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Emcee extraordinare, Lucy Coe watches over the activies of the annual Nurses Ball.

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the Nurses Ball 1995
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nb95a.jpg (9718 bytes)Truce or Consequences, SID 6/29/99nb95d.jpg (38123 bytes)
For Laura, returning to Port Charles meant she will finally could establish a safe home for her children.  But Luke's involvement with mobster Sonny brought her dream to a crashing halt.  Shortly before the ball, Laura had been flabbergasted when young Lucky pulled out a gun to protect his family.  Furious, she lit into Luke for placing them in danger and asked him to leave.  But when it came time for Luke and Lucky's hip-hop dance performance at the ball, Laura couldn't resist showing up to catch their act.  Seeing his beautiful wife, Luke tentatively approached her, but the tension betwen them was so thick, you could have cut it with a knife!  Luke mistook Laura's appearance as a show of forgiveness and took her aside to chat.  But when the two still couldn't see eye to eye, she walked out.

Highlight: Alan's dead-on portrayal of the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, followed by an appearance by AIDS victim Ryan White's mother.  Also included in the Wizard of Oz skit was Emily Bowen Quartermaine as Dorothy.

Other Highlights:

nb95b.jpg (37974 bytes)*Mary Mae Ward sang the lead to "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Justus Ward, and Lucky & Luke Spenser as her backup singers.  Luke and his son, Lucky, also performed their own   "Hip Hop" skit.

Steve Hardy performed another baseball skit, this time with his grandson, Tommy, for "Casey at Bat".nb95c.jpg (33643 bytes)

*Most Memorable Performance: Miguel sang "The Power to Believe," dedicated to Stone, while a moving film montage of AIDS vigils played in the background."nb95e.jpg (48011 bytes)

*In keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme, Ned Ashton belted out his version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

"Dark Moment: AJ embarrassed himself by making ignorant comments about those stricken with AIDS and was put in his place when Stone announced he was HIV-positive."

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