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Nick tells Krystle he cares for her, but she refuses to jeopardize her marriage by seeing him. Fallon watches with keen interest as Krystle arrives home from Nick's apartment in the early hours. After securing the release of his oil tankers, Blake returns to Denver and learns Fallon has left to have the abortion. At the clinic, Blake finds his daughter unable to go through with the procedure. She decides to have the baby. Sammy Jo and Steven marry, and he decides to pursue a career racing cars with her help. Cecil Colby's investigators inform him that Claudia's husband and daughter have been seen in Ecuador. Although Blake swears to Krystle that nothing happened with Alexis in Rome, she refuses to believe him and dashes off. (Original air date 1-6-82)

Assuming that Fallon has gone through with the abortion, Jeff leaves the mansion. Blake tells him she will have the baby after all and persuades him to stay. Nick finally convinces Krystle to divorce Blake because she is certain he had an affair with Alexis in Rome. Steven and Sammy Jo return to the Carrington household and announce they are married. Blake, who has sold a percentage of his football team to Las Vegas racketeer Logan Rhinewood, finds himself the victim of the gangster's strong-arm tactics. As he and Jeff are leaving the office, a henchman throws dynamite at their limousine. The car bursts into flames, and although Jeff shoves Blake out of the way, Blake is blinded by the blast. (Original air date 1-13-82)

Blake's doctor informs him that although he is blinded as a result of the car explosion, there is no damage to the optic nerve. His loss of vision is attributable to severe psychological trauma. Nick begs Krystle to divorce Blake and marry him. Denver-Carrington's impounded oil is released and Blake, once again solvent, concentrates on a strategy of vengeance against his attackers. Fallon tells Alexis she is in love with Nick and plans to marry him after her baby is born. Blake has Jeff investigate Nick's past and finds he has a deceased brother whose name is familiar, although he can't quite place it. Fallon sees Nick and Krystle embrace and tells Alexis, who vows to get Krystle out of Denver for good. (Original air date 1-20-82)

Fallon tells Nick she loves him and is keeping up appearances with her husband, Jeff, solely for her father's sake. Once the baby is born, she plans to leave him. Nick, however, loves Krystle, and presses her to marry him. When Alexis intervenes on her daughter's behalf, stressing Fallon's substantial inheritance, Nick makes it clear he can't be bought. Blake, certain that Logan is responsible for the accident that blinded him, arranges to bring the Las Vegas racketeer before a crime committee hearing. When Logan's attorney manages to have the case dismissed, Blake protests heatedly and his eyesight is temporarily restored. Sammy Jo tells a stunned Alexis that she knows Fallon is not Blake's daughter. Alexis sends Blake an anonymous letter suggesting Krystle is sleeping with her psychiatrist. Blake's eyesight is restored. (Original air date 1-27-82)

"THE IAGO SYNDROME" - Although Blake's eyesight has been restored, he continues to act as if he is blind to suit his own purposes. Upset by Alexis's letter charging Krystle with infidelity, Blake opines to his wife that Nick is merely using her. Krystle tells Nick that it's over between them and leaves for her hometown of Dayton. Once she has gone, Nick informs Fallon that he is interested in resuming their relationship. Blake offers to adopt Jeff, who is very touched, but ultimately declines. Blake learns that Nick's half-brother, a former Denver-Carrington employee, hanged himself while in jail on drug charges. Nick finally believes Blake's explanation that he was out of the country and unable to get Nick's brother released from prison. Cecil Colby tells Claudia he knows where her daughter is and will let her know after she steals the documents outlining Denver-Carrington's oil extraction process. (Original air date 2-3-82)

"THE PARTY" - To please her brother, Fallon throws a party to introduce Sammy Jo to the Carrington's social circle. After brazenly 'borrowing' Fallon's diamond and ruby necklace, a tipsy Sammy Jo appears at the party wearing a revealing dress. When Fallon asks her to behave like a Carrington, Sammy Jo spitefully reveals that Blake is not Fallon's real father. Jeff sees Fallon kissing Nick and he leaves the party with Claudia. Nick Toscanni, once a neurosurgeon, finds he is once again able to perform surgery. Blake tells Krystle that his eyesight has been restored and the two make love. On a high-speed car ride, a distraught Fallon asks Alexis to tell her the truth about her father. When Alexis responds that she is not sure, Fallon loses control of the automobile and crashes. Her daughter unconscious, Alexis runs for help. (Original air date 2-10-82)

