the Cassadine Bacchaelian Ball
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Stefan and Nikolas Cassadine.

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The Quartermaine clan, Edward, Emily, AJ, and Alan, made the scene.  Poor Emily spent the night trying to catch Nikolas's eye, but he was too enthralled with Robin.

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Robin, Nikolas, Emily, & Ned made a lovely picture waltzing.

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Stefan, Katherine, Brenda, and Jax.

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Katherine was slightly unnerved after Nikolas's confession that the dress Stefan gave her to wear belonged to Laura.

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Robin, Nikolas's partner for the ball, looked very regal in this pink gown.

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Despite being on the outs, Stefan invited Alexis out of tradition.

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Everyone was shocked when Helena Cassadine showed up with town pariah, Tony Jones.

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Katherine Bell and Stefan Cassadine were the center of attention as the ball was to celebrate their engagement.

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V, wearing the most beautiful gown at the ball, attemped to fix her skirt without drawing attention to herself.

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The taping of the ball marked GH's 9000th episode.

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Jerry snuck into the ball trying to be Bobbie's date, but she wouldn't have it.

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Katherine & Stefan.

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