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Tired of her little sis putting the moves on an amused Sean, Tiffany shares drinks with Cheryl, slyly lying that she had a torrid affair with Alan Quartermaine. Tiff's ploy works as Cheryl claims to suddenly remember another engagement, rushing off to meet with Alan.  Tiff gloats to Sean, "I've finally pulled one over on my sister! Who's the genius now?"  

Now that Autumn's announced she's leaving the Qs half of her inheritance and returning to France, Alan doesn't want to pay back the 12 million he owes to HTI, and seeks Cheryl's help to make it up by playing the stock market.  Cheryl miraclously manages to make the money thru stocks, though Alan almost has a heart attack during the process due to the rollercoaster stockmarket ride.  Alan's very grateful to Cheryl, and the two go to Duke's to celebrate.

Letters and Doggies
Sean and Anna are upset over the anonymous letters Robert's been receiving.  The first reads, "The Snowman is watching you," and the latest reads "The Snowman has Mephistopheles."  "The Snowman has the devil?" a confused Anna interprets. 

Unbeknownst to the group, Grant Putnam's settled into a house, taking particular interest in the basement.  Grant fences in the basement and decorates it to look like a child's prison, as he wants to kidnap Robin.  He then buys a trained attack dog, Satan (hence Putnam's use of the term "Mephistopheles"), who Grant teases with a scarf that Robin dropped at the dog kennel.

In fact, Robert and Robin almost run into Grant on several occassions at the kennel. Robin begs her dad for one of the German Shephard puppies.  Later, the Laverys agree to go away on a ski trip after Duke's constant persistance.  Secrely, he's afraid the mob will retaliate so he's trying to get away with his family that weekend.  

Unknowingly, Robert surprises the Laverys with a puppy for Robin and quickly departs to avoid a lecture from Anna.  Robin's thrilled, naming the puppy Jiggs.  Duke's furious as Robin refuses to go away now, wanting to stay with her new puppy, and Anna too wants to put off the trip, but he won't tell either of them the real reason he's upset. 

Robert and Felicia go away on a stakeout, leaving Sean behind to deal with a jealous Tiffany.  Cheryl just smirks watching her sister fuss at Sean.  The two sisters finally make peace, and Sean admits to Tiff that he's in love with her. Turning her attentions to Edward Quartermaine, Cheryl tries to get his as a client, but Scotty's takes the opportunity to blackmail her, telling her knows about her failed involvement with the folding of several Florida hospital takeovers.

Anna Hostage
While Anna's out shopping, Grant poses as a telephone repairman and enters the Laverys home.  He knocks Filomenia unconscious and is in the process of trying to subdue a screaming Robin when Anna walks in.  Dropping the groceries, Anna orders him to let Robin go, which he does, and the two struggle. "Get out," Anna yells to Robin, and just as she's about to defeat Grant, her attention's distracted when Robin comes back in looking for her puppy.  Grant takes the opportunity to knock Anna out.  Robin releases Jiggs thru the back door and hides in the kitchen closet, just moments before Grant comes looking for her.  Thinking she's runaway to a neighbor's house, Grant quickly throws Anna over his shoulders and flees the Lavery household.annagrant.jpg (20864 bytes)

Coming to, Anna finds herself in a caged section of Putnam's basement and tries to figure a way to get out.  A deranged Grant sneers not to bother, introducing his guard dog, Satan.  She mistakenly calls him Grant Andrews, which infuriates him, and sits horrified while he tells her about his hatred of Robert and how he's gonna get even with him.  

When someone calls to say they've found Robin's puppy, a worried Duke and Sean rush to the Lavery household and find Filomenia bleeding on the floor, with a traumatized Robin sitting next to her.  Spying Anna's purse and the scattered groceries, Sean realizes Anna's been taken and Duke mistakenly assumes the mob is responsible.  

Unable to get a catatonic Robin to speak, she's rushed to GH.  Duke then takes off for NY to confront Victor.  When Robert finally gets word, he rushes to GH and anguishes "What have they done to my little girl!" after Robin refuses to respond.  Learning Duke's disappeared without word as to where he's gone, Robert's immediately suspicious and blames Duke for the attack.

Unknown to everyone, Robin's clutching Grant's ring, and she later overhears that her granma, Filomenia, has died from the trauma to her head.  Robin's puppy, Jiggs, is brought in to try to get her to respond, but she doesn't.  Finding the ring gone after a session with Tom Hardy, Robin freaks and no one can figure out what's upseting her.

The Stalker Snowman, 1988

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