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Emcee extraordinare, Lucy Coe watches over the activies of the annual Nurses Ball.

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the Nurses Ball 1996
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nb96d.jpg (34577 bytes)After the Fall, SID 6/29/99
"Grief-stricken over Stone's death and despondent over her own HIV-positive status, Robin clung to Jason as her lifeline.  Jason, himself the victim of a brain-damage-inducing car accident, had no memory of the past and was searching for a reason to go on.  Robin provided it.  Heartbroken at the thought of Robin speaking at the Nurses Ball about AIDS and the loss of Stone, Jason begged her not to do it.  But stubborn Robin insisted.  Despite his utter dislike for public appearances, Jason showed up at the ball to support Robin.  Then, when she collapsed in tears after announcing that she is HIV-positive, Jason selflessly raced to the stage and carried her off in his arms."

"Dark Moment: Felicia was terrified when she came face-to-face with the mysterious black-rose stalker backstage."

Other Highlights

*Calling Robin to the stage, Mac surprised her with a memory quilt he had made to remember Stone.  The beautiful quilt featured a robin standing on a bridge, under a starry sky, with Stone's name appliqued across the top.  Bursting into tears, Mac wrapped the quilt around the shoulders of his neice, after which she gave her heart felt speech.nb96c.jpg (43536 bytes)

*Ned Ashton surprised his pregnant wife, Lois, by performing "We're Having a Baby".

*Lucy Coe and Katherine Bell tried to upstage one another during their rendition of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend".  Katherine tried to lip sync by using Dara Jensen's voice, but Lucy smartly revealed the fraud onstage.

*Carly happily took Bobbie's place in the skit "Together" with Lucas and Tony after Bobbie hurt her leg.  Bobbie had no clue that Carly was actually the child she'd given away as a baby who was now bent on getting revenge by destroying her birth mother's life.

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