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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Nancy Eckert: A selfish lush, Nancy tried to reclaim custody of son, Sly, after learning her ex-husband Bill had inherited money. She enlisted Lucy and Scotty to help her, and after seducing AJ, then blackmailed him. Snooping around Bill's cannery, Nancy discovered the secret room and the vials of carbon disulfide, which she stole and used on Bill during the court hearing to cause him to appear drunk. She won custody, but was later killed by Finian during an arguement.

Nanny McTavish: Biological mother of Cesar Faison, Nanny worked as a nanny to both Holly and to Anna's younger sister, Lindsey. She agreed to help Cesar lure Robin away so he could kidnap her because he knew Anna would never be happy without her daughter, but Nanny ended up helping Robert by taking the bullet meant for him instead. Holly was Nanny's favorite.

Nikolas Cassadine: Raised as Stavros's son, Nikolas was actually the son of Laura Spenser and Stefan Cassadine. He was a spoiled and overprotected child with a lot of anger against the mother he thought had abandoned him. Nikolas saved his sister's life, when she needed a bone marrow transplant. His rivalry with brother Lucky got very nasty before the two called a truce, and Nikolas eventually made amends with his parents and siblings. Stepfather Luke and he still have an unpleasant relationship though. Robin helped him recover his speech after being shot, but unfortunately she rejected him in favor of Jason Morgan. Nikolas then got into a torrid affair with almost stepmom, Katherine Bell, who lied that she was pregnant with his child before she was killed. 

Noriko: A friend of Olin who helped out with the Lavery/Scorpio households whenever Olin was unable to.

Olin: During the Asian Quarter storyline in 1985, Sean and Frisco went undercover, pretending to have gone to the other side of the law.  Olin and her nephew took care of the two, especially Sean who has sick.  She then befriend Robert and Anna. On various occassion, she helped hid Robert, Anna, and Duke in the catacombs and Asian Quarter.  After Filomenia's death in 1988, Olin took over taking as housekeeper for the Laverys. A cool, hip cat, Olin had a hystical way of using teen slang, often amusing everyone, and referred to Robert as "the Commish".

Olivia St. John: Psychotic daughter of mobster Victor Jerome, Olivia dreamed of taking over and running the mob herself. Thinking she'd gotten rid of her competition, her brother Julian, Olivia quickly became enamoured of his replacement, Duke. After bedding a drunk Duke, she pretending to be pregnant and began harrassing Anna and Robin, eventually causing Anna's miscarriage by rigging an elevator crash which had been meant for Duke.  Anna was accused of shooting Olivia, but cleared, and later Olivia was killed under orders from Julian while trying to tell Anna that Duke was really alive.

The Outback: After making amends with his brother, Mac bought an old club and opened it up as The Outback. He held Robert and Anna's engagement party there.  Felicia later bought half ownership of the club, and the two married in 1998, making the club a family business.

Paris and St. Tropez, France:  After being secretly married in Italy, Robert and Anna secretly had their honeymoon in St. Tropez while still working undercover as WSB agents. In 1987, Robert and Anna stayed at the same hotel with Robin and Filomenia.  The Scorpios also returned to St. Tropez in 1991 for their second honeymoon, back to the same hotel they spent their first honeymoon.  Also, in Paris was a nightclub that was neutral territory for both DVX and WSB agents.  Robert and Anna used to go there to catch up on the news and dance.

Patrick O'Connor: Brother of nutcase Kevin, Patrick mooned over basketcase Terry Brock for years. Patrick was a resident doctor at GH. After a sleazy nurse, Celeste, stole Amy date, Walt, Patrick defended Amy's honor by causing Walt's beeper to go off, ruining Celeste's date and making Amy's night. The two then started dating, but his preoccupation with Terry cause Amy to dump him.  He eventually gave up on Terry and left PC.

Paul Hornsby: A financial wizard, Paul's genius attracted the attention of The Cartel, who infected Paul's daughter, Susan, with a virus which required a constant antidote. In order to be supplied with the antidote, Paul had to do The Cartel's bidding, such as marry Tracy Quartermaine and hound Sean Donely.  However, Sean and gang were able to convince Paul to turn his bosses. The Cartel was busted with his help, but not before Paul was stabbed. He was later able to divorce Tracy and marry his real love, Jenny Eckert.  Unfortunately for him, Tracy took off with their son, Dillon.

Prunella Witherspoon: Flighty cousin of Robert, Prue suddenly came to PC and bunked in with Robert and Sean at Sean's penthouse. She also got a part-time job at Kelly's. Her real purpose for being in Port Charles turned out to be she was partners with a jewel thief.  Robert caught up with the duo in the tropics, just before Prue's partner was about to sneak off, and arrested them, but he only put Prue on probation.