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Character Biographies and Terms

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Character Index
(arranged by first name):

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Amanda Barrington: A wealthy socialite, Amanda was a good friend to Lila and Edward Quartermaine, and was the aunt of Derrick Barrington. Lucy Coe tried for years to suck up and win the snobby Amanda's affections.

Amy Vining: The adopted sister of Laura Spencer, Amy is a nurse at GH and a all-around busybody. Amy would know any gossip or dirt on the citizens of PC. She and Patrick O'Connor were involved for a short while, but she broke off the relationship after realizing he was still interested in Terry.

The Ancient One: Yank's grandfather, a very respected member of the Asian Quarter. He found an upset Robin who had run away after overhearing Robert and Anna argue about being her parents. As he was hiding from Mr. Wu and his thugs, the Ancient One took care of Robin when she refused to tell him who she was. Once the black pearls were given to him, the Ancient One helped arrange the buying of a large cannery to help free the Asian Quarter from Mr. Wu's organization.

Andrew "Frisco" Jones: Hotheaded and impetuous, Frisco's had many occupations including rock star, cop, detective, WSB agent, and nightclub singer. Frisco became involved with the aztec adventure group, falling hard for Felicia, who he first meet when she hid under his bed trying to seal back a ring she claimed was rightfully hers. He's one of Robin's three godfathers. He has also been presumed dead on more than one occassion, always going undercover. Felicia and Frisco were married twice, but his first flame on the show was Tanya, who eventually married his brother, Tony. The Jones had two daughters together, but Frisco abandoned his family in seach of adventure as a WSB agent.

AngelBest friends to Duke and also involved in the shady mob, the kind hearted Angel ran Duke's nightclub and often helped Duke cover his lies, particularly to Anna, whom Angel adored as well. Not many other details were revealed about Angel. 

Angus McKay: Head of the McKay mob, Angus ended up sacrificing his life by drinking poison, in order to prevent a mob war because he, his daughter Camillia, and Duke had covered up the murder of Evan Jerome, son of a rival mobster. Angus was also revealed to be Duke's biological father and not Camillia's, who had been switched at birth. 

Anna DevaneIntroduced in 1985, Anna was British by birth, but raised in Canada. A former WSB agent, Anna secretly married her partner, Robert Scorpio, in Italy, but he divorced her within a few months after he discovered she was a double agent. The deaths of her parents and Lindsey, her younger sister who died of leukemia, left Anna without any family, so she sought her fortunes by joining the WSB and DVX. An expert at karate, diffusing explosives, and fencing hot jewels and art work, Anna's other occupations included co-police chief, private eye, wife, and devoted mother. Through the years, Robert and Sean constantly tease Anna about her  lack of cooking skills. Like Robert, Anna's nemesis was Cesar Faison, her former DVX boss who was obsessed with her. Flames included Robert Scorpio (husband #1 and #3) and Duke Lavery (husband #2). Robin is Anna's only child, though she did get pregnant in 1989 but miscarried due to the strain of being stalked by Olivia St. John.

Arielle Ashton: Introduced as the skiddish new wife of Larry Ashton, Arielle was revealed to be the niece of Nicholas Van Buren and a former terrorist. She was also the first wife of Colton Shore, whom Arielle had never quite gotten over and pursued once she discovered him in PC. Since Felicia was involved with Colton, Arielle hated her with a passion and tried to shoot her.

Autumn Clayton: Assistant to Herbert "Bertie" Quartermaine, she asked for Robert's help to protect Bertie whom she claimed someone was trying to kill. Robert was originally intrigued with her, but after learning about her sorted past, his romantic interested dwindled. After Bertie's murder, Autumn inherited all of his money, and she returned to France with her sleazy ex-lover.

Ballantine: Head of the WSB in 1986-87, he and his second in command were killed by Elena's assassins, which lead to the Biscayne Islands/Mt. Rushmore adventures. Robert took over as the temporary head while solving the murders and before his death, Ballantine managed to leave Robert a clue which consisted of the first few lines to "40 Million Stars".

Barbara Jean Jones: Daughter of Tony Jones and Tania Roscov. When Tania went into delivery at the Brownstone, Bobbie helped deliver the baby, and in return, the Jones named their daughter after Bobbie. After Tania's death, Lucy Coe became BJ's nanny and seduced Tony into marrying her.  Bobbie later married Tony and became BJ's stepmom. In 1995, BJ's school bus got into an accident, and she died. Tony made the difficult decision to give her only child's heart to her ailing cousin, Maxie.

Bill Eckert: Cousin of Bobbie Spencer, Bill looked like a twin of Bobbie's brother, Luke, only with red hair and a beard. Bill came in on the same freighter as Mac, worked his way up Barrett Industries very fast, becoming part owner, and dated Julia Barrett. His son Sly became a pawn when Bill's sleazy ex-wife, Nancy, wanted money. Months later, Bill, among others, became a suspect in Nancy's murder. Bill was killed trying to protect Sly and Lucky Spencer from a hitman who mistook Bill for Luke Spencer.

Black Pearls: The crux of the Asian Quarter storyline was the power struggle for control of the Asian Quarter from the evil Mr. Wu, which pended on the deliverance of a set of black pearls that had been hidden in a pair of jade buddhas in Anna's possession. Little Robin had exchange her dolly's, Cindy, eyes with the pearls not realizing their value. Since Anna and Robert had no idea about the pearls, neither understood why Wu was after their child until the duo finally recovered their kidnapped child and the leader of the Asian Quarter, the Ancient One.

Bobbie Spencer Jones: Sister of Luke Spencer, Bobbie was very close to the Scorpios and Donelys. She's served as bridesmaids in both of Anna's weddings, though she and Tiffany sometimes were at odds, particularly over Lucas. In 1987 when Anna and Robert were pretending to have been killed, they left custody of their daughter to Bobbie and her then husband, Jake Meyer. Bobbie reciprocated by making Robert godfather to her adopted son, Lucas.

Brenda Barrett: Younger daughter of Harlan Barrett and half-sister of Julia Barrett, Brenda had a very unhappy childhood thanks to her cold-fish of a father, who favored Julia.  Because of this, the beautiful Brenda was the ultimate damsel in distress, always falling in love with men who either treated her badly or who were in love with someone else, and thus always hurting herself in the process. Though she was a model, Brenda had problems with her self-esteem, but had two great best friends in the form of Robin Scorpio and Lois Cerullo. She also ended up marrying Jasper Jacks twice when her lover Sonny Corinthos dumped her twice. Brenda died in 1998 in a car crash with her emotionally disturbed mother, only to reappear alive a few years later.

The Brownstone: Owned by Bobbie and Jake, the Brownstone has been home to several PCers, including Frisco, Felicia, and Tiffany. In 1991, Port Charles had an earthquake, causing the destruction of the brownstone, so it got a facelift afterwards.

Burt Ramsey: Co-police chief with Anna, Burt was revealed to be Mr. Big, head of the local mob syndicate in Port Charles in 1986. Once a close friend to Robert, Burt's excuse for going bad was because he had to share power on the police force with a woman, Anna, when he thought he should have rightfully been in full command. Robert had been responsible for getting Anna appointed co-chief before he had returned to Australia. Duke shot Burt after learning his real identity, and Anna and friends had to protect Duke when Burt came after him.

Buzz Stryker: A doctor and former veteran, Buzz established the GH medical van. When Robin was missing in 1985, Buzz and Anna would drive around for hours searching for Anna's daughter. He became very attached to them both, developing a crush on Anna, and was the third of Robin's godfathers. Robert tried to encourage Anna to become involved with Buzz, but she eventually turned her attention to Duke Lavery instead. Due to his military days, Buzz had to fight and overcome a drug addiction problem. Buzz was had a daughter named Sandy and was a close friend of Jimmy Lee Holt.