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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Edge: A conman who Scotty Baldwin had enlisted to pretend to be Victor Jerome's grandson in order to lay claim to a sachtel of diamonds, Edge became infatuated with Anna and told her that he wanted to be a video director. He rejected Scotty's plan and confessed to Anna, who had already done a background check on him and wanted nothing to do with him. Edge then become involved in a music piracy scheme with Decker, and later framed Decker for Dawn's murder when thugs from Europe caught up with Edge. The thugs murdered Edge before he could flee Port Charles.

Elena Cosgrove: Rich songstress who Dusty thought of as a big sister, Elena turned out to be a radical in charge of assassinations on various WSB and DVX agents because she thought it would bring world peace closer at hand. Though she had Dusty under mind control using a song she wrote called "Forty Million Stars" as a trigger, Elena was in fact very fond of Dusty, perhaps partly in pentance for having Dusty's parent killed when he was a child. Robert used her affection for Dusty to catch her, but she was killed after knocking Robert down and accidently rushing into an oncoming bus while trying to escape. 

Evan Jerome: Oldest son of Victor Jerome, Evan meet Duke briefly in L'Orlean, Canada, and was killed later that night by Camillia McKay, after a drunken Evan raped. Duke and Angus, Camillia's father, buried Evan and kept it a secret while Camillia had a nervous breakdown and completely blocked out the incident. Evan's widow, Veronica, sought revenge and tormented Camillia, but Victor finally put stop to it and banished Veronica to Europe.

Felicia Cummings: Descendant of an Aztec princess, Felicia appeared as dressed as a boy and trying to steal a ring from Frisco. Their friendship lead to an adventure in Mexico with Robert and gang, where she became attached to Sean Donely who became a father figure to her. Her occupations included joining the police academy (though she didn't finish), running nightclubs, being a PI, and being part owner of The Outback club. Felicia's flames included Frisco Jones (husband #1 and 2), Colton Shore (annulled husband #2), Mac Scorpio (husband #3), and Tom Hardy. 

Filomenia Soltini: A kindly Italian woman, Filomenia was instrumental in arranging Robert and Anna's first wedding in Italy after the couple washed ashore.  She firmly believed the two were made for each other. After Robert left Anna, Filomenia helped Anna secretly raise their daughter, Robin, who was lead to believe she was an orphan and the granddaughter of Filomenia. A fantastic cook, Filomenia adored her "Roberto," catering to him much to Anna's chargrin. Besides the Scorpios, Filomenia had an extensive Italian family, always having to take care of some relative. Filomenia was killed by Grant Putnam in 1988 trying to stop him from kidnapping Robin. Her nickname for Robin was "Caramia".  

Finian O'Toole: A resourceful man, Finian was Mac's first friend in Port Charles, helping Mac escape and hideout from his angry brother. Finian was a very colorful man, having had something like five wives and numerous jobs. He became Sly Eckert's caretaker and was arrested after killing Sly's slimy mother, Nancy, who was threatening to take custody away from Bill Eckert.

40 Million Stars: Song written by Elena Cosgrove, a wealthy heiress who wanted to bring about world peace by destroying the WSB and DVX. She used the song as a way of encoding messages to her assassins that told the assassins where and to whom the hits would occur. Dusty Walker, brainwashed by Elena, was programmed using the song as a trigger. Former WSB agents Sean, Anna, and Robert were all on Elena's hit list.

Frankie Greco: Younger brother of Carla, Frankie was befriended by Colton who helped him and his sister break free from thug Rico. Frankie was attracted to friend Dawn, but soon realized she only wanted Decker. Frankie left town with his sister and Colton's familly.