND SONS- Excitement brews in the Carrington household as-preparations are made for Steven's return. It is an emotional moment as Alexis, Fallon and Krystle embrace Steven, who is introduced to his brother Adam and son Danny. Jeff and Kirby are married in Reno; plans are underway to finalize the Denver-Carrington/Colbyco merger. Fallon and Mark continue their affair; Alexis confesses to Steven that she paid Sammy Jo to get out of Denver, and that she suspects Blake 'bought' little Danny from the girl. Steven heads to New York to find his wife. (Original air date 3-9-83)

"THE DOWNSTAIRS BRIDE"- Upon hearing that Kirby has married Jeff, Joseph tells his daughter she has ruined her life. Blake suggests to Alexis they call a truce to their battle over Steven; Alexis offers Steven a share in Colbyco. Adam informs Fallon he doesn't consider Steven emotionally capable of handling the family business. After discussing the possibility of a reconciliation with Sammy Jo, Steven returns from New York alone. Blake disapproves of his son's plans to move out of the mansion with little Danny, but Krystle insists he let him go to prevent further alienation. (Original air date 3-16-83)

"THE VOTE"- As the Board of Directors gathers to vote on the Denver-Carrington/Colbyco merger, Alexis pointedly tells the group that a nay vote will be met with immediate dismissal. The approval of the motion sends Blake into a fury. Kirby is upset to find Jeff and Fallon laughing together; Krystle comforts her, and also tries to patch up relations between Steven and Blake. Jeff accuses Adam of falsifying reports regarding Denver-Carrington; Alexis warns Fallon of Mark's history as a gigolo. Alexis learns Congressman McVane has managed to block the merger; outraged, she spills her knowledge of his scandalous past to the press. (Original air date 3-23-83)

"THE DINNER"- Blake confronts Alexis with evidence of fraudulent figures involved in the recent merger; Alexis learns Blake's lucrative oil extraction process does not extend to Colbyco. Newlyweds Jeff and Kirby have their first fight; Steven visits Claudia at the High Meadow Sanitarium. Alexis offers Mark money to leave Fallon; he refuses. Later. Fallon finds her mother in Mark's bed, undressed. Krystle arranges a dinner to improve relations between Steven and Blake; Alexis interferes and sees that Steven is out of town, unable to attend. Blake insists his absence is due to hostility and Krystle, incensed at her husband's insensitivity, storms off. (Original air date 4-6-83)

"THE THREAT"- A scandalous newspaper headline implicates Congressman McVane with a young girl in Washington; he realizes Alexis orchestrated his downfall. Kirby finds she is pregnant; Adam is alarmed to learn that his former physician, Dr. Billings, lS soon due in Denver for a convention. Krystle and Alexis argue over Fallon, and the discussion quickly disintegrates into a brawl: The two fall into the lily pond flailing and punching. Blake approaches and pulls them apart, likening the women to 'common mud wrestlers.' Humiliated, Krystle packs her bags and checks into La Mirage. Alexis demands Joseph drain the pond and retrieve the diamond earring she lost in the scuffle, and threatens to tell Kirby the truth about her mother if he does not cooperate. A ruined McVane appears in Alexis' office after hours and threatens to kill her. (Original air date 4-13-83)

"THE CABINET"- When Blake learns Steven's attorney Chris has moved in with his son, he vows to f1ght for custody of little Danny. Morgan Hess, Alexis' private investigator asks his employer for a large sum of money to payoff a gambling debt. when Alexis refuses, Hess leaves with a threat. Kirby realizes her baby was fathered by Adam. Fallon meets wIth Adam's former physician, Dr. Edwards, who tells her of Adam's temper and underlines his brilliance: He once won a case by proving a plant worker was poisoned and drIven insane by chemical fumes. RealizIng the connection to Jeff's illness, Fallon asks the hospital to investigate. Alexis tricks Krystle into meeting her at Steven's cabin, where she offers her $1 million to leave Blake. Outraged, Krystle rises to leave, but the door will not open- someone has bolted it shut from the outside, and smoke is pouring in from under the door. (Original air date 4-20-83)

"THE ARREST" - Krystle and Alexis, trapped in a burning cabin far off in the woods, find the door has been locked--from the outside. Mark, who has come to see Krystle in this remote setting, dramatically rescues the two women, who are rushed to the hospital. Blake meets with Steven to discuss the upbringing of little Danny; Blake remains convinced that a homosexual cannot provide a proper role model. A pregnant Kirby wrestles with the decision to tell Jeff he is not the father of her baby, while Fallon learns Adam is responsible for the mysterious illness that almost cost Jeff's life. Blake, suspecting that Mark's timely arrival at the burning cabin is more than coincidence, provides evidence to the police and Mark is arrested. (Original air date 9-28-83)

"THE BUNGALOW" - Mark is charged with attempted murder and arson; Alexis tells Blake and the police his motive was revenge. The other suspects-McVane, Hess and Adam, are questioned and released. After Alexis destroys Fallon's relationship with Mark, Krystle suggests she is seeking revenge because Mark rejected her. Kirby breaks down and tells Krystle her baby is not Jeff's. An unknown man in surgical garb tries to smother Alexis. Blake and Jeff receive a frantic call from Joseph, who is muttering incoherently. At the bungalow where Kirby was born, Blake and Jeff find the disturbed butler with a gun. Before they can stop him. Joseph pulls the trigger and kills himself. (Original air date 10-5-83)

