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Home But Not Alone
Duke and Robert locate Grant's house, but a weary Robert suspects a trap. An impatient Duke rushes to the house, followed by Robert and the two barely escape as the house explodes. Meanwhile Grant's taken Anna to the mountain cabin and she eventually escapes only to get lost in the snow. Julian gives Duke a tip to Anna's whereabouts but his rescue is sidetracked when his jeep breaks down. This gives Robert, who's been having Duke followed, the opportunity to arrive first.  

Robert hugs an exhausted Anna just seconds before she collapses in his arms, suffering from severe hypothermia and frostbite. Duke arrives just in time to see the duo reunited and his jealous insecurities rises again.  

Air lifted to GH, Anna undergoes several medical close calls as her heart has to be shocked into a regular rhythm and her temperature rises.  Both Robert and Duke keep a vigil, but are icy towards one another.  

After Anna's fever breaks, she calls for Robert first, worried that his determination to find her would have caused problems between him and Duke.  Robert doesn't let her know the extent of their hostilities.  Duke's jealous again when he learns Robert was her first visitor and misinterprets the words she mumbles, "Rob, Rob... I love you," in her sleep.  She means to say "Robin" but Duke rushes out of her room and tells an confused Amy to "Call Scorpio. Get him back here. That's who she really wants!"  After he calms down, Duke returns and Anna convinces her hubby that she was actually dreaming about her daughter.  Robin, Anna's next visitor, rushes into her mum's arms where a thrilled Anna exclaims, "I've missed you more than I've ever missed anyone."

The Mob ruins everything
After Duke continues to refuse to tell Robert how he located Anna, Robert becomes even more convinced that Duke's rejoined the mob when a background check on Duke's companion (Julian) is unconfirmable because he had used fake id.  Robert keeps a sketch of the companion in hopes of finding out who he really is.  

Since he's now back with the police department, Robert asks Sean to run the PI office until Anna's well again, to which a ticked off Tiffany responds, "We've been talking about a life together and we can't even take a vacation together!", as they will have to cancel their romantic getaway.  Sean soothes her ruffled feathers with a large emerald bracelet to match a necklace he gave her two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Julian insists to his father, Victor Jerome, that the family's business go legitimate and that Duke Lavery was the only man able to do it. Buying for time while trying to convince his father, Julian asks Duke to receive one last liquor shipment, but the plan goes awry when hijackers from a rival mob are caught after a shootout.  Duke and Angel are barely able to clean up the scene before the police arrive, and though the police search can find nothing, Robert's suspicions grow even stronger. Duke continues to rebuff the Jeromes, but Julian reminds him that "No matter what you want, my father will never set you free."

Robert reiterates the captive theme by taking over the Lavery household. Duke and Anna arrive home only to find Scorpio's having the home fortressed and announcing his ground rules to protect them from further attacks. Duke's furious that Robert insists there will be guards and daily visits from him, and Anna's angry by his remark that "we will discuss your future as a P.I."  

His constant checkups disrupt both the Lavery household and sex life (Robert keeps calling whenever they try to go to bed). When Duke turns the phone off for privacy, the police break into the Lavery's bedroom as they couple are starting to make love.  "This time he's gone too far!" shouts the frustrated scotsman.  His luck at the club isn't much better when he finds two bodies in the basement after getting a note stating "You shouldn't have ratted on my men. Look in your basement."

Frisco's missing
Felicia's upset after receiving a note from the WSB saying "Special Agent Frisco Jones has been reported missing in action."
Neither she nor Sean can gain access to Frisco's file, and a distraught Felicia goes to the Seamen's Church to pray, not noticing she's beeing watched by Colton Shore, Lucy Coe's cousin who suddenly turned up in Port Charles.  Later, Felicia confides in the persistant Colton who tells her he too was missing in action during his tenure in the military.

Robert and Sean suspect that Frisco's possibly alive and working undercover, but Felicia's unable to get the WSB to tell her anything.  Felicia's finally relieved when Kinley admits Frisco's alive and has to appear dead to complete his mission.  "Then it was a lie," she sighs, but is unhappy when she's told that she must continue the facade of being a widow.  Only Tony, Sean, Anna, and Robert are told the truth.

The Stalker Snowman, 1988

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