"THE BABY" - After the car crash, Fallon is taken to the hospital and gives birth to a premature son. Blake is thrilled to be a grandfather. Fallon tells Alexis that it was Sammy Jo who told her that Blake is not her real father. Alexis offers Sammy Jo $25,000 to leave Steven and she accepts. After making love to Jeff at her apartment, Claudia goes through his pockets and obtains the office keys she needs to steal the documents Cecil has demanded. Krystle learns from a grounds man that Alexis was out shooting the day she was thrown from the horse and lost her baby. When she confronts her, the two women engage in a knockdown, drag out fight. Alexis's detective reveals that Krystle's last divorce was never finalized and she is therefore not legally married to Blake. Alexis demands the detective find Krystle's husband and bring him to Denver. (Original air date 2-17-82)

"MOTHER AND SON" - Since learning that Blake is not her true father, Fallon refuses to see him and also rejects her newborn son who is very ill with a heart ailment. Nick Toscanni finally persuades her to see the infant, who must undergo emergency surgery. The operation proves successful and once Fallon sees her son she decides she cannot give him up to Jeff. Alexis admits to Blake that Cecil is Fallon's father. Jeff is falling in love with Claudia. When he catches her rifling through his office files, she explains that his Uncle Cecil promised to find her missing daughter in exchange for stealing Denver-Carrington's oil extraction formula. Claudia decides to confess her actions to Blake and then resign. Jeff learns that Claudia's daughter and husband have been lost in a Peruvian jungle and are believed dead. Upon hearing this news Claudia heads straight for her apartment and reaches for a gun. (Original air date 2-24-82)

"THE GUN" - Blake submits to a blood test and the results prove he is indeed Fallon's father. Claudia confesses stealing Denver-Carrington's files and explains to Blake that Cecil promised to track down her daughter in exchange for the information. Blake forgives her and asks her to continue working at the company. Blake learns that gangster Logan Rhinewood now owns 40 percent of his firm's stock. Steven locates Sammy Jo in Hollywood where she is working as a nude model. An incoming telex advises that a jeep believed to have been carrying Matthew and Lindsay Blaisdel has been found in a Peruvian jungle with both occupants burned to death. Incensed that Cecil Colby lied to her, Claudia resolves to kill him. Krystle goes to Claudia's apartment to stop her. As the two women struggle, Nick arrives and hears a single gunshot. (Original air date 3-3-82)

"THE FRAGMENT" - When Krystle struggled to wrest the gun from an enraged Claudia, the weapon discharged and the bullet lodged in Claudia's head. After Nick operates, the prognosis remains uncertain, she may never be able to speak again. Logan Rhinewood continues to purchase shares of Denver-Carrington. Cecil Colby asks Alexis to marry him. The police question Krystle about the shooting incident. When Claudia regains consciousness, she screams "You stole my husband." Although Krystle explains that her affair with Matthew was years ago, Claudia is confused as to time and place. The police listen with growing interest to this exchange. (Original air date 3-10-82)

"THE SHAKEDOWN" - Claudia is moved from the hospital to the Carrington home to recover from the gunshot wound, but she remains in a confused state: She is still unable to tell the police what happened and thereby exonerates Krystle. Alexis arranges for Tony, the gardener who saw her shoot at Krystle's horse, to leave the Carrington employ and work for Cecil Colby. Jeff presses Fallon to reconcile for the sake of their child. On his way back from Los Angeles, where he was unable to persuade Sammy Jo to come home, Steven gives a lift to a drifter named Duane. Aware of Steven's homosexual past, Duane threatens to charge him with sexual advances unless Steven pays him $500. Furious, Steven scuffles with him and the police arrive. (Original air date 3-24-82)

