Scorpio Covers

Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Miscellaneous

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Many of GH's finest grace the cover of this magazine, including the hot couple of Duke and Anna.

multicover2.jpg (25346 bytes)

Yet another nice multi-GH cover.

faisonsow.jpg (23172 bytes)

The suspects for the murder of the annoying Nancy Eckert made the cover of this 10/29/91 issue of SOW.

ghcover.jpg (19086 bytes)

Another colorful multi-GH cover.

faisonmfsow.jpg (13635 bytes)

1999, Faison returns to deliciously taunt Mac & Felicia.

ghcover2.jpg (151626 bytes)

This multi-cover celebrates GH's 25th anniversary.

hostage.jpg (89390 bytes)

Robin is shot in the Metro Court hostage situation.

multicover4.jpg (71451 bytes)

Another nice multi-GH cover.

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