"THE NOTE" - Alexis receives a note written by the late Joseph, stating that he indeed set the fire to kill her because of the lives she's ruined with her manipulations. Alexis laughs it off, claiming she never intended to tell Kirby her mother was an "attic nympho." Blake lies to protect the girl, telling Kirby her father was worried Alexis would take control of Denver-Carrington and tried to kill her out of loyalty to his employer. When the murder attempt failed, the butler tragically killed himself. Claudia is released from the sanitarium and she and Steven make love. When Steven learns of Blake's plan to sue for custody of little Danny, he becomes enraged. Both men lose their tempers and wrestle each other to the ground. (Original air date 10-19-83)

"THE HEARING: Part I" - Kirby angrily demands that Alexis divulge the real motive behind her father's murder attempt. In a fit of rage Kirby tries to strangle Alexis. Steven finds a social worker snooping around his apartment and orders her to leave. The incident later is brought up at the custody trial, and the woman describes Steven's behavior as a typical homosexual reaction. Steven's attorney and roommate Chris Deegan brings to the court's attention that Blake has previously been convicted of murdering a gay man and harbors a blind prejudice against homosexuals. Alexis testifies that Blake purchased the baby from Sammy Jo. When Blake loses his composure and lashes out at Alexis, the judge orders him to control himself and adjourns the hearing. (Original air date 10-26-83)

"THE HEARING: Part II" - Alexis arrives home from the trial to find her apartment ransacked. Police Lt. Merrill speculates there may be a connection between the break-in and the recent attempts on her life. Fallon testifies on Steven's behalf. When she leaves for Montana, Alexis tells Adam that if her trip has anything to do with the poisoning incident, he's on his own. On the witness stand, Sammy Jo fabricates tales of Steven's sexual promiscuity. That night, Claudia barges into Sammy Jo's hotel room and demands she retract her courtroom statements. Claudia tells Steven she has devised a fool-proof method for him to retain custody of his son. (Original air date 11-02-83)

"THE HEARING: Part III" - Following through on the plan to retain custody of Danny, Steven and Claudia fly to Reno and are married. When the judge receives the assurance they will jointly rear the child, the suit is dismissed. Attempting to win Krystle back, Blake offers her a public relations job at Denver-Carrington. Adam asks Alexis to sign three routine documents, but the second and third pages are positioned so only the signature line is exposed. When alone, Adam crumples the first page and carefully places the other two in his pocket. Fallon and Jeff investigate the poisoning incident in Montana. They are stunned to learn the name of the prosecuting attorney was Michael Torrance-- the name Adam used before arriving in Denver. (Original air date 11-09-83)

"TRACY" - At the store where he bought the poisonous mercuric oxide, Adam distracts the salesman and substitutes the authentic purchase order with the document Alexis unknowingly signed. Bill Rockwell, the retiring head of Denver-Carrington's public relations department, breaks the news to his disappointed assistant, Tracy that Krystle has been given the position she had planned on assuming. Mark proposes marriage to Krystle. When she refuses, he attacks her. Alexis is shocked to find her signature on the purchase order for the deadly chemical compound. She quickly realizes Adam has framed her. Blake threatens to call the press if she doesn't return Jeff's stock and cancel the corporate merger. (Original air date 11-16-83)

"DEX" - Jeff storms into Alexis' office and accuses her of attempting to poison him. Her claims of innocence fall on deaf ears as Jeff forces her to sign back his Colbyco stock. After an intruder attempts to enter Alexis' apartment, Mark takes a job as her bodyguard. Adam's doctor in Montana explains to Alexis that the drugs Adam used in his youth can distort judgment. Alexis informs the board members that the sudden merger cancellation was based on her assessment of Denver-Carrington's lack of creative growth. Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter, the sharp-minded son of an important board member, surprises Alexis with a passionate kiss and suggests they form a business partnership. (Original air date 11-23-83)

"PETER DEVILBIS" - In her new position, Krystle launches a publicity campaign to counter Alexis' slanderous remarks against Denver-Carrington. Jeff rejoins Blake's firm. Dex continues his campaign to win Alexis. Jeff learns Kirby was pregnant when they wed and is shocked to learn that Adam raped her. Fallon accompanies Blake and Krystle to L.A. to consult an architect about expanding La Mirage. While at the track, Fallon is swept off her feet by a millionaire playboy, Peter DeVilbis. (Original air date 11-30-83)

"THE PROPOSAL" - At Alexis' office, Dex discovers a confidential file marked "Tar Sand" and beats her to the contract. Later, he offers her a 60-40 split. An enraged Jeff locates Adam at the summit of the Carrington Plaza. After exchanging vicious insults and violent punches, Adam tumbles halfway over the edge. As Jeff is about to finish him off, Adam frantically explains he had no idea he fathered Kirby's child, and Jeff allows him to crawl to safety. Jeff intercepts Kirby as she is about to leave for Paris. Blake proposes marriage to Krystle, who happily accepts. (Original air date 12-07-83)

"THE CAROUSEL" - Kirby proposes that she and Jeff divorce. Adam tells her he wants to be a father to their child. Dex and Alexis make love. Jeff is jealous to see Fallon with Peter DeVilbis. Peter's champion racehorse, Allegre, is up for sale, and Blake decides to buy the mare. At the Carousel Ball, the high point of Denver's social season, Blake and Krystle announce their intentions to remarry. Steven warmly wishes his father the best. Blake is touched by the gesture and welcomes his son back into the family. (Original air date 12-21-83)

"THE WEDDING" - Nervous about leaving her new job, Krystle gives Tracy final instructions as she prepares for her honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. Tracy persuades Krystle to give her the company credit cards as well as the keys to the confidential files. Peter arrives at La Mirage asking for Fallon, and makes a pass at Claudia. As the wedding guests arrive, Adam demands Kirby tell their child the true identity of his father. Learning she intends to divorce Jeff, Adam asks Kirby to marry him. Krystle and Blake exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. (Original air date 12-28-83)

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