"THE TWO PRINCES" - Steven is arrested for allegedly making homosexual advances to a drifter. Upon his release from jail, he and Blake quarrel. Steven, tired of trying to live up to his father's expectations, leaves Denver. Alexis accepts Cecil's marriage proposal. Fallon tells Nick she's going to try to make her marriage work for the sake of the baby. The news of her husband and daughter's deaths sends Claudia into shock. She reveals the truth of the shooting incident and Krystle is no longer under suspicion. Still far from well, Claudia believes that Fallon's baby is her daughter Lindsay. (Original air date 4-7-82)

"CLIFFS" - Alexis prepares for her upcoming marriage to Cecil Colby. Nick suggests that an increasingly disturbed Claudia return to the sanitarium for further treatment. Blake refuses to purchase oil leases from Middle Eastern oilmen Rashid Ahmed and his brother Farouk. Since Nick's brother died in the oilman's country, the doctor pays a visit to Farouk. Angry with Blake's refusal to do business, Farouk tells Nick that Blake was clearly responsible for his brother's death. While Krystle and Blake are vacationing at a mountain resort, Nick arrives and the two men scuffle. Nick is knocked out and Blake's horse, frightened by a rattlesnake, hurls him to the bottom of a ravine. Nick recovers and refuses to help an unconscious Blake. While making love with Alexis, Cecil suffers a heart attack. (Original air date 4-14-82)

"THE PLEA" - Krystle finds an injured Blake at the bottom of the ravine where Nick had left him to die. Blake is rushed to the hospital where he makes a complete recovery. Cecil Colby is hospitalized after suffering a massive coronary. Alexis pleads with him to go through with the wedding regardless. Fallon's baby is kidnapped and Nick Toscanni is the prime suspect. Blake makes a televised plea for the return of his grandson. Alexis reveals the same thing happened 25 years ago when Adam, their infant son, was kidnapped and never recovered. In another part of the country, Kate Torrance, an elderly woman in poor health, watches the television appeal and tearfully tells her grandson Michael that he is in fact Adam Carrington. (Original air date 10-27-82)

"THE ROOF" - A dying Kate Torrance reveals to grandson Michael that after her son and his wife and baby were killed in an automobile accident, she stole him from a baby carriage in Denver. He is really the son of Blake and Alexis Carrington. On her deathbed, she asks Michael to return to his real parents. Claudia is discovered missing from the Carrington mansion and the police learn she is in an apartment building with a baby. When Blake, Krystle, and Fallon arrive with the officers, Claudia races to the roof, clutching the infant. Fallon pleads with her to return her son. Claudia insists the baby is her now-deceased daughter Lindsay. The disturbed woman trips, and to the crowd's horror, drops the baby to the ground. As the police pull back the blanket, they see the 'infant' is merely a doll. (Original air date 11-3-82)

"THE WEDDING" - After dropping a doll she believed to be a baby from the roof of a building, a deranged Claudia is taken to the sanitarium. Blake finally locates Fallon's baby. Nick Toscanni had paid a cemetery caretaker to kidnap the child. Fallon takes a job managing her father's hotel, La Mirage. Fallon runs into Michael Torrance, who is trying to find proof that he is a Carrington. Blake does not believe his story and sends him away. Alexis convinces Cecil to marry her in his hospital, but immediately following the ceremony, the groom suffers yet another heart attack. (Original air date 11-10-82)

"THE WILL" - Shortly after marrying Alexis, Cecil dies. When his will is read, Alexis and Jeff are named as equal beneficiaries. It is further revealed that Cecil was the mysterious 'Logan Rhinewood' who had amassed substantial Denver-Carrington stock. When Jeff refuses to grant Fallon a divorce, she insists on separate bedrooms. Having been unsuccessful in convincing Blake that he is his missing son Adam, Michael Torrance tracks down Alexis and produces a silver rattle with the initials A.A.C. Stunned, Alexis attempts to verify the serial number on the gift she had bought for her son 25 years earlier. (Original air date 11-17-82)

