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the Nurses Ball 1994
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nb94e.jpg (19800 bytes)It Takes Two to Tango, SID 6/29/99
"Bored with her marriage and sedate family life, Bobbie had been enticed by dangerous Damian's flattery- to the point where husband Tony caught the two kissing.  But losing her daughter B.J. jarred Bobbie back into reality.  Desperate not to lose her husband, too, she denied her feelings for Damian and begged Tony for forgiveness.  Unfortunately, he was too angry even to consider it.  Finally, when Damian stepped in to tango with Bobbie on-stage at the Nurses Ball, the obvious electricity between them sent Tony over the edge, and he took out his fury on Damian's handsome face.

nb94a.jpg (17619 bytes)"Most Memorable Performance:  Despite being forbidden to see each other, Robin and Stone staged a tender scene from Romeo and Juliet, ending with a long-lasting smooch that sent her uncle Mac through the roof!"

Highlight:  While performing, Lucy was mortified when her dress was torn off, thanks to Tony and Damian's backstage brawl.

Dark moment:  Lucy set up Tony to fill in as Bobbie's dance partner, but he refused to tango with his two-timing wife and abandoned her on-stage.

Other Highlights:

nb94c.jpg (19512 bytes)*Star-crossed lovers, Robin and performed Romeo and Juliet. They used the performance as a way to get around Robin's uncle Mac, who had forbid her to see Stone.  After their performance, an outraged Mac stormed backstage and reamed them out, despite Felicia and Kevin trying to talk him out of it.

nb94f.jpg (20085 bytes)*Steve Hardy performed a baseball skit.  John Berandino, who played Steve, was once a professional baseball player.nb94d.jpg (34667 bytes)

*Trying to make amends, Lucy set up Tony to tango with is estranged wife, Bobbie, but Tony refused.  Smary Damian took Tony's place after an embarrassed Bobbie was stuck alone on stage.  Afterward, Tony decked Damian, who then had him arrested for assault.

*Felicia and her oldest daughter, Maxie, performed "April Showers".

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