*1999 Emmy Award Pics*
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This was Jonathon Jackson's third emmy win for Outstanding Younger Actor.

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Finola Hughes went onstage during the Emmys for the previous winners presentation.

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Eileen Davidson and escorted her hubby Jon Lindstrom.

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Nancy Lee Grahn looked summery in this outfit.

emmy99f.jpg (7159 bytes)

John Ingle and his wife Grace Lynn.

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Nominee Becky Herbst was escorted by her boyfriend.

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Wally Kurth and ingo Rademaker were presenters for one of the awards.

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The audience cheered when Stuart Damon won for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

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Wally Kurth, Rena Sofer, and Ingo Rademaker mugging up for the camera.

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Wayne Northrup and wife Lynn Herring making their entrance.

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Amber Tamblyn looks fashion in this soft shade of pink, which is the color of the season.

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Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans arriving for the ceremonies.

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Ingo Rademaker brought Jennifer Herbst as his date so that she could be with her sister, Becky, at the awards.  Ingo and Jennifer are also rumored to be dating.

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Lynn Herring and Jon Lindstrom were presenters during the ceremony.

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Surprised at winning Outstanding Lead Actor, Tony Geary was unprepared for his acceptance speech.

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Tava Smiley with castmates Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans.

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After the awards, Jonathon Jackson and Sarah Brown chatted.

emmy99c.jpg (6213 bytes)

Billy Warlock and fiancee Julie Pinson (Eve, PC).

emmy99l.jpg (9410 bytes)

Nominee Sarah Brown with Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie, PC).

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Newcomers Lisa Vultaggio and Tava Smiley both wore gowns that belonged to their characters.

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