Scorpio Covers

Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)

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peopletristan.jpg (21425 bytes)

In the early 80s, Tristan made the cover of  People Magazine.

heraldtristan.jpg (42706 bytes)

Tristan on a local tv guide magazine.

cherylrobsod.jpg (80674 bytes)

Robert with Cheryl Stansbury on the cover of this  9/20/88 SOD. The two were a happy couple until he discovered she had let Anna take the fall for shooting Olivia. He never forgave her after that.

katierobsod.jpg (103436 bytes)

12/12/89, the elegant Katherine Delafield brought some sparks into Robert's life in the late 1980s.

sexymen.jpg (101840 bytes)

6/26/90, Tristan was voted one of soap's sexiest men.

tristansod.jpg (103465 bytes)

2/4/92, Tristan was voted one of soap's most popular actors.

Sowvirus.jpg (33898 bytes)

Scorpio returns as a virus breaks out in PC, SOW 2/7/06.

starweektristan.jpg (37145 bytes)

Tristan's popularity grows in the '80s.

deidretristan.jpg (16201 bytes)

MVP winners Deidre Hall and Tristan.

episodekr.jpg (97252 bytes)

Their hot romance made the cover for this issue of Episodes magazine.

robertsou2.jpg (25386 bytes)

Handsome Robert graced the cover of this issue of SOU.

ghgroup.jpg (98414 bytes)

3/5/91, Robert meet his best friend Luke's look-alike cousin, Bill Eckert.

huntersom.jpg (12813 bytes)

SOW 4/8/97, Tristan's short stint on B&B as PI Hunter.

confidential.jpg (47157 bytes)

Three of soap's biggest stars- Laura, Robert, and Erica.

sodrobert.jpg (42776 bytes)

Tristan Rogers on the 12/15/87 SOD cover telling why he's leaving GH.

tvguide2.jpg (45639 bytes)

Robert and the delightful Katherine Delafield's romance was featured on the cover of this issue of Tv Guide.

robertsou.jpg (25887 bytes)

Robert & Kate's wedding never happened, and she later left town.

episodes.jpg (88715 bytes)

The Brothers Scorpio are on the cover of this 1991 issue of Episodes magazine.

palmsprings.jpg (48541 bytes)

Tristan living in Palm Springs.

daytimers2.jpg (97689 bytes)

GH's handsome guys- Robert, Victor, & Luke.

sod25th.jpg (79384 bytes)

GH's 25th anniversary is celebrated in the 4/5/88 SOD.

edietristan.gif (30527 bytes)

In the Canadian version, only Tristan & Edie were featured on the cover.

ladiestristan.jpg (136071 bytes)

Robert surrounded by the lovely ladies of GH- Felicia, Mona, Tiffany, Kate, and Olivia. SOU 11/20/89.

somtristan.jpg (145509 bytes)

Tristan prepares to leave GH.

sod060117.jpg (54912 bytes)

Surprise! Tristan's coming back, SOD 1/17/06.


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