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"PILOT EPISODE, PART 1"- As Krystle Jennings, the former secretary to Denver's oil tycoon Blake Carrington, prepares to wed her boss, one of Blake's geologists, Matthew Blaisdel, is being escorted from a hostile Middle Eastern country along with the entire Denver-Carrington oil crew. On the plane home, Matthew runs into Blake's son Steven, who tells him he's headed for Denver to attend his father's wedding. When Matthew bumps into Krystle in Blake's office, it is clear the two were once--and perhaps still are--in love. Blake's daughter Fallon, who spends her time traveling the globe and seducing men at whim, objects to her father's suggestion of settling down with Jeff Colby, nephew of the oil-rich Cecil Colby. Krystle, uncomfortable with the opulence of her new lifestyle and angry with Blake for orchestrating her 'chance' meeting with Matthew, quarrels with her fiancé and storms out of the mansion. (Original air date 1-12-81)

"PILOT EPISODE, PART 2"- While honeymooning with Krystle, Blake learns of trouble with his oil leases in the Middle East. The government is holding his tankers and he'll be ruined if he can't get the oil out of the country. Matthew and Claudia's resumed life together is off to a rocky start, as is Matthew's business: He and Walter Lankershim are having trouble with their rigs--the banks won't help them and Blake is the source of their problems. Krystle tries to adjust to her new life in the mansion; Steven, unhappy with his father, takes a job working for Matthew. Cecil Colby wants Fallon to marry his nephew, Jeff, who is in love with her: If she agrees, he.ll help Blake out of his difficulties. (Original air date 1-19-81)

Blake continues to search for a solution to his financial crisis. Problems in the Middle East have jeopardized his oil leases. Krystle remains ill at ease with her new life in the mansion, and clashes with long-time head butler, Joseph. Although resentful of her father's new bride, Fallon gives her a few tips on how the rich behave because she doesn't want Blake embarrassed by Krystle. Blake throws an elaborate dinner party and invites Matthew Blaisdel, his former employee and Krystle's former lover. Blake needs Matthew back--with his oil leases. Fallon overhears Matthew tell Krystle he is still in love with her. Jeff struggles to hold his own with Fallon, as a bemused Michael, the chauffeur, looks on. Steven befriends a lost Claudia. (Original air date 1-26-81)

Steven's ex-lover, Ted, arrives from New York. In an obscure diner, the two talk of their past life and love for one another. Ted wants Steven back, but Steven declines, insisting he must first find himself. The meeting is observed by Steven's fellow rigger, Amos, who tells the crew what he has heard. Steven admits his homosexuality to his boss, Matthew, and asks to stay on the job. After another reminder from Cecil Colby that he will bail Blake out of his business troubles if she marries his nephew, Fallon reluctantly flies to Las Vegas and marries Jeff. Michael, the chauffeur, attempts to bribe a banker to stop loans to Blake's rival, Matthew Blaisdel. Blake learns of the scheme and chastises the chauffeur--but later offers him more money and expanded duties to continue the work. (Original air date 2-2-81)

Claudia and daughter Lindsay are making progress toward a closer relationship. Steven is determined to prove himself on the job, despite constant taunting by the crew because he's gay. Krystle tells Blake she wants to be more involved in his work. He counters by stating he wants a child. Fallon remains jealous of Krystle and unhappy in her marriage to Jeff. Michael, the chauffeur, learns of the terms of their union and tells Blake, who furiously confronts his daughter. Claudia tells her psychiatrist of her suspicions about Matthew's feelings for Krystle. Lindsay's friend, Christopher, makes a pass at her. Frightened, she races to the oil rig where her father's partner, Walter, consoles her. Claudia and Matthew invite Steven to dinner. Claudia advises Steven to stop trying to prove himself and do what he really wants. Moved by her compassion, Steven finds himself attracted to Claudia. (Original air date 2-9-81)

As Blake's financial situation worsens--his Middle Eastern oil reserves have been seized--he attempts to save what he has from his creditors by putting everything in Krystle's name. Walter takes Steven to a bordello hoping to "make a man out of him." Steven spends time with the prostitute watching TV. A Blaisdel-Lankershim rigger, Amos, sabotages the rig and Steven is blamed. Steven asks his father for help, promising to do anything he asks in return for his assistance--including dating the daughter of a friend. Nonetheless, Blake turns him down. Krystle pawns her diamond earrings and gives Matthew the money to get the rig repaired. At his office, the two declare their love for one another, but Krystle makes it clear that she can't give Matthew anything else that belongs to Blake. (Original air date 2-16-81)

Blake is determined to find out who bankrolled Matthew's renewed drilling operation. Lindsay is shattered to learn of her illegitimacy. Blake discovers Krystle's birth control pills and flies into a rage, attacking his wife. Matthew finds that Ed, one of the riggers, tampered with his equipment and set Steven up for the blame, acting on instructions from "Carrington's people." He fires Ed, who promptly tells Claudia of her husband's affair with Krystle. Matthew then confronts Blake, who accuses him of carrying a torch for his wife. Steven receives a wire from his ex-lover Ted Dinard, who is passing through Denver. Fallon intercepts Ted at the airport and escorts him to San Francisco in the Carrington jet. On board, she cautions him to stay away from her brother. (Original air date 2-23-81)

Matthew receives a call from his partner Walter that their oil well is about to come in. Claudia asks to go along, but Matthew insists it's bad luck to have a woman at the rig. They argue and Claudia takes off, ending up at a singles bar where she picks up a young man. At his apartment she changes her mind and calls Steven to take her home. Blake apologizes to Krystle for his angry explosion. Michael, the chauffeur, tells Fallon he has learned that Krystle pawned a $40,000 necklace. Intrigued, Fallon asks Krystle if she may borrow the necklace and is confused when her stepmother produces a fake copy. Claudia confronts Krystle about her affair with Matthew and then follows Steven to his mountain cabin, where the two make love. When the well comes in, Matthew arrives home bearing gifts for Lindsay and Claudia, but finds his wife missing. (Original air date 3-2-81)

Steven tells Blake he is moving out of the house. He has enrolled at the university to study business administration, and will come to work for Denver-Carrington. Krystle tells Matthew that Claudia knows about their affair. Michael tells Blake about Steven's involvement with Claudia. Jeff returns from Europe and tells Fallon he wants to move away. An unhappy Fallon runs to ex-lover Michael for comfort. Shortly thereafter, Michael is attacked. Fallon knows her father has orchestrated the beating. Matthew plans to take a reluctant Claudia on a second honeymoon. Lindsay follows her mother to Steven's apartment and sees the two of them together. Shattered, she runs to Walter Lankershim for comfort. (Original air date 3-9-81)

Michael tells Blake that Krystle pawned her emerald necklace and gave the money to Matthew Blaisdel. Jeff learns that Blake blocked his much-wanted transfer to New Orleans and that Fallon married him only to help out her father. At a birthday party for Cecil Colby, a distraught Jeff gets drunk with his uncle's girlfriend and throws a scene. Fallon tells Krystle she knows about the necklace, and then asks Matthew to take Krystle off her father's hands. When Matthew repays Krystle, she attempts to buy the necklace back--but finds it has been sold to a South American gentleman. Steven's former lover Ted arrives in town. (Original air date 3-16-81)

Fallon chastises Jeff for embarrassing his uncle at the birthday dinner. He responds by throwing her, fully clothed, into the pool. Steven tells Claudia he spent the night with Ted and she leaves in tears. Krystle learns that it was Blake who bought her necklace from the pawn shop. Ted tells Claudia he is prepared to fight her for Steven. No longer able to deal with Blake's changing moods, Krystle leaves him. Steven leaves Ted a note saying goodbye and heads for the mansion to retrieve the rest of his belongings. Ted follows him and Blake catches the two in a goodbye embrace. Furious, Blake strikes Ted, who falls and hits his head against a table. As Fallon looks on, Steven accuses his father of murder. (Original air date 3-23-81)

Blake is taken into police custody after causing the death of Steven's lover, Ted Dinard. Krystle, who had left her husband, returns to stand by him during the ordeal. While in court, Blake learns an important board meeting has been purposely called in his absence and he sends Krystle to take his place. In a show of strength and loyalty, she defeats the opposition, forcing them to postpone further proceedings until Blake's return. At the trial, prosecutor Jake Dunham pushes for a murder conviction. Blake's attorney, Andrew Laird, argues the death was accidental. Fallon takes the stand and maintains that Ted tripped, hitting his head. Steven testifies, admitting to his affair with Ted and shocking the courtroom by accusing his sister of lying. (Original air date 3-30-81)

Fallon accosts Steven for his damning testimony against Blake, whose attorney attempts to prove the death of Ted Dinard was an accident. Against Blake's wishes, Claudia is called to the stand and tearfully testifies she and Steven had an affair. When her husband Matthew hears her statement he physically attacks Blake in the courtroom, threatening to kill him for putting Claudia through this ordeal. Matthew is summarily removed and jailed. In his cell, he learns a distraught Claudia and daughter Lindsay have been involved in a serious automobile accident. Blake takes the stand and insists he loves his son and Ted's death was accidental. The prosecution dramatically calls a surprise witness to the stand: Madeline Carrington, Blake's first wife. (Original air date 4-6-81)

At Blake's murder trial, his former wife Alexis states that years earlier, Blake caught her with a lover and crippled the man, then paid him off to keep him quiet. Blake then forced Alexis to sign a paper promising to stay away from the children. After hearing this testimony, Krystle becomes ill and leaves the courtroom. While recovering in the hospital, Claudia learns that her husband has taken off with their daughter Lindsay. Fallon tells Steven that their mother was paid $250,000 yearly to abandon them. Steven tells Alexis of his love for Ted. Fallon berates Krystle for leaving the courtroom. The jury announces they have reached a verdict. (Original air date 4-13-81)

The jury finds Blake guilty and he is sentenced to two years probation. When questioned about the effect the verdict will have on Denver-Carrington, Blake maintains that it will be business as usual. He privately wonders how long the stockholders are going to trust a man branded a killer. Krystle professes her love and returns to her husband. Fallon blames her stepmother for the guilty verdict. Claudia learns Blake has paid her hospital bills. Steven tells Claudia he loves her and is sorry for everything. Alexis urges Blake to forgive Steven. Blake accuses her of making him a "momma's boy." Blake dismisses Michael, the chauffeur, and tells Fallon to behave. Blake slaps Steven while quarreling and announces he's cutting him out of his will. A shaken Krystle suffers a fall. While waiting for the doctor to arrive, she tells Blake she may be pregnant. Despite Blake's objections, Alexis moves into her old art studio on the Carrington grounds. (Original air date 4-20-81)

Krystle orders Alexis, who has reclaimed her studio on the Carrington estate, to leave the premises. Blake instructs his attorney to get Alexis out of his life and to cut Steven out of his will. Alexis insists she is staying to protect her son's interests. She stuns Steven by telling him he is Blake's only child as he did not father Fallon. Blake's attorney advises Claudia that it may be impossible to reclaim her daughter because her testimony admitting an affair with Steven will brand her an unfit mother. Distraught, Claudia tries to kill herself. At the last minute, Blake and Dr. Nick Toscanni save her. Blake moves her into the mansion where the doctor can personally care for her. The doctor also wants to exact vengeance on Blake for a past wrong. When Fallon learns of Krystle's pregnancy, she tells Jeff it's time they had a child. (Original air date 11-4-81)

Alexis urges Blake to make up with Steven who, she tells him, is his only child because Fallon is not his daughter. Blake learns that Cecil Colby closed a business deal without consulting him. His associates do not want to deal with an accused murderer. Alexis urges Cecil to speak with Blake so that Steven may be put back in the family will. She threatens to reveal their past affair if he doesn't. Alexis further reveals that Colby is Fallon's father. Claudia tells Dr. Nick Toscanni of her affair with Steven. Steven drunkenly falls at the mansion, hitting his head on the pool diving board. Nick pulls Steven's unconscious body from the pool and rushes him to the hospital. Steven is diagnosed with possible brain damage. (Original air date 11-11-81)

Having reconciled with his father, Steven is taken home from the hospital to recover. Alexis remains constantly at her son's side. Krystle feels excluded. Race car driver Frank Dean, Krystle's ex-brother-in-law, sends his stepdaughter, Sammy Jo, to stay with her for a few weeks. When Sammy Jo arrives at the mansion, the 18-year old proves to be a source of amusement to a convalescing Steven. Despite treatment by Nick Toscanni, Claudia retreats more and more into her own world. She is still hopeful of being reunited with husband Matthew and daughter Lindsay. Steven asks his mother who fathered Fallon. Alexis hires a private investigator to explore Krystle's past. Cecil Colby pressures Blake to repay his $9 million loan, and offers to call off the debt in exchange for Blake's football team which is worth $20 million. Blake refuses, vowing to somehow produce the cash. (Original air date 11-18-81)

In order to save his football team and repay the $9 million to Cecil Colby, Blake flies to Las Vegas and obtains a loan from gangster Logan Rhinewood. Nick tells his sister that Blake is to blame for the death of their kid brother, who hanged himself in jail. He intends to find proof and claim vengeance. Sammy Jo has a nightmare and goes to Steven for comfort. In the morning, Alexis sees her leaving and promptly tells Krystle that the two spent the night together. When Alexis suggests that Steven, once again his father's heir, should consider marrying, he asks Claudia to give some thought to a future together. Fallon and Nick make love. While skeet shooting, Alexis spots a pregnant Krystle riding her horse. She fires, and the frightened animal throws Krystle to the ground. She is rushed to the hospital, in danger of losing the child. (Original air date 11-25-81)

After losing her baby due to the fall from her horse, Krystle learns she cannot have another child. Steven and Sammy Jo begin dating, but at his cabin, he finds he cannot make love to her. Jeff quits his Uncle Cecil's business and joins Denver-Carrington. Fallon continues her affair with Nick Toscanni. Steven professes his love to Claudia and asks her to marry him. She declines, stating she's still in love with her husband. Fallon interrupts Nick's visit to Krystle in the hospital and angrily assumes the worst, demanding to know if she is "another page in his appointment book." Blake's attorney, Andrew Laird, returns from Washington with news of more trouble with the Middle Eastern oil leases. (Original air date 12-2-81)

Blake and Jeff attempt to arrange a meeting with Rashid Ahmed to obtain assistance in releasing their overseas oil tankers. Alexis leaves for Rome to meet Ahmed, a former lover, under the guise of helping Blake. A despondent Krystle refuses Nick's psychiatric treatment. Claudia has recovered sufficiently to maintain her own apartment and take a job with Denver-Carrington. Cecil Colby invites her to dinner to pry company information from her. Fallon, learning she is pregnant, makes plans for an abortion and asks Jeff for a divorce. He agrees, but only after she has their baby. Fallon tells Nick she is in love with him. Alexis calls Blake to Rome, explaining she has arranged a meeting with Ahmed. Her true motive is simply to be alone with her former husband. (Original air date 12-9-81)

En route to Rome to meet Rashid Ahmed, Blake calls Krystle in yet another attempt to convince his despondent wife to see psychiatrist Nick Toscanni. She calls the doctor for an appointment, and Fallon is immediately jealous. Jeff begs Fallon to cancel her abortion. She confesses that she became pregnant only to compete with Krystle and further states she never loved him. Their marriage was strictly a business deal to benefit Blake. In Rome, Blake meets Alexis at Ahmed's villa. While he's rubbing suntan lotion on his ex-wife, a photographer, hired by Alexis, snaps photos. At home, a shattered Krystle sees the suggestive pictures in a gossip paper and bursts into tears. Nick comforts her and her grief soon turns to passion. (Original air date 12-16-81)

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