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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Ginny Webber: A neurotic tv reporter, Ginny who had years before given up her son Mike for adoption. Ginny married Rick Webber, who had adopted her son, but then had to contend with fighting for her son's affections when his rich biological father, Derrick Barrington, popped up and wanted his son. Derrick was also Ginny's boss. Ginny eventually fell in love with her hubby and they had a child together.

Grant Andrews: A Russian spy named Andre Chernin, Grant was trained to take the presumed-dead Grant Putnam's place. Andrews got a medical degree, worked at GH, was forced to marry Putnam's fiancee, Celia, and at switched sides to help Robert break the Aztec Treasure caper. He parted PC on friendly terms with Robert and Anna, though not with most of the city who still say him as a traitor.

Grant Putnam: Grant Putnam was a nutcase who had killed his own brother, tried to frame Grant Andews for a murder attempt, and tried to kill former fiancee Celia Quartermaine. Arrested by Robert Scorpio, Grant vowed revenge and after being released from the sanitarium, kidnapped Robert's ex-wife, Anna, when she foiled his attempt to kidnap Robert's daughter, Robin. Robert finally caught Putnam, who was again sent back to the sanitarium.

Greta Ingstrom: A brillant scientist, Greta worked the MOX-36 formula, developing an antidote on the side which she hoped would be a cure against germ warfare. When she blew Sean off after their first meeting at Tiffany's tv station, he became quite smitten with Greta and was determined to protect her. Co-worker Malcolm tried to kill her many times, succeeding to stab her before Frisco and Sean could get to her. She healed, however, and was starting to fall for Sean when Greta learned her husband, Eric, was actually still alive and being held hostage on the Biscayne Islands. Sean, Robert, Anna, and Duke helped rescue Eric, and a remorseful Greta told Sean she had to give her marriage another chance. Tiffany overheard Greta and Sean's declaration of their feeling for one another, and vowed revenge against Sean, helping Alan and Edward dipose Sean as the head of HTI.

Guy Lewis: Captain of the police force, Guy was Robert and Anna's right hand man during the time both were in charge of the police department. Guy was also close to Frisco and Sean.  Both Robert and Anna tended to take out their frustration on their friends when they were upset, and poor Guy got a lot of the heat when they were his bosses. His wife also befriend Felicia when she first married Frisco, helping her adjust to being married to a cop.

Harlan Barrett: One of The Cartel heads, Harlan ran Barrett Industries, making his daughter, Julia, and Bill Eckert partners. He made the mistake of angering Monica, Lucy, and Tracy, who drugged him and held him captive overnight at the Quartermaine mansion. Bill shot Harlan after Harlan tried to kill Robert.

Harrison Davis: An ambitious and pushy doctor, Harrison was obsessed with Simone Hardy, with whom he had an affair. Determined to have her, Harrison tried to destroy her marriage with the help of Simone's obnoxious mother, and switched the paternity test of Simone's son, Tommy, to make it look like he was the father. When he realized Simone wouldn't leave Tom, Harrison convinced guillable nurse Meg to marry him so that he could sue for custody. Simone eventually figured out the truth and Meg divorced him. When he realized that Casey was an alien, Harrison called in the Air Force and threatened Anna, who had helped Casey escape. An infuriated Robert hold him to back off from his family, and Harrison eventually left town after being humiliated in the Casey caper, as he couldn't prove Casey was an alien (as Casey had escaped). 

the Haunted Star: A boat originally belonging to Mikkos Cassadine which was given to Luke and Laura as a reward after the Ice Princess caper ended. The couple turned the ship into a floating nightclub.

Holly Sutton Scorpio: Born into a British con-running family, Holly meet and tried to scam Luke and Robert, but eventually fell in love with both, separately. After Luke's supposed death in an avalanche, Robert married a pregnant Holly to prevent her from being deported to England. She miscarried but over time the two really fell in love. Their marriage was tested in 1985 after she learned that Anna was Robert's first wife. His devotion to his first wife and child interrupted their marriage on various occassions. Coincidently, both she and Anna had the same nanny as children.  Holly was presumed killed in a plane crash in Australia in 1987, but later showed up saying she'd been in a coma due to a car accident. Before taking off after his kidnapped wife Anna, Robert had divorce papers drawn up to dissolve his marriage to Holly. When he and Anna were believed to be killed in a boat explosion, Holly tore up away the divorce papers and helped Mac care for Robin for a while before leaving Port Charles again.

Ice Princess: The key needed to operate the evil Cassadine weather machine, this ugly little stone led many on a wild goosechase. Luke was hired to find this thing and along the way meet his best friend, Robert Scorpio, and reaffirmed his love for Laura. The trio became tight friends and helped each other out of many scraps. 

Iona Hunnington: Quite a character, Iona was Katherine Delafield's aunt who turned out to be counterfeiting money. Robert caught on to what she was doing, and Iona gave up the criminal life. Iona got very ill and needed a heart transplant, which she luckily received. She left PC not too long after getting well.