Classic GH Pics
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spenserpromo.jpg (164349 bytes)

Promo for Luke and Laura's 15th wedding anniversary.

hardyjesse.jpg (13030 bytes)

Close friends, Steve, his wife Audrey, and Jesse.

8000episode.jpg (15186 bytes)

The late Steve Hardy and Jessie Brewer celebrating GH's 2000th episode.

jackhyde.jpg (209691 bytes)

Promo for Jack Wagner in the NY Broadway musical, Jeckyll & Hyde

loisned.gif (82313 bytes)

GH promo poster- Lois and Ned.


llspenser.jpg (8304 bytes)

Soap's most famous couple, Luke and Laura Spenser.

jaxpromo.jpg (105729 bytes)

GH promo poster of Jax


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