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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

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brotherssow.jpg (80612 bytes)

The Scorpio brothers love-hate relationship is the topic of this issue.

macfillysow.jpg (59254 bytes)

During their time trying to escape Ryan, the duo fall in love.

macfillysod.jpg (91415 bytes)

Mac and Felicia decide to become more than just friends.

ffmacsod.jpg (23507 bytes)

6/16/98, Mac and Felicia's old feelings start resurfacing again, though they're both scaried to admit it to one another.

macsow.jpg (158329 bytes)

Mac was among the suspects for Damian Smith's murder.

llfmsow.jpg (70634 bytes)

Mac decides to go through with the divorce after Felicia admits to sleeping with Luke during Luke's trial.

covermac3.jpg (102477 bytes)

7/7/92, Mac and Felicia fall in love.

sow450.jpg (73835 bytes)

Mac and Felicia are thrown when Ryan's twin brother, Kevin, appears.

mfbikesou.jpg (74622 bytes)

Will Mac and Felicia marry or not?

ffmacsow.jpg (19181 bytes)

Mac calls off the wedding after learning Felicia is carrying Frisco's baby and not his.

john062392.jpg (13604 bytes)

Proud papa John with baby, SOM 6/23/92.

macannasid.jpg (90267 bytes)

Mac confronts his presumed-dead sister-in-law. SID 10/16/01

macfryan.jpg (53217 bytes)

Mac becomes protective of pal Felicia returns from Texas stalked by pyscho Ryan Chamberlain.

macfillysou.jpg (72298 bytes)

Will Mac and Felicia become involved?

covermac2.jpg (30358 bytes)

Mac and Felicia's almost wedding is featured here.  The wedding's interrupted when nutcase Ryan crashes the ceremony and injurys Mac.

covermac1.jpg (29522 bytes)

Felicia, Mac, and his look-alike James are featured on this 2/3/98 issue of SOU. Though a lame storyline, it does help reunite Felicia and Mac, eventually leading up to their marriage in 1998.

johnplaygirl.jpg (73433 bytes)

John made the cover of Playgirl magazine.


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