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Robin and Ned finish the "Someone to Watch Over Me" number.

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the Nurses' Ball 1998
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The Show Must Go On, SID 6/29/99

nb98t.jpg (20208 bytes)"Having just received a death threat from the General Homicide killer, Lucy should have been anywhere but at the ball.   But the cause was one close to her heart, and nothing beau Kevin said could convince her to stay to stay home.  Putting on a brave front, the hostess- with-the-mostess set about staging one of the best shows ever while her Doc stood helpless by.  

nb98r.jpg (12302 bytes) Then, true to the senario laid out in Kevin's novel, Lucy was almost suffocated by a chemically-treated dress!  Fearing the worst, Kevin raced to her side and freed her just in time.  Despite her harrowing experience, Lucy then continued the show and, during the Chorus Line number, ended up- as usual- sans costume.  Lucy's chagrin was matched only by Kevin's admiration for the woman he loved.

Highlight:  When intern Jake Marshak's body was found hanging from the rafters, a suicide note led Detective Garcia to believe he'd finally caught the General Homicide killer.

Darkest Moment:  Taking center stage, Tony angrily condemned the audience as hypocrites, berating each of them for trying to cover their misdeeds with hefty donations.  But when he belittled Bobbie, her new suitor, Jerry, decked him!"nb98b.jpg (9834 bytes)

nb98a.jpg (8752 bytes)Much to her uncle Mac's distaste, Robin openly sat with mobster boyfriend Jason.

One of the activies of the night was the reading of Witness Letters.  Robin read her own letter about her beloved  Stone.nb98k.jpg (67374 bytes)

nb98l.jpg (54043 bytes)Mac, Edward, and Scotty began the skit "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" with their girls which then turned into a skit for "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".  Mac had escorted Maxie, Robin, and Georgie; Edward escorted Emily; and Scotty escorted Karen and Serena.

nb98h.jpg (24335 bytes)Their performance of "Hey Big Spender" was almost halted when Brenda's ex, Sonny, made a scene strutting into the room.  With the help of her fellow performers, Karen, Dara, and Lucy, a shaken Brenda was able to complete the skit.

Brenda tries to reassure Jax when her ex, Sonny Corinthos, suddenly reappears at the ball.

nb98u.jpg (8540 bytes)Julie Pinson and Frank Scanlon.

Enemies Eve Lambert and Julie Devlin performed "You've Got a Friend in Me".

Performing "Jailhouse Rock", Liz, Lucky, Dara, and Taggert brought the house down.

A drugged up Alan Quartermaine embarrassed himself after yelling at his dance partner, Robin, when he dropped her during their skit, and then couldn't remember the rest of the words to the song. Luckily  Ned Ashton took over and helped Robin finish the number, "Someone to Watch Over Me".  Backstage afterwards, a humiliated Emily overheard Nikolas Cassadine, her crush, comforting Robin as the two discussed Alan's odd behavior.

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