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For the Love of Anna
In NY, Victor allows Duke to think he's got Anna, ordering him to kill Carruthers.  Duke decides not to go through with it, but accidently shots Carruthers when the two scuffle.  A smug Victor informs him he's now tied to the Jerome mob family, then angers Duke by confessing he doesn't know anything about Anna's disappearance.  Rushing back to GH, Duke comes face to face with an enraged Scorpio, who doesn't want him anywhere near Robin.  Duke's also enraged to overhear Robert admit that he's still in love with Anna.

Both men vow separately to find Anna, and Robert accepts his old position of police commissioner in order to control the investigation.  He orders Guy not to allow anyone, especially Duke, to know what's going on with the investigation.  A lead forms in a picture of a battered Anna in a basement which Grant send to Robert, along with the message "The Snowman melts like Anna.  Better hurry." 

Duke Versus Robert
Feeling Duke has a right to know, Guy disobeys Robert and tells Duke about the photo.  Duke makes a deal with Jerome to do anything Victor wants in exchange for finding Anna.  Victor accepts, telling him to house illegal liquour at Duke's Club while he works on tracking Anna down.  Meanwhile, Robert asks the WBS to analyze the photo in which Anna's leaning against some piping.  Both he and Sean realize that she's trying to give them a clue to her whereabouts.

The WSB relay that the piping and brickwork dates to the 1920s, and Robert manages to pinpoint it to a certain part of PC, but unfortunately that area is quite large.  Sean then suggests tracking down the piping company, which narrows the search down considerably. 

Desperate, Duke decides to work with Robert, reasoning, "I'd rather be dead if it meant Anna were safe again". However, after spotting his criminal file sitting on Robert's desk, the angry Scotsman changes him mind. "I don't dare answer it.  Not now," Robert tells Felicia when she asks him if he's still in love with Anna.  Felicia also learns her hubby's done with training and is now on assignment.

Grant and Robin at GH
Unable to escape, Anna entices Grant to have a meal with her, then stabs him in the hand with her fork.  He's furious and starts bricking her in the cage, but has to stop when his injury get badly infected.  Grant collapses on the waterfront, while a hungry Satan snarles and licks his lips at Anna.  

Taken to GH, Grant's diagnosed with a broken nose, sustained when he fell, an infection in his hand, and pneumonia.  Using his alias, Bill Watson, he overhears that Felicia's been visiting Robin at GH, and decides to go after Robin again, but fails to grab her.  Frustrated, he loses his temper and is forcefully sedated and restrained. While Satan goes upstairs looking for food, Anna manages to get out of the cage, but has get back into the cage when the hungry dog wanders back downstairs.

After watching Robin appear to be searching for something, Felicia's finally able to get her to respond when she asks her what she's looking for.  Looking at Felicia, a tearful Robin draws a circle and struggles to say the word "ring", repeating the word until she can say it.

She also calls Robert "daddy" and hugs him.  He tries to reassure her after she tells him she's afraid her mom is dead like her granma, but his insistant question of Grant's attack causes her to slip back into her catatonic state.   

When Felicia suggests they go back through all the criminal files on Robert's desk like Grant Putnam's, Robert realizes he's never seen that file.  Quickly, he calls Guy, who finds the file in Robert's wastebasket because it had fallen off Robert's desk. "I want to kown where his (Grant's) physical body is this very minute," Robert instructs Guy. 

Simone finds the cleaning lady, Mildred, with Grant's ring and gets her to give it back to Robin. "I remember what happened when that bad man took Mommy away," she tells her dad.  Sean traces down the origins of the ring, discovering it was bought in PC years ago by Celia Quartermaine. Robert then gets Grant's lawyer to tell him that Grant's monetary allowance is sent to a PO box in PC, and that Grant now has longer hair and a full beard.  Robert realizes he saw such a man lurking outside Robin's hospital room and figures out that Grant really wanted Robin, not Anna. The only reason Grant didn't get Robin was because Anna had come home early from the grocery store.

Racing back to the hospital, a search ensues for Grant, who's in surgery for his hand.  Amy tells Robert he's on his way out of surgery, but Grant wakes and overhears.  He switches his hospital bracelet with another patient and slips out of the hospital.  Poor Anna's escape is stopped when Grant shows up after she's managed to electrify Satan and flee her cell.

The Stalker Snowman, 1988

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