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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

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tfrisco.jpg (17824 bytes)

Frisco's attraction to Tania was short lived after she married his brother.

cdjack1.jpg (47929 bytes)

Frisco becomes a singing sensation.

soufeb90.jpg (78260 bytes)

Felicia and Frisco's remain one of GH's supercouples.

ffc1990.jpg (70592 bytes)

Frisco and Felicia tie the knot again.

jackback.jpg (39774 bytes)

SOW 8/27/91, Jack joins the cast of Santa Barbara.

jonescover4.jpg (66330 bytes)

Meet the Wagner family's newest addition.

jackherald.jpg (11147 bytes)

Jack on Melrose Place

bbsod.jpg (94626 bytes)

Jack joins The Bold and the Beautiful, 4/1/03.

ffsod.jpg (48861 bytes)

Their first meeting was anything but romantic, but there was definately chemistry between Frisco and Felicia.

trianglesod2.jpg (15486 bytes)

After escaping from a Bulgarian prison, Frisco was shocked to discover Felicia had married Colton.

jonescover2.jpg (118836 bytes)

2/6/90, the romantic life of real-life lovers, Jack and Kristina, and their alter egos are the topic of this issue.

ffsod3.jpg (105170 bytes)

12/25/90, The romantic real life couple of Jack and Kristina talk about marriage and their baby.

jackpenny.jpg (56904 bytes)

Jack's SB character Warren with love interest Sydney Penny.

jackback2.jpg (58879 bytes)

Jack talks about his love life.

ffsod2.jpg (58436 bytes)

The handsome couple are still going strong.


jonescover.jpg (33130 bytes)

Felicia and Frisco's fairytale wedding is shown here.

ffc86.jpg (75931 bytes)

Another Frisco, Felicia and Colton cover, this one SOU 8/7/89.

jonescover3.jpg (59055 bytes)

Felicia almost miscarries their child. SOW 8/28/90

friscosow.jpg (31473 bytes)

Frisco takes off on a mysterious WSB caper, leaving his confused family and friends behind. SOW 4/30/91

jacksou.jpg (12137 bytes)

Jack was noted as one of the sexiest men of daytime tv.

jonessod.jpg (80230 bytes)

Frisco briefly returns when Maxie becomes ill, but leaves again, not realizing Felicia's pregnant again.

jackplayboy.jpg (69699 bytes)

The doctor is in! Jack joins the cast of Melrose Place.

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