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  The Prometheus Disc
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Robert battles the DVX and his best friend.
Holly received shocking news early in 1983- Luke had died in an avalanche! Luke's friends gathered to share their respects, unaware that the man they revered was alive, but not so well, in a remote mountain hospital suffering from a broken back. Holly was pregnant and without a green card, she would have to leave the country within days.

To save her from deportation, Robert married her. Holly was plagued with the notion that her marriage of convenience was a terrible betrayal of her love for Luke. She lost the baby and helped Robert solve the mysterious murder of Susan Moore. The killer was an elderly man named Crane Tolliver, who was once Lila Quartermaine's husband.

With the aid of his physical therapist, Natalie Dearborn, Luke made a miraculous recovery and returned to Port Charles only to make the shocking discovery that Robert and Holly were together. Realizing that the woman he loved had married his best friend, a humiliated Luke rushed out the door before Holly could explain.

For a brief time, Bobbie Spencer reunited with Noah Drake. After they broke up, Noah tried to win back Tiffany's affections, and managed to lure her into the bedroom. Tiffany, uncertain, began to make love with Noah, only to back off at the last moment.

Luke poured his energies into several new causes. To get his mind off Holly, Luke began dating the blond and beautiful WSB agent, Constance Townley, opened a gambling casino, and ran for Mayor. Just days before their nuptials, Grant presented Celia with an ultimatum: Get Jimmy Lee out of your life or the wedding's off! Forcing a meeting with Jimmy Lee, Celia made her feelings clear when she informed him that the affair was over. 

Grant turned out to be a spy. Grant, Natasha (Luke's therapist Natalie) and their DVX superior Gregory Malko, had recently moved to Port Charles to steal the Prometheus Disc, a top secret high-tech energy source being developed by a brilliant scientist, Dr. Jerrold. Grant, the DVX mole, was under orders to cultivate a relationship with Dr. Jerrold in an attempt to gain his trust, then break the code to his secret project. Natalie ordered Grant to marry Celia Quartermaine, and, in the name of the DVX, they became husband and wife.

Over the summer of 1983, Celia grew suspicious of Grant's intentions. Why was he spending so much time in Dr. Jerrold's lab? Why did he have scars on his face? Were the marks from plastic surgery? Celia's questions concerned Natalie and Gregory, and rather than allow her to jeopardize their mission, they threatened to have her "eliminated." 

As the assignment progressed, a tormented Grant began to question his motives. He loved Celia- not the DVX! The turning point came in a showdown at the lab, when Grant, paralyzed by an internal conflict, could not carry out his orders to kill Professor Jerrold. Just then, gunfire erupted, and Professor Jerrold slumped to the floor, dying from a gunshot inflicted by DVX chief Gregory Malko! Gregory watched as Professor Jerrold died in Grant's arms, uttering, "keep the disc safe..."

Under the threat of death, Grant carried out his orders to steal the valuable energy disc. In a wild chaotic scene, Luke got hold of the disc and ended up abducted, along with Holly and Celia, during an international exposition being held in Port Charles. Gregory killed Natalie, then threatened to murder the hostages unless a microfilm (containing the one-of-a-kind equation needed to create the Prometheus Disc) was turned over to him. Grant switched sides, and saved the day.

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