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Emcee extraordinare, Lucy Coe watches over the activies of the annual Nurses Ball.

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the Nurses Ball 1997
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nb97n.jpg (11994 bytes)nb97b.jpg (11082 bytes)Hey, Brenda- Killer Dress, SID 6/29/99
Fearing that Sonny would be pegged for Pierce Dorman's murder, Brenda secretly substituted her own hair sample for her lover's. Sonny was furious with Brenda for taking the risk, but touched that she cared enough to do it.  Once over their spat, Sonny was thrilled to attend the Nurses Ball with Brenda on his arm.  But their joyous night was to be short-lived. Detectives Garcia and Taggert discovered a bloody scalpel in Brenda's car and came to the ball to haul her in for questioning.  With Sonny otherwise occupied, Brenda had no one to defend her and was forced to spend the rest of the evening at PCPD headquarters.

Highlight: Having spent the last six months in a wheelchair, Katherine suprised the audience by walking across the stage to speak about miracles."nb97.jpg (12944 bytes)

Robin got a comforting hug from her boyfriend Jason.

Most Memorable Performance:  Again partnerless, Bobbie turned to Luke to boogie with her in "Last Dance".

"Dark Moment: Bobbie watched in disgust as Tony sang "There Ain't Nothing Wrong with Me That You Can't Fix" to Carly."nb97a.jpg (16882 bytes)

Lucy is always the hostess of the evening, looking astonishing in her many gown changes throughout the night.

Other Highlights:

*The Quartermaines always make a point of attending the ball.  Lucky Spenser had performed last year with Justus Ward, Edward's grandson.

nb97m.jpg (11097 bytes)*Anxious that AJ might remember their one night stand, Carly continued to try to encourage the recovering to drink so that he couldn't tell Tony that he could be the baby's father.

*Edward and his adopted granddaughter, Emily, performed "I Don't Need Anything But You", with the help of Amber Tamblyn's (Emily) real-life father, Russ Tamblyn.nb97j.jpg (22822 bytes)nb97l.jpg (14340 bytes)

*The ladies dresses appeared like a rainbow when they took their places on stage.

nb97h.jpg (14304 bytes)*Recently reconciled, Sonny attended the event with Brenda, who wore the best dress of the evening.

nb97k.jpg (18205 bytes)*Poor Lucy always closes the show by losing her clothes during the chorus line skit.

nb97f.jpg (14966 bytes)*Prince Charming, Alan Quartermaine, served as emcee as the ladies came out on stage. Above he escorts Amy, while belong he escorts Bobbie and Gail.

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