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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
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Robert Xavier ScorpioIntroduced in 1981, Australian by birth. An on-again, off-again WSB agent, Scorpio became best friends with Luke Spenser, going so far as to even marrying Spenser's pregnant girlfriend, Holly Sutton, to prevent her from being deported as Luke was presumed dead. The beautiful Anna Devane was revealed to be Robert's ex-wife, who surprised him with a young daughter, Robin Soltini. Robert's occupations included police commissioner, private eye, loving husband, and adoring father.  Anna, Robert, and Sean Donely were very close, often working on many adventures together. He loved chinese food, and obsessed with capturing bad guys, especially nemesis Cesar Faison.  Flames included Tiffany Hill (his first love interest on the show), Laura Templeton, Anna Devane (wife #1 and #3), Holly Sutton (wife #2), Cheryl Stansbury, and Katherine Delafield (fiancee for about 2 years). His nickname for both Anna and Robin was "Luv". Anna often made remarks about Robert's chauvenism towards women, but the two adored one anther completely.

Robin Soltini Scorpio: Child of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane who was secretly born in Italy around 1978.  Raised as the orphaned granddaughter of Filomenia Soltini, who had arranged for Robin's parents to secretly marry back when they were both in the WSB.  Robin thought Anna was a family friend she called "Luv". She was thrilled to discover Anna & Robert were her real parents, and participated in several of her parents adventures, which she thought were games. Her godfathers are Sean Donely, Frisco Jones, and Buzz Stryker, and she thinks of Felicia Jones and Tiffany Hill as her godmothers.  Loves chinese and Italian food. Her favorite possesions growing up were a stuff kangaroo from her father, a scottish terrier from her stepfather Duke, a ring given to her by godfather Frisco on Frisco's wedding day, her mother's mantilla which Anna wore on her wedding to Robert, and a cameo ring from her first love, Stone.  Robin also drove her family nuts trying to learn to play the bagpipes Duke gave her. She was also a flowergirl or bridesmaid in at least 5 weddings of various PCers. After her parents death, she became a ward of her uncle Mac. Flames included Michael "Stone" Cates (deceased) and Jason Morgan Quartermaine. Robin became infected with HIV in 1996 after her relationship with Stone. She didn't seem to have an occupation other than part-time student, advocate of AIDS awareness, and being a casualty of Jason and Carly's strange relationship. Currently in France studying to be a doctor.

Rowdy:  A childhood friend of Robin in the late 80s-early 90s who always had a crush on her, but she only thought of him as a friend. He and Robin discovered the body of Victor Jerome during the Halloween Scavenger Hunt on Spoon Island.

Ruby Anderson: Aunt to Luke and Bobbie Spenser, Ruby was a former madam who reformed and owned Kelly's Diner. A kind hearted person, she often took people under her wing and rented out her rooms to them above the diner.  Heck, she even put up the Quartermaines when Monica kicked them out of the mansion.  All of PC came to eat at Kelly's where Ruby's chili was famous. Ruby was involved with Dan Rooney, and got into a bit a tug of war over Dan with Charlene.  However, she turned Dan down when he proposed. In late '98, the wonderful actress who played Ruby passed away, and the writers had Ruby pass away in her sleep with a memorial service held at Kelly's in late January 1999.

Rudolpho: A mobster who managed Duke's New York Club, which was a front as it was still a mobster hangout.

Ryan Chamberlain: Pyschotic twin brother of Kevin Collins, Ryan stalked women resembling his mother, who had molested him as a child. When he grew up, Ryan killed his mother, then began killing woman resembling her. Because of her resemble to mom, Ryan tormented Felicia and kidnapped Felicia's newborn, Georgie. He also tormented Steve and Audrey Hardy and Kevin's girlfriend, Lucy. During a final face off with Kevin, Ryan was killed in a fire.

Sam Welles: Frisco's partner at the police academy and later on on the force, Sam (short for Samantha) was a cute, but tough cookie who often covered for Frisco. Felicia was quite jealous to learn that the "Sam" Frisco always spoke about turned out to be a girl.  

San Remo, Italy:  After jumping off a ship, Robert and Anna washed up the beach and were discovered by Filomenia. She helped the two participate in a village wedding here.

San Tropez: Robert and Anna spent both of their honeymoon's in a particular hotel here.

Sean Donely: Introduced in 1984, the Irish born Sean has been both a good guy and a bad guy. Former head of the WSB, Sean introduced Robert and Anna to one another by assigning them to be partners, much to Robert's chagrin. After being informed by Faison about the Scorpio's marriage, Sean and Faison made a deal to break the couple up. The plan backfired and Robert, Sean, and Anna all went their separate ways until 6 years later.  Despite this, Anna and Robert were still Sean's best friends. Sean took his godfather duties for Robin very seriously, even taking a bullet for her. In 1988, Sean married the feisty Tiffany Hill at the Quartermaine mansion.  Other flames included Monica Quartermaine, Greta Ingstrom, and Jessica Holmes.  Connor was later revealed to be Sean's son from an affair long ago in Mexico.  After becoming police commissioner, Sean was mistakenly shot in a shootout by Luke, who held a grudge against Sean for his deceit in  the Aztec Treasure adventure in 1984.  A seriously wounded Sean was flown to a Boston hospital shortly after Tiffany revealed they were expecting a child. The couple were unfortunately never mentioned again on the show afterwards.

Secret Rooms: From the early '80-1992, secret rooms existed in the homes of a few select PC citizens, particularly Sean and Robert who had WSB spy-equiped rooms in their homes. Sean's was the most seen, and he used it to hide several people, including Duke and  Robin. Also, there was one put in the Quartermaine mansion when cousin Herbert pretending to be dead (and was consequently murdered there).

Shakespearean Gardens: Thanks to Lila Quartermaine, Robert and Anna were able to be married here in a My Fair Lady-like ceremony. Robin was the maid of honor, with Felicia, Bobbie, and Tiffany as the bridesmaids. Sean gave Anna away while Mac served as best man.  The wedding didn't go off with hitches- Dominique freaked out and held a gun on the wedding guests and the presumed dead, Faison, grabbed Anna trying to convince her to not marry Robert.

Simone Ravelle Hardy: A doctor, Simone fell in love with and married Tom Hardy, despite her mother's objects against the interracial marriage. She miscarried when a bigot got into an arguement with Tom and their brawl caused Simone to fall. After a short affair with Dr. Harrison Davis, Simone reconciled with Tom but then learned she was pregnant. The baby turned out to be Tom's but the truth wasn't reveal for some time as Simone's mother and Harrison had the paternity tests switched to look like Harrison was the father.

Steve Hardy: Chief of staff at GH, Steve was a kind father figure admired by all. He was married to Audrey and stepfather to Tom. Robert and Anna often asked for Steve's help in various cases. Steve died in 1996 of a heart attack when his portrayer, John Beradino, passed away that year. Beradino was one of the show's original actors.

"Stone" (Michael) Cates: Orphaned as a child, Stone became separated from his siblings, Gina and Jagger, after running away from the foster home he and Gina were staying at. After living on the streets, he was taken under the wing of nightclub owner Sonny Corinthos, who looked upon the boy as his brother. The two were very devoted to one another. As a teenager, he was reunited with his siblings and fell in love with Robin Scorpio. The Romeo-Juliet relationship between Stone and Robin was a bittersweet one, as Stone was later diagnosised with AIDS, which he got from a relationship long before he met Robin, and died.

Swede (aka Lars Hanson):  A WSB agent who worked with Robert, Anna, and Sean.  When Sean learned that Anna was a double agent and married to Robert, he decided to break up the couple rather than risk losing both of them. He offered Swede the opportunity to leave the WSB with another identity in exchange for letting Robert and Anna think that Swede was hung for treason in Anna's place. For 13 years, Robert and Anna were haunted by the idea that they had let an innocent man hang because of them.  A very much alive Swede went on to have a normal family life in Washington, while Sean's scheme did indeed destroy the Scorpios's marriage. In 1990, only after Faison resurface and threatened to reveal Sean's deceit did he finally confess to his devastated best friends that Swede had never been killed and his part in breaking the couple up.