"THE SIBLINGS" - Alexis learns the silver rattle produced by Michael Torrance is indeed the same one she gave to her son Adam before he was kidnapped. Blake travels to Montana, Michael's home, and learns he is telling the truth. Blake tells Adam he believes he is his son and asks him to join Denver-Carrington. Adam declines, stating that he will take a position with his mother's firm, Colbyco. Alexis's detectives reveal that Krystle's divorce from her husband Mark Jennings was never finalized in Mexico. Alexis meets Mark in New York. Not realizing he is her brother, Fallon finds that she is attracted to Adam. When she learns his true identity, she insists he is merely a fortune-hunting imposter. (Original air date 11-24-82)

"MARK" - While working at Colbyco, Adam clashes with Jeff, who has inherited substantial stock in the firm from Cecil. To prove he is sorry for doubting his word, Blake buys Adam an expensive sports car, which Adam refuses to accept. In New York, Alexis convinces Krystle's ex-husband, Mark, a tennis instructor, to move to Denver and work at La Mirage. Fallon, attracted to Mark, refuses to hire him when she learns he was once married to Krystle. Not trusting the firm to Adam's management, Jeff resigns from Denver-Carrington and joins Colbyco, a decision which greatly disturbs Adam. (Original air date 12-1-82)

"KIRBY" - Mark Jennings is hired as a tennis instructor at La Mirage. Alexis tries to persuade him to see Krystle because she wants to separate Krystle from Blake. Kirby Anders, daughter of Joseph, the Carrington's head butler, arrives in Denver from Paris. Learning that a government loan may be denied, Blake asks Congressman McVane to intervene on Denver-Carrington's behalf. Alexis attempts to block the loan. Adam suggests Colbyco loan Blake the money in exchange for his oil extraction process, but Jeff refuses. He fears Adam is trying to force Blake into a corner and then take over the company. Desperate, Adam purchases a lethal chemical compound. (Original air date 12-8-82)

LA MIRAGE- At La Mirage's opening night party, Alexis promises to help ex-lover Congressman McVane with his re-election, but only if he blocks Blake's loan. Blake, however, threatens to reveal the Congressman's past indiscretions and McVane tells Alexis he's unable to accept her offer. Fallon receives a letter from Steven in Hong Kong and begs Blake to bring him home. Alexis suggests Mark fight to win Krystle back. Krystle runs into Mark, who tells her they are still legally married. Adam comes on strong with Kirby, and Jeff comes to her rescue. Mark and Fallon, both having had too much to drink, jump into the pool and kiss while the entire party looks on. Krystal's devastated when Mark informs her that they are still legally married as he never completed the divorce papers. (Original air date 12-15-82)

ACAPULCO- After learning her divorce from Mark was never finalized, Krystle heads for Acapulco to rectify the situation. Blake follows her and assures her she can obtain a Colorado divorce. He suggests they take off for Hawaii for a second honeymoon. When Krystle tells Blake that she must first speak to Mark, he storms out of the room. Blake finally receives his government loan. Adam confesses to Alexis that his goal is to seize his father's company. Steven has been tracked down on an oil rig in Indonesia. Fallon urges her father to bring him home. Joseph warns Kirby to stay away from Jeff and return to Paris to marry her fiancé. Kirby shocks her father by stating that her fiancé is already married. (Original air date 12-22-82)

"THE LOCKET"- Blake receives news of an oil rig explosion in Hong Kong. Steven is missing and presumed dead. Blake travels to Asia to learn the truth and Alexis insists on accompanying him. Mark tells Krystle he won't stand in the way of a divorce. Adam asks Kirby to dinner and is furious when she turns him down. Joseph asks Jeff to stop encouraging Kirby's attentions. Krystle's ex-brother-in-law Frank Dean returns to Denver and demands to know Sammy Jo's whereabouts. He wants to be sure she collects Steven's inheritance money. Mark sees Frank threatening Krystle and sends him away. When Blake calls from Indonesia, Fallon informs her father that Krystle is off with Mark. (Original air date 12-29-82)

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