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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Camillia McKay: Raised to believe she was the daughter of Angus McKay, Camillia learned years later she was switched at birth and was actually the illegitimate daughter of an unkind local baron. Before figuring her real roots, she meet and fell in love with Duke, who rejected her after learning she was McKay's daughter because he was secretly McKay's real son. Hurt, she flirted with house guest Evan Jerome, a rival mobster's son, who Camillia killed after he raped her. Duke and Angus covered up the murder, and an amnesic Camillia was ushered off to be sheltered in the nunnery. After Angus's death, she tried to rekindle her romance with Duke, but he only wanted Anna. Tom Hardy befriend her and helped her in therapy deal with her past. Not remembering her part in the murder, Camillia was responsible for the secret of L'Orleans to come out, causing her and Duke to stand trial for Evan's murder, and the humiliation and resignation of Anna, who had given in to Duke's plea that she not investigate the case.

Casey Rogers: An space alien from the planet Lumina, Casey landed in the Laverys's backyard and took on the form and identity of "Casey Rogers" from an old casefile of Anna's. He befriended Robin, who helped him in his search to recover parts of a glowing crystal which he needed to return to him homeworld. Anna and Frisco helped Casey track down the crystals, and after a short time as a captive of Cesar Faison, Casey returned to Lumina. Frisco nicknamed him "Spock". 

The Cartel: A crime syndicate whose three heads were Leopold Taub, Harlan Barrett, and Cesar Faison. Each had their own agenda, but the goal was world domination using military coups and a chemical gas, carbon disulfide.

Celia Quartermaine: Spoiled rich girl and artist, she was best friends with Holly. Celia constantly harrassed Anna until Robert told her to back off. Celia married Grant Andrews, thinking he was her childhood friend Grant Putnam, then dumped him for Jimmy Lee Holt. Robert rescued her when Grant Putnam tried to kill her.

Cesar Faison: Nemesis to Robert, Anna, and Sean, he was one of the heads of the DVX and Anna's former boss. Cesar used the pseudenym P. K. Sinclair to author books on his past cases with Anna.  Obsessed with Anna, he was very jealous of Robert and tried to break the couple up many times. Cesar and Sean were responsible for destroying the Scorpio's marriage, and after he couldn't convince her to leave Robert, Cesar kidnapped Anna. In 1992, it was revealed that Cesar had known Anna as a child because his natural mother, Nanny McTavish, was nanny to Anna's younger sister before she died. Cesar liked to make cracks about Robert's hair, and Robert responded by making fun of his height.

Charlene Simpson: Mother of Decker and Colton, and aunt of Lucy Coe. Charlene was a schemer like Lucy when she first showed up, but mellowed out after a while. She became Tony's housekeeper after he threw Lucy out, and vied for Dan Rooney's affections against Ruby. Charlene joined Colton when he moved to Santa Maro with his fiancee, Carla.

Cheryl Stansbury: Younger sister of Tiffany Hill, Cheryl was a financial wizard who became involved with Julian Jerome, a mobster's son, while at college. When she became involved with Robert, Cheryl tried to hide her past connections to the Jerome mob, but her letting Anna go to trial for Olivia's shooting when she knew Anna didn't do it destroyed her relationship with Robert, not to mention Anna. Having only one kidney after Tiffany accidently caused her to lose the other one, Cheryl often had medical problems. In 1990, Cheryl gave birth to a son, Lucas, who was stolen and sold to Bobbie for adoption.  Still in love with Robert, Cheryl announced he was the baby's father when they located Lucas, but blood tests proved Julian was the baby's father. When she was killed in a car accident, Cheryl snubbed her sister and left Lucas to Bobbie, causing a huge custody battle between the two.

Claudio Maldonado: A wealthy dictator, the dashing Claudio used his acquaintance with Katherine Delafield to insinuate himself into Kate's life because he was secretly working with Domino. He began to fall in love with Anna and after she and Sean were almost blown up on a ship, Claudio changed him mind about working with Domino.

Colton Shore: Son of Charlene and cousin of Lucy Coe, Colton fell in love with Felicia and the duo married, but the union was annulled after Frisco was discovered very much alive. During therapy with Tom Hardy, Colton realized he had been brainwashed by a terrorist group, headed by Domino, had been married to Arielle, Domino's neice, and that he hadn't killed Frisco like he thought (Frisco was indeed very much alive, and instead was being held prisoner in a Bulgarian prison by Domino). After Felicia rewed Frisco, Colton instead became involved with Olivia Jerome, who died, and then finally found bliss with Carla Greco, and they all moved to back to her home country.

Connor O'Liveria: Introduced in 1991, Connor quickly befriended Mac and helped him try to protect Dominique from her abusive husband. On the run from immigration, Connor was searching for his birth father, which was revealed to be Sean Donely. When he wasn't helping Mac, Connor was managing and singing at The Outback.