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Five of the lovely ladies of the Nurses Ball.

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the Nurses Ball 1999
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nb99c.jpg (9850 bytes)The Nurses Ball Preview, SID 6/29/99
Aside from the spectacular clothes, showstopping musical acts, and tender remembrances of those who have been lost to AIDS, this year's Nurses Ball promises to be the height of embarrassment for Bobbie and Jerry- and the setup for a new heartbreak for Lucy.  At week's start, Lucy asks Emily to screen her school HIV video project at the ball.  But, unbeknowst to them, the tape Emily retrieves from Tony is of Bobbie and Jerry making love! 

Meanwhile, Carly informs Jason that she is going to the ball with AJ and asks for her diamonds.  But AJ wants to give her gems himself.  Later, pained by Robin's absence, Jason opens up to Carly about Robin's fight with HIV.  At the same time, Lucy confides in Alan that she and Scotty have alternative parenting plans in the works.  Later, Scotty and Lucy are approved as candidates for adopting just as Janell asks Tammy to keep an eye on Julie's newborn, Christina.  While Tammy and Alan are watching the baby, they realize that since Scotty and Lucy are looking to adopt, they should have the child. 

nb99k.jpg (15460 bytes)At the ball, Katherine and Eve conspire to embarrass Lucy during a dance number.  Katherine and Lucy perform "I'm a Woman" and, in typical fashion, attempt to upstage each other.  Jax and Chloe save the day when they step in for an injured dancing duo.  Edward, Alan, AJ, and Ned perform "I Feel Good," and Edward announces big news about AJ's ELQ future.  Ned and Emily sing "Forever Young," followed by Mac, Eve, Chris, Felicia, Bobbie, and Tony performing to "Jump, Jive, and Wail". 

Despite Katherine's weaseling her way into being co-hostess, Lucy still reigns as the mistress of ceremonies.  Due to her closeness to her assistant, John Hanley, Lucy looks upon the Nurses' Ball as a personal cause, whereas Katherine just wants the limelight.   Unfortunately, Katherine got Eve to help set up Lucy, causing her to appear once again in her underwear, confused when they had replaced the traditional chorus line number with a can-can type number.nb99e.jpg (22166 bytes)

nb99h.jpg (7275 bytes)Emily and Ned performed a nice rendition of "Forever Young".

The interns performed "Doctor, Doctor", with Chris doing the lead vocal.  Other performers included Ellen, Eve, Karen, and Joe.

Katherine once again tried to upstage Lucy when the two performed "I'm a Woman".

nb99b.jpg (12765 bytes)Monica is proud over Emily's AIDS video.  Unfortunately for the Quartermaines, Emily had accidently taped Bobbie and Jerry having sex in the board room, embarrassing social climber Carly the most.

One of the best acts, numerous people performed "Jump, Jive, and Wail".  Tony sand the vocal, while Mac, Felicia, Eve, Mike, Bobbie, and Chris did the dancing part.

Victor, Mary, Serena, and Neil performed "High Hopes" with the help of some cute little children.

nb99d.jpg (11563 bytes)After the original dancers had to back out, Chloe and Jax took their places, performing to "Cheek to Cheek".nb99j.jpg (11762 bytes)

The opening act for the ball, the Quartermaine men performed "I Feel Good", with AJ and Ned needling one another during the performance.

As the ball winds down, Julie sits helplessly in her room aware of the impending jeopardy of losing her child just as Baby Christina is passed to Lucy."

nb99g.jpg (13037 bytes) nb99i.jpg (20461 bytes) nb99n.jpg (41242 bytes) nb99a.jpg (19656 bytes)

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