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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Tanganeva: An Aborginal who befriend Robert and Mac when they were children in Australia. He and Robert had a strong bond, and Tanganeva would warn Robert when danger was coming. He also was a member of Robert and Anna's wedding party.

Tanya Roscov Jones: After Grant Andrews passed her over for Celia, Tanya became involved with Frisco Jones, who serenaded her with "You're all I Need". She however fell in love with and married his older brother, Tony, and they had a daughter. She was a doctor at GH like Tony. Before her daughter, BJ, was barely a year old, Tanya was killed when she was hit by a car driven by Cory, a young man with a neurological disorder.

Ted Holmes: A confidant and lawyer to Jennifer Talbot, Ted was murdered while a patient at GH during the Laurelton Murder mystery. He and Jennifer were involved in the Purity Water company conspiracy.

Terry O'Connor: Daughter of the abusive D. L. Brock and stepdaughter to Bobbie Jones, Terry was constantly having one nervous breakdown after another. When she wasn't going bonkers, Terry was singing at various places like Duke's Club.  She unfortunately had terrible taste in men, marrying the pyschotic Patrick and falling in love with the confused Dusty Walker.

Tiffany Hill: A former B-movie star, Tiffany was Robert's first love interest on the show, helping him, Luke, and Laura solve the Ice Princess caper. Tiffany fell hard for Sean Donely and eventually agreed to marry him in 1988, though he practically had to force her down the aisle after making upsetting her on their wedding day.  A glamour queen, Tiffany owned a local tv station and served as a reporter there.  Cheryl Stansbury, Tiffany's sister, was once Robert's girlfriend, and had only one kidney because Tiffany accidently caused her to lose a kidney as a child. Twice, Tiffany and Bobbie got into a feud over Cheryl's son, Lucas. Tiffany's depression over her miscarriage and losing Lucas to Bobbie lead to Sean's affair with Jessica Holmes. However, the duo reconciled and on their last screen airings it was revealed Tiffany was pregnant again with their child.

Tom Hardy: Son of Audrey and step-son of Steve, Tom often butted heads with Steve but respected him as well. A psychiatrist at GH, Tom was married to Simone, a fellow doctor, and they had a son together, Tommy. Cousin Scotty Baldwin and Tom were close buddies, and the affable Tom befriended Camilla and helped her deal with her past. He helped deprogram Colton when the ex-marine began having blackouts. Tom also deprogrammed Robert and Anna when Cesar began hypnotisizing them in 1991. Years later, Tom and Simone divorced, and he romanced Felicia for a while before leaving PC again.

Tommy Hardy: Son of Tom and Simone, the little tyke was the pawn of a power struggle between Tom and Harrison, both who claimed to be the little boy's natural father.  

Tony Jones: Older brother of Frisco, Tony often tried to calm down his hotheaded brother to no avail. Tony's had three wives- Tonya Roscov (with whom he had a daughter, BJ), Lucy Coe, and Bobbie Spenser (with whom he adopted Lucas).  Tony has helped the Scorpios and pals in many of their cases, such as helping them fake death certificates. After having an affair with Carly Roberts in 1997, Bobbie's long lost daughter, Tony went completely crackers, kidnapping Carly's son and holding Robin hostage.  He has just this year began rebuilding his life and relationship with Bobbie and Lucas.

Tracy Quartermaine: The only daughter of Edward and Lila, Tracy is a force to be reckoned with, especially when she wants something. She loves power and money, and coveted running ELQ despite the fact that her father always wanted Alan to succeed him instead of Tracy. After a short fling with Scotty Baldwin, Tracy fell in love with Paul Hornsby and had a son, Dillion, with him. Her first born son, Ned, resulted from her marriage to Larry Ashton. Tracy is currently banished from the Q mansion after her latest takeover attempt and keeps her location secret because she refuses to let her ex-hubby Paul see their son.

Tumble Dry: The code name for a money laundering scheme run by Mr. Big [aka Burt Ramsey] which was administered by Duke Lavery. When Frisco got too close to discovering the operation, Duke set Felicia up in order to get her and Frisco out of town [otherwise the pair would have been killed]. After an upset Robin overheard Damon threaten Anna's life, she called her daddy for help and he managed to find Frisco and Felicia hiding out at a circus. He brought the pair back and they banded with old pal Sean Donely to bring Duke down.

Victor Jerome:  Mob head of the Jerome, Victor had very unpleasant children- Evan, Julian, and Olivia.  He also had another child, named Dino, with his mistress, Dimetria, who had the child in secret and hid him to protect him.  Victor refused to let Duke leave the mob, and tried to have Duke killed (but Duke had instead gone into the witness protection program). During his jail sentence, Victor fell in love with Lucy Coe, who mistakenly thought it was Alan sending her all the presents.  Escaping, Victor suprised Lucy, but when she rebuffed him, Victor swollowed the necklace and pendant, engraved "Victor Loves Lucy", caused him to choke and die.

Wendy Masters: A tramp and a bad dresser, Wendy blackmailed Ned and Monica with a tape of their affair at the spa.  She developed an obession with Ned, slashed Dawn's wedding veil, and was killed by Drago. She was found stabbed with a knife, seated on a carosel horse after the Policeman's charity event.  Before her death, she had been sneaking voice-altered tapes to reporter Shep Casey which eventually helped Shep (with Anna's help) discover the secret of Decker's past in Midvale.

WSB: Counterpart to the DVX, the World Security Bureau was an international spy network that was suppose to protect world peace, though their actions were sometimes questionable. Robert, Sean, Anna, and Frisco were all WSB agents.

Wu: The evil mastermind behind the Asian Quarter storyline, he kept the poor citizens enslaved until Robert and gang found the black pearls (which little Robin had secretly put into her doll).  He was also Jade's grandfather.

Yang "Yank" Se Chung:  A doctor at GH, he was the grandson of a very respected member of the Asian Quarter, the Ancient One. Yank's twin brother was killed early on in the Asian Quarter mystery, spurring him to help Scorpio and pals break up Wu's gang. In the process, he fell in love with Wu's granddaughter, Jade.