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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

feliciasod.jpg (69802 bytes)

1985, Felicia's first cover.

shapekristina.jpg (81943 bytes)

A fit Kristina makes the cover of Shape magazine.

womankw.jpg (81668 bytes)

Kristina talks about life with Jack.

jonessod2.jpg (64560 bytes)

Another nice Frisco and Felicia cover.

hairkristina2.jpg (70014 bytes)

Another fashionable do makes the cover.

felicialukesow.jpg (16588 bytes)

In 1999, Felicia becomes fascinated with adventurous Luke, and begins smooching with him behind hubby Mac's back.

multicover3.jpg (71439 bytes)

In 2000, Felicia's marriage goes on the rocks after she goes on numerous adventures with Luke.

kristinasod2.jpg (20023 bytes)

Kristina walks away from GH after not receiving a contract, SOD 6/14/05.

awomen92.jpg (60196 bytes)

A young Kristina.

feliciasow.jpg (89311 bytes)

Felicia becomes a single parent. SOW 9/29/92

kristinawoman.jpg (10330 bytes)

Kristina looking very svelte in 1998.

tomfeliciasow.jpg (82939 bytes)

1996, Felicia gets involved with Tom Hardy, much to Audrey's chagrin.

lfwed.jpg (18766 bytes)

A double wedding ceremony in 1998, Felicia finally weds Mac, but Kevin backs out on Lucy.

felicialukesow2.jpg (98720 bytes)

Felicia and Luke decide to consumate their affair in 2000 after Mac threatens to sue for custody.

sidkl.jpg (51980 bytes)

12/26/00, Felicia tries to be friends with Mac while pursing Luke.

dietkristina.jpg (120690 bytes)

A fit Kristina on another health mag cover.

feliciacoltonsod.jpg (72672 bytes)

6/27/89, Thinking Frisco's dead, Felicia becomes involved with Colton Shore and is later horrified to learn her first hubby, Frisco, witnessed her marry Colton in the Park.

kristinasod.jpg (81145 bytes)

Kristina on the cover of this issue of SOD featuring moms and their real-life kids.

hairkristina.jpg (82007 bytes)

Kristina's fashionable do makes the cover.

tomfeliciasow2.jpg (100136 bytes)

1996, Felicia and Tom.

nballsod.jpg (113683 bytes)

In 1999, some of the lovely ladies of GH who perform in the annual Nurses' Ball. 

lucyfelicia.jpg (50832 bytes)

6/26/01, Felicia ends up performing with Luke at the Nurses Ball after Mac is called away.

ffsod4.jpg (90939 bytes)

3/18/03, Kristina leaves GH but remains married to Jack Wagner.

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