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Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough)

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In 1994, Robin fell in love with a young street waif named Stone Cates, much to her uncle's chagrin.

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After Stone, Robin become involved with Jason Morgan.

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The Outback erupts in gunfire when Jason's rival mobster puts a hit out on the Scorpios.SOM 12/22/98

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Robin return to help her ailing ex, SID 10/25/05.

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Robin looks on as Jason becomes engaged to Sam, SOW.

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An expectant Robin and Patrick become engaged.

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Robin's loss of Stone in 1995 was a compelling sad story.

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The annual Nurses's ball was an event close to Robin's heart.

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In January of 1999, Robin finally comes clean about Michael's true paternity after realizing that she's last on Jason's priority list.  She then returns to Paris to continue her education, leaving the baby mess behind her.

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Robin, along with other characters, graces the cover of SOW for GH's 35th anniversary celebration.

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Robin helps Patrick save his ailing father, SOW 4/11/06.

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The tragic love story of Robin & Stone was detailed in her Diary.

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The various couples of GH grace the cover of this SOM issue.

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Robin's relationship with Jason was constantly being undermined by his friendship with Carly and his obsession with his brother's baby.

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Robin comes home, SOD 9/20/05.

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Kimberly's diet plan, Women's World 2/7/06.

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Robin's parents are on their way back, SOD 4/25/06.

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Anna came back (in Robin's fantasy) to comfort her little girl who was going through a tough time with her boyfriend's upcoming death. SOW 11/14/95

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1998, Robin gets sucked into one of the show's worst storylines, the baby Michael mess.

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2000, Kimberly has the lead role of Alyssa in Dying to Dance.

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Robin treatment for Jason has dire consequences, SOW 11/29/05. 

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Robin and Patrick feelings grow stronger, SOW 5/2/06.

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