Scorpio Covers

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)

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Finola's first big US cover for the movie Staying Alive.

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4/3/90 Finola is again picked as one of TV's Most Beautiful Women.

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Finola's picked as one of soap's most vaulable players.  She and Tristan also win MVP awards at the SOU award show.

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Robin and her mum, Anna, grace the cover of this issue of ABC's Episodes magazine, which has a feature on soap mothers and daughters.

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10/15/91, Anna is voted GH's favorite heroine.

scorpioreunion.jpg (262375 bytes)

2006, the Scorpios finally reunite!

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The hot triangle of Robert, Anna, and Duke was feature on the cover of this 11/18/86 SOD issue.

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The love triangle of Robert, Anna and Duke.

sou2.jpg (75652 bytes)

GH experimented with teaming up Anna with Shep Casey, but change in producer/writers caused them to drop the couple. Instead, Anna ended up with her first love, Robert Scorpio.

sod5.jpg (119237 bytes)

4/30/91, Robert and Anna's long awaited reunion is covered in this issue of SOD.

sowfinolafired.jpg (50720 bytes)

Dec. 1991 shocker- Finola leaves the GH set after a blow up with Gloria Monty, and joins the cast of Jack's Place.

laverysou.jpg (16596 bytes)

No matter how difficult things got for the Laverys, they were stuck to one another.

dukeannasow.jpg (75255 bytes)

1990, after resurrecting the-presumed dead Duke in the form of Greg Beecroft (Duke supposedly had plastic surgery), the writers did an about face and killed Duke off again. This time he died in Anna's arms after being shot by Julian Jerome.

sou3.jpg (19981 bytes)

Spies Like Us. A nice cover shot of Robert and Anna.

scorpiosow.jpg (79597 bytes)

Robert and Anna's remarriage is featured on this 7/2/91 isssue of SOW. This is the dress Anna actually wears.

mournsou.jpg (43712 bytes)

1992, SOU digest cover mourning the "deaths" of Robert and Anna.

ladiessod2.jpg (121312 bytes)

3/21/89 Finola is picked as one of TV's Most Beautiful Women.

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Finola is one of the the MVPs on this cover of SOU 12/18/89.

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4/30/91 Finola with other broadway stars.

scorpiosod.jpg (80248 bytes)

Robert and Anna's remarriage is featured on this 7/9/91 isssue of SOD. Note that Anna's dress is changed at the last minute, so she doesn't actually wear this one in the ceremony.

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Finola joins Aaron Spelling's soap Pacific Palisades. SOW 4/15/97.

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