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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Dan Rooney: An administrator at GH, Dan was romantically involved with nurse Jessie McLaughlin and later Ruby, who then competed for his affections when Charlene tried to horn in on them. Dan was a close friend of Steve Hardy.

Damian Smith: Son of mobster Frank Smith, Damian had gone to boarding school with buddy Ned Ashton as youngsters. A shrewd and vindictive plotter, Damian destroyed Bobbie's marriage to Tony on a bet with Lucy Coe. He came to care for Bobbie, but his lover, Katherine kept him from getting together with Bobbie. Katherine later became involved with Mac, who became a murder suspect when Damian was murdered while trying to torch Ward House. The killer turned out to be Justus Ward.

Dawn Winthrop: Biological daughter of Monica Quartermaine, Dawn was a sweet and often naive girl who had been raised in a convent. A nursing student at GH, Dawn was first shocked then later pleased to learn Monica was her mother. The two's relationship became strained when Dawn became engaged to Ned and became suspicious of Monica and Ned's closeness. On her wedding day, Dawn overheard them talking about their past affair, and she fled with Decker in tow. Dawn fell in love with Decker, absolved her marriage to Ned, and became engaged to Decker. She and Monica made up, but Dawn was later killed by Edge. [Note- there were four actresses that played Dawn, with the one pictured having played the role the longest.]

Decker Moss: Younger, impetuous brother of Colton, Decker first appeared when an amnesiac Felicia was on the run from Frisco and Colton and thought her name was Phoebe. The two hit it off and become good friends. Decker, abandoned by his mother at a young age, was raised by circus people who had let him take the blame for the "death" of one of his guardians. Anna and Shep helped clear Decker of the murder, and Decker proposed to sweetheart Dawn. He became involved in a music priracy scam that unfortunately lead to the death of Dawn, and left town with his brother.

Delafields: A dinner club bought by Katherine Delafield. Robert Scorpio resided in the penthouse above, and Angel and Mary helped manage the club. Frisco and Katherine served as the club's entertainment.

Delfina: An outlandish character, she was a friend of Tiffany in the early 80's and later returned to help Anna coordinate her second wedding to Robert.

Desiree: Introduced in '90 as the mistress of Cesar Faison, she became extremely jealous of Anna after learning that Anna was the woman upon whom Cesar had based his character, Davnee, in his adventure novels. Cesar had assigned Desiree to get Sean to sell them the Wellington Collection, but Sean only played games with her. After Cesar sent her off the island because he was expecting Anna's arrival, Desiree went to Sean's apartment, and demanded the fu dog from the Wellington Collection or else she'd shoot her hostage, Robin. Both of Robin's godfathers, Sean and Frisco, ended getting shot to protect Robin. Desiree fled back to her homeland of Thailand realizing that Cesar would kill her after threatening Robin. Her death in Bangkok was ruled a suicide, but Robert and gang knew that Cesar had Desiree killed.

Dimitra: Long-time mistress of mobster Victor Jerome, Dimitri secretly had a child with him named Dino. Mother and son plotted to dispose of Victor's other children, particularly the nasty Olivia, but Dino's attempt to frame Anna for Olivia's shooting was foiled when Robert figured out Dino's real identity.

Dominique Taub: Trapped in an abusive marriage, Dom had been institutionalized by her husband after her father was killed by Taub. She blocked the event out by going deaf. Upon meeting Mac, Dom promptly fell in love and tried many times to flee from her domineering husband, even pretending to commit suicide by jumping off their penthouse balcony. After Taub's death, Dom and Mac had a bumpy relationship, and she finally ended up marrying Scotty Baldwin on a whim. She and Scotty later fell deeply in love, and before dying, she convinced Lucy, her best friend, to be a surrogate mother for Dom and Scotty's baby, Serena. [Two different actresses played Dominique.]

"Domino" Nicholas Van Buren: Going by the pseudonym Domino, Van Buren was head of a terrorist network and was responsible for Frisco's imprisonment in a Bulgarian prison. He used his neice, Arielle, to bait Colton, who Van Buren had mind control done on. Once Frisco escaped the prison, he went after Van Buren and with Robert, Anna, and Sean's help, finally defeated him.

Dragon Bone: An ancient bone that was a map to a Chinese civilization. Larry Ashton was introduced on this quest, but ended up stripped of his title when his half brother Charlie Prince was revealed to be the true Ashton heir. Everyone from Domino to Sean Donely to Larry was searching for this bone after Friday [Robert's pooch] buried it in the Quartermaine grounds. Charlie left PC after giving the bone back to the Chinese government.

Duke's Club: Night club owned by Duke Lavery that was located near the docks. Felicia often helped run the club, with Terry and Frisco performing there. After Duke's death, Katherine Delafield bought the club and renamed it Delafields.

Duke Lavery: Introduced in 1986, Duke's Scottish by birth. He's the illegitimate son of Angus McKay, head of the McKay mob. Duke was already involved with the mob when he hooked up with Anna Devane, who at that time was co-police chief. He ran Duke's nightclub, was president of the Dock Worker's Union, was best friend to Angel, and ran a money laundering operation on the side. After falling in love with Anna, Duke struggled to go legit, though he was tainted by his past and almost lost Anna's affections many times. His associations with Camillia McKay and Olivia St. John caused a lot of heartache for both Anna and Duke, and his intense jealously of Robert's importance to Anna and Robin caused him to overreact often. After Anna taught him to tango, he and Anna often performed the passionate dance before admiring crowds. However, Duke and Anna did finally make it to the altar in 1987, marrying in a lavish Scottish ceremony in which Robert gave Anna away and Robin was the flowergirl. A big romantic, Duke bought a country cabin for the Laverys to sneak away to and had the Laverys's honeymoon bed flown back from Scotland. When Anna was kidnapped by Putnam, Duke rejoined the mob to find her, and his involvement with the mob eventually lead to his death.

Dusty Walker: Frisco met Dusty in prison, telling Frisco he was a pal of Frisco's old friend Blackie, and the Jones invited the stranger to stay with them. A county singer and wandering bum, Dusty soon became involved with Terry. Unfortunately for Terry, Dusty was the pawn of Elena, a terrorist who had brainwashed him to kill upon hearing "Forty Million Stars". After being de-programmed and learning Elena was dead, Dusty turned his back on Terry and left on a freighter.

DVX: Counterpart to the WSB, this spy network was the bad guys in the spy world. No explaination of what the letters DVX stand for has ever been given.