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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

lukehollysod.jpg (13626 bytes)

After Laura's presumed death, Luke hooked up with the lovely Holly Sutton.

sod16.jpg (46058 bytes)

Robert and Holly were a popular couple in the early 1980s.

sod15.jpg (43657 bytes)

Another Robert and Holly cover.

wwemma.jpg (11672 bytes)

Emma on the cover of Women's World.

veronica.jpg (63521 bytes)

Another nice Emma cover.

emmasow.jpg (46274 bytes)

1992, Holly returns to Port Charles and moves in with Mac and Robin.

emmatv.jpg (68857 bytes)

A very young Emma on the cover of Tv Guide 5/28-6/3/83.

sodhollyrob.jpg (8522 bytes)

Yet another Robert and Holly cover.

shapesamms.jpg (101682 bytes)

A buff Emma on the cover of Shape magazine.

tvemma.jpg (70642 bytes)

1986 Emma joined the cast of Dynasty as Fallon.

robholsou.jpg (65082 bytes)

12/91, Emma returns but Tristan leaves the show in early 1992 when Robert goes in search of his wife, Anna.

hollyguys.jpg (13801 bytes)

With Robert gone, Holly had her pick of men, including Mac and Bill. SOW 6/2/92

daytimemma.jpg (54303 bytes)

A nice Emma cover.

emmatvg.jpg (46666 bytes)

Emma on a local tv guide cover.

goodhk.jpg (54917 bytes)

Emma on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

sunday86.jpg (64285 bytes)

Emma dressed up for Jeff and Fallon's remarriage.

heraldemma.jpg (11559 bytes)

Another Emma cover.

hollyflj.jpg (35345 bytes)

3/30/93, For GH's 30th anniversary, Holly, Felicia, Lucy, and Jagger grace the cover.

episodes2.jpg (15089 bytes)

Holly and Bill become an item, but she ditches him after discovering he's two-timing her.

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