The Daytime Emmys 4/28/06
Below are some pictures I've made from the Pre-Emmys Show and Daytime Emmys-  page 1 and page 2

Pre-Emmy Show Pics

Kimberly, Finola and AMC's Alexa Havins.

Kimberly and Finola dished about their first on-screen episode on May 12th. There will be lots of tears involved in the family reunion.

Kimberly and Finola praise the dress that Becky Herbst made for Kimberly.

Greg Vaughn, Ted King and Jason Thompson.

Linda Dano remarks to Tristan's wife that she's married to the sexiest man on daytime. So true.

Emmy Show Pics

Presenters Kimberly McCullough, Becky Herbst, Natalia Livingston and Jason Thompson.

Kimberly talks about Gloria Monty's advice that she only accept a four carat ring.

 Jason Thompson introduces GH's clips for Best Show.

Tony wins!

Rick's sizzling as he does a mix of his most famous song.

Rick Springfield brought the house down with his songs, especially "Jesse's Girl."

Presenters Tristan and Emma.

Presenters Finola Hughes and Rachel Ray.

Jack Wagner presents with his co-actor from B&B.

Rick cheering. 

Tristan and Emma cheer as GH wins.

Winner Anthony Geary and Cameron Mathison.

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