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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Jack Slater: A thug who originally worked for Sean Donely in stealing the Aztec Treasure, Jack fled Port Charles after shooting Tony Jones and fenced some stolen gems to Anna Devane, who then joined the treasure hunt.

Jade Buddahs: A pair of statues which Anna planted on Holly to have her arrested. The statues also figured into the Asian Quarter storyline as little Robin had discovered a pair of priceless black pearls in the statues and had replaced them into the eyes of her doll, Cindy. Mr. Wu, thinking Anna and Robert were hiding the pearls, kidnapped the Ancient One and Robin in retaliation. The pearls were the key to freeing the people of the Asian Quarter from Wu's slavery of its inhabitants.

Jade Soong: Granddaughter of the notorious Mr. Wu, Jade befriended Felicia and fell in love with doctor Yank. Jade ended up helping Robert and pals bust the Asian gang lead by her grandfather and brother, Kim, though she suffered temporary blindness after her brother knocked her out.

Jagger Cates: A boxer and street-smart, Jagger is the older brother of Michael "Stone" and Gina. Separated from his siblings when their parents died, he was dismayed to discover his baby brother was being cared for my local stripclub owner, Sonny Corinthos. Jagger eventually married Karen Wexler and they left town when he joined the police force.

Jacques: Right arm to Cesar Faison, he dislike his employer's choice in women.  When Jacques wasn't arguing his Desiree, he was fighting with Anna.  He was very suspicious of Anna and tried to warn Cesar that Anna's was dangerous, but Cesar refused to believe him.  Jacques was arrested by Robert and gang in '90 so that Frisco could impersonate him to the DVX bosses, and wasn't mentioned much after that.

Jake Meyer: An attorney, Jake was married to Bobbie and stepfather to Terry.  He helped to defend many PC citizens, including Duke and Anna.  In 1987, Jake had a one-night stand with client Lucy, who later miscarried their child. After disagreements with Bobbie, Jake abruptly left PC to do peace corps-type work  in South America.

Jason Morgan: Brain-dead after a car accident caused by drunken older brother AJ, Jason Quartermaine took on the name of Jason Morgan and became a lackey for mobster Sonny Corinthos, eventually becoming the head of the mob when Sonny temporarily left town. The first person to see Jason when he awoke in the hospital, Robin befriend then became romantically involved with Jason. Their relationship eventually fell apart after Jason refused to leave the mob for her and his obsession with baby Michael who he claimed as his own son, despite the fact he was not the child's biological father.

Jasper "Jax" Jacks: A corporate raider, Jax was a former acquaintenace of Mac. The two had a falling out over the death of Jax's wife, Miranda, who each had blamed the other was responsible for. When Jax attempted (a second time) to marry Brenda, Sonny arranged for the very much alive Miranda to crash the wedding. A relieved Mac was thrilled Miranda was alive, as he had set off the explosion that supposedly killed her, and Jax made amends with them both. Jax was also very kind to Robin because of her relationship to Brenda, and often pleaded with her to stay away from Sonny and Jason.

Jenny Eckert: Younger sister of Bill, Jenny spent all of her time protesting for environmental causes as a member of the Green Belts, and the rest of her time defending and hiding Mac Scorpio when he was on the outs with Robert. She and Paul Hornsby fell in love, but after he married Tracy Quartermaine (under orders from the Cartel), Jenny married Ned Ashton. Both were unhappy in their marriages, divorced their spouses, and married one another.

Jessica Holmes: An ambitious lawyer who had an affair with Sean Donely when his marriage to Tiffany was falling apart due to Tiff's obsession with gaining custody of her late sister's baby, Lucas. Jessica claimed to be carrying Sean's baby, but was murdered by pyscho Ryan Chamberlain.

Jimmy Lee Holt: Illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine, Jimmy was a county boy who could be just as devious as the rest of the Quartermaines. His best and oldest friend was Buzz Stryker, who's daughter Sandy had a huge crush on Jimmy Lee. Smitten with Celia, Jimmy Lee spurned lover Lorna Sharpe, Monica's cousin, and eventually got Celia to leave Grant for him. Celia then dumped him, but he eventually found love in the form of Charity and moved back to Pawtuck to help her run her country store.

Jimmy O'Hurlihy: Nephew of Mary, Katherine Delafield's housekeeper, Jimmy showed up in 1989.  Anything but the nice boy that Kate and Mary remember him as, Jimmy was involved in a counterfeiting ring and had poisoned is partner in crime. He also tried to poison Robert the same way (by putting the poison in the aftershave), but Robert caught on and pretended to die in order to catch Jimmy in the act. Realizing he was about to be caught, Jimmy took his aunt hostage, but was arrested after he couldn't go through with killing his aunt.

Jonathon Pagent: The pseudonym used by Duke Lavery after undergoing plastic surgery. Duke had been presumed dead by family and friends after he had been seen blown up in a building, but in fact Duke had joined the witness protection program. Unable to go on with Anna and Robin, a desperate Duke became Pagent to return to his family. Robin immediately took to Pagent, but Anna was suspicious of him and it wasn't until Olivia blurted out Pagent's identity that Anna finally accepted he was Duke. Unfortunately Pagent (Duke) was killed soon after by Julian and died in Anna's arms.

Josh Clayton: Close friend of Frisco, Josh idolized him and worked with Frisco on his tv show.  He also wrote music, and one of his songs was stolen by Blackie Parrish. During the Asian Quarter storyline, Josh was killed by mistake by Mr. Wu's men because Josh was wearing Frisco's jacket. When Frisco realized what had happened, he went undercover to get revenge, joining escapee Sean Donely in their quest to bring Wu down.

Julia Barret: Spoiled older daughter of Harlan Barrett, she appeared in 1991 and quickly clashed with Bill Eckert, whom her father had picked to be his heir-apparent. Harlan was pleased when the two became involved, but she broke it off with Bill after learning he'd shot Harlan to protect Robert. She then became involved with Ned Ashton, but that relationship also nastily fell apart.  Julia also had a love-hate relationship with wild younger half-sister, Brenda, but the two made up before Brenda's death. She had also dated Jerry Jax, older brother of Brenda's husband, Jax, before Brenda ever meet Jax.

Julian Jerome: Younger and favorite son of Victor Jerome, Julian was shielded away from the mob life by his father. At college, Julian fell in love with Cheryl Stansbury, but broke it off because his father didn't want Cheryl married into the mob life. Julian's idealism caused him to decide to help Duke Lavery locate his missing wife, Anna, when she was kidnapped by Putnam, with Duke agreeing to legitimizing the mob in return. In trying to kill Duke, Julian's psychotic sister, Olivia, thought she'd killed Julian by mistake. Victor pretended Julian was killed too, but Julian later came out of hiding. After Victor's death, Julian decided he only wanted revenged. He had his sister killed, and he and Duke both died shooting one another.