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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
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Katherine Bell: A gold digger by heart, Katherine was the illegitimate half-sister of Dominique, who Katherine resented. She wanted everything Dom had, so when Dom died and left everything to hubby Scotty, Katherine almost succeed in marrying him. Katherine's old boyfriend, Damian Smith, then popped up and the two played games with the lives of various PC citizens, particularly Katherine's rivals, Lucy and Bobbie. She became almost like a daughter to Edward Quartermaine, and blackmailed Ned Ashton into marrying her. Katherine became involved with Mac, who's marriage proposal she late rejected after falling for Stefan Cassadine. Despite her self-preoccupation and nastiness to almost everyone, Katherine was very kind to Robin. Katherine was murdered by Helena Cassadine.

Katherine Delafield: A famous pianist, Katherine's family one by one mysterious died in supposed accidents secretly arranged by Katherine's cousin and fiancee. She and Robert sparred when they first meet, she thinking he was an intruder in her cottage, but the duo became quickly attracted to one another. When mysterious accidents began happening to Kate, Robert became overprotective and eventually rescued her from her insane fiance. Robert and Kate became engaged, but Duke's death interrupted their marriage which was indefinately postponed. After realizing he couldn't fully commit to her, Kate broke off their relationship and  left Port Charles in 1990 with adopted son, King.

Kevin Collins: Pyschiatrist and best friend of Mac Scorpio, Kevin family background is quite messy- his mother had molested Kevin's twin brother, Ryan, who grew up to become a pyschopath and murderer, and Kevin's only recently rebonded with his father, Victor, who had a mental breakdown for years.  Though Kevin and Mac hated one another at first, they eventually made peace and went on numerous adventures together, including dressing up in drag in to protect Kevin's love, Lucy, from con artist Madame Maia. In 1998, Kevin and Lucy broke up, but hopefully will end up back together again.

Kevin O'Connor: Older brother to Patrick. A psychopath, Kevin murdered several people, and used lover, Lucy Coe, as his alibi when Anna, as co-police chief, tried to prove his guilt. He tried to drive weepy wife, Terry, insane and kill her by pushing her off a cliff, but she fended him off and managed to push Kevin to his death. 

King: Orphaned boy that Katherine Delafield ended up adopting. He had a way of annoying everyone and always vied for Katherine and Robert's attention, ticking off Robert and Robin. He left PC with Katherine, who had broken off her engagement to Robert, went on tour.

Larry Ashton: Father of Ned Ashton, Larry was quite the smooth operator, using his charm to sponge off everyone. He was suppose to be a Lord, but his long lost brother, Charlie Prince, ended up being the real heir to the family title. Larry appeared in 1989 with his mysterious new wife, Arielle, searching for the Dragon Bone treasure. Stripped of his title and no wife, Larry stayed on in PC, sponging off the Qs, and spent his time arguing with his son and ex-wife, Tracy.  Leaving in early '91, he reappeared months later to crash Robert and Anna's honeymoon, under orders from Faison. Hasn't been seen since then.

L'Orleans, Canada: Angus and Camillia McKay lived here. In his early days in the mob, Duke went to L'Orleans to meet Angus, his real father, but inadvertently meet and became attracted to Angus's daughter first. After realizing she was his half-sister, Duke broke things off with Camillia, who hurt, turned to Evan Jerome. The secret of L'Orleans was revealed to be Duke and Angus's covering up of Evan's murder after Camillia killed him with a candlestick for raping her. Camillia and Duke went on trial in L'Orleans for the murder in 1987, but both were acquitted.

Leopold Taub: Cold business man who was married to Irene Stanton, Dom's aunt, had Dom's father killed, and forced Dom into an abusive marriage. One of the three heads of the Cartel, Taub was finally arrested by Robert and gang in 1991, and was shot during a prison escape attempt.

Lucas Stansbury Jones: Biological son of Cheryl Stansbury and Julian Jerome.  Lucas was illegally adopted by Bobbie Meyer who named the baby after her brother, Luke Spencer, and made Robert his godfather. Cheryl recovered the baby thanks to Robert, and a claimed he was the father, but blood tests proved otherwise. A few years later when Cheryl was killed, she left custody of Lucas back to Bobbie and her husband, Tony, causing a nasty custody battle between her sister, Tiffany, and Bobbie.

Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer: One of Robert's best friends, Luke had a very shady past and was on the run from the mob with Laura, who later in a lavish ceremony became his wife. After Laura was presumed dead, Luke became involved with Holly whose later marriage to Robert caused friction between the two friends. Luke's only family included his sister, Bobbie, and aunt Ruby. In 1984, Luke called upon pal Robert to help him in Mexico which lead to the Aztec Treasure adventure, afterwhich Laura surprised him with news that they were expecting their first child, Lucky.

Laura Webber Spencer: One of the show's longest running heroines, Laura was given up for adoption by her biological mother, Leslie, and first married Scotty Baldwin before meeting and falling in love with the seductive Luke Spencer. Due to her relationship with Scotty, Laura had a bad relationship with Luke's sister, Bobbie, for years as Bobbie wanted Scotty and thought perfect little Laura wasn't good enough for her brother. Laura was presumed dead after she was kidnapped by the vindictive Helena Cassadine, but she managed to escape and make her way back to Luke. Lucas "Lucky" and Leslie Lu "LuLu" are Luke and Laura's children.

Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio: Introduced in 1991, Mac was a for-hire mercenary who was revealed to be Robert's long lost brother who was accidently responsible for killing their parents and Robert's then fiancee in a plane crash, which caused Robert to run off and join the WSB. He and Robert fought for months before the two buried the hatchet and joined forces to catch the thugs trying to kill Robert.  He reformed by opening The Outback club, and pursued the unhappily married Dominique Taub. Following Robert and Anna's death, he became the overprotective guardian of Robin.  After a failed try at the altar with Felicia Jones, the duo married successfully in 1998. Other flames included Dominique Taub and Katherine Delafield. In 2000, his marriage to Felicia fell apart due to her fling with Luke Spencer, so the Scorpios are in the midst of a divorce. 

Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones: First child of Frisco and Felicia Jones, stepdaughter to Mac Scorpio. Anna was Maxie's godmother. Now a teen, Maxie's developed a crush on Lucky Spencer.

Maria Ramirez: Grandmother of Felicia, Maria ran a hacienda in Texas, and often visited Felicia. 

Mary Flannigan: Housekeeper of Katherine Delafield, Mary was always buzzing around and mothering Kate. She didn't care for Kate's then fiance, Paul, and constantly pushed Kate towards Robert.  Her match making paid off when Kate and Robert became engaged.

Mexico: In 1984, Robert, Luke, Sean, Holly, Frisco, and Felicia participated in the Aztec Treasure adventure search in various parts of Mexico. Sean maintained a hacienda there, hiding Robin there in 1986 while Anna, Robert, and Duke tried to stop the mob. Sean was particularly attached to Mexico, visiting there several times over the years, and even producing a son there. 

Mister Big: Head of the crime syndicate in Port Charles and nearby areas, the infamous Mr. Big's identity wasn't revealed for months until a Duke tried to leave the mob and discovered to his horror that Mr. Big was actual Anna's co-police chief, Burt Ramsey. Duke shot Burt, who survived, but Robert and gang soon believed Duke and worked to bring down Burt and his cronies.  When Burt tried to shoot Robert, Duke took the bullet and this heroic act caused Anna to continue her relationship with Duke.

Monica Quartermaine: The long suffering wife of Alan, Monica was a doctor at GH and often helped Robert and Anna in their cases. Anna and Monica were close friends, and Monica arranged for Anna and Robert's wedding at the Shakespearean Gardens. She also had a torrid affair with Sean Donely. Her children include Dawn, who Monica had secretly given up for adoption while in medical school, and Alan Jr. "AJ". She eventually came to love her stepson, Jason, who she adopted when his mother died. 

Mouse: A street kid who befriend Frisco after he escaped the Bulgarian prison, Mouse helped him defeat Domino. She adored Frisco and was jealous of Felicia. Mouse later reconnected to her family and was never